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opinion on finale *major spoilers*

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    i have one word for this final episode FANTASTIC it was gripping , well thought out the motive behind trudys death was not just a cop-out and was handly nicly , the reveal that trudys daughter was still alive was omg and the intract between adrain and trudys daughter was nice to see, i loved the stove bit because it was a referance to one of the very first things monk said in the first ever episode, overall it left with an uypset feeling because monk has ended but a happy feeling but the end was handled so well but i admit i was surprised that dale the whale didnt come into it , and i do like the fact the killer was someone introdued in part 1 rather than one of the characters we have known since the begining it was interesting and well played out

    but did anyone feel abit annoyed that the key to trudys murder was the present and the fact that trudy "solved the crime" not monk

    also i know some people don't like the fact behind trudys killing just because of an affair but monk did then say it wasnt about the affair it was about the daugther overall i glad it is a simple motive than a overally coimplicated one granted it is the best motive but oh well, still a great episode and it does seem a little weak for a motive that had 8 seasons of buildup and just boiled down to a judge affair but i personally think it was nicly done and "the guy" while easy to figure out i think the point was more about monk finally solving the case himself not us but it was a litle dispointing that it wasnt even monk it was trudy that solved the case (only if he watched the video 10 years earlier but if he had we wouldnt have 8 awesome years of monk )

    the only part i got bit puzzzled on is how monks wipes got poisioned was it the judge or did joey do it he had monks cart because it showed no indication he touched anything inthe cart ^^;

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