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What is the worst episode of Monk and why?

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    [1]Apr 13, 2008
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    I feel the worst episode of MONK is tied between "Mr. Monk Visits a Farm" and "Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist". Honestly, the former feels like it's purpose is to spotlight Tony Shaloub. Natalie and Stottlemeyer are barely on for five minutes and Disher who the episode seems to supposed be about doesn't get much to do other than to get the ball rolling. Also, the focus is 90% the comedy of Monk with moments like Monk getting high on majurana which is painful to watch. "Goes to the Dentist" again pushes Natalie and Stottlemeyer into the background and only this time Disher gets more screen time. Unfortunately, he's portrayed as a whiny immature idiot. When he's not believed, he goes and quits to join his old high school rock band?! Oh boy, it seems like the real Randy Disher didn't wake up for this episode and his idiotic caricature went out for him like many episodes from Season 3 up to the last half of Season 6. Also, apparently Monk is afraid of dentists and hasn't been since he was twelve years old. I honestly can not believe that for someone who was supposed to be only somewhat odd and quirky until the death of Trudy. Finally, the scene with Monk in the dentist chair is so painful to watch. In the Sharona years, I would have to say "Mr. Monk and the Panic Room" which has that painful scene of Monk getting locked in the panic room and Stottlemeyer trying to get a monkey to shoot a gun. Also, "Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus" really makes Monk and Sharona very immature and Sharona especially a moody teenager instead of that tough but faithful assistant/nurse/friend. So what episode do you think is the worst (can be tied for more than one) and please explain why.
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    I don't really have an episode that I think is the worst, I think though that there were a couple stinkers in both seasons 4 and 5. But the season 6 episodes more than made up for them. Season 6 was incredible!
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    I actually like most of the episodes you hate (Mr. Monk goes to the Dentist - I don't like the whole dentist scene either). I thought the farm and the carnival were funny, although the feud between Monk and Sharona wasn't the best part.

    The worst one in my opinion is Mr. Monk makes a Friend, where he gets a friend and subsequently acts like a teenage girl going on a date. Plus, at the end, Mr. Monk seems impossibly stupid and naive (letting his "friend" get the gun).

    I didn't like the one where he went to LA in the third season. Coudld've been great, but instead of having Sharona along, he had his next door neighbour who had won the lottery in season 2.

    I don't really mind when Natalie is in the background - I got used to her starting from season 4 (When she became a good deal nicer). However, Sharona is still my favorite by far, although she is sarcastic, she always cared about Monk. By far, she's much more fun than Natalie.

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    Yeah, you gotta love it when she screams "Adrian!" lol.

    Anyway, does anyone else besides me notice that in the first couple of seasons, Monk knew how to swear? Now he "knows the words, but he ain't got the tune."

    Now don't get me wrong, I like the fact that there's less swearing on the show than before, but I just wish that they would have kept in continuity with that.
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    [5]Apr 21, 2008
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    Regarding "Mr. Monk and the Panic Room", I thought the episode was better than average, and the scene you mention -- Stottlemeyer trying to get a monkey to shoot a (loaded) gun-- I think is the funniest scene of all the "Monk" episodes. ... ... ..."Dentist" had its good and bad parts, was better than average. As in a lot of "Monk" episodes, the main story was far-fetched -- that the dentist would kidnap Monk (and probably have to kill him) and torture him just to get some possible information: because Monk might know if a certain fence of stolen goods was being watched by Federal authorities.

    I didn't like these episodes. My list:
    season #1 -- Psychic, Billionaire Mugger, Red-Headed Stranger.
    #2 -- Back to School, Sleeping Suspect, Meets the Playboy.
    #3 -- Takes Manhattan, Meets the Godfather, Election
    #4 -- Gets Drunk, Big Reward
    #5 -- Can't See a Thing, Reunion, Rock Concert, Farm
    #6 -- Wrong Man

    Most were too far-fetched. Some had irritating, unattractive villains (Wrong Man, Big Reward, Captain's Marriage).

    I think the worst episodes were:

    Wrong Man -- unattractive, non-compelling guest star; silly that villain's conviction was overturned just because they found an additional person's DNA at the murder scene ... ... ..... Farm -- boring story ... ..... ..... Takes Manhattan --I didn't like the way it was so anti-NYC. One of the worst crime plots: the diplomats accidentally leave with the wrong coat (with incriminating jewels inside). The villian runs after them, and --instead of politely explaining the mix-up and exchanging coats-- the villain kills the diplomats and runs off with his coat.

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    In my opinion, " Mr Monk bumps his head", "Mr Monk goes to the dentist", "Mr Monk gets jury duty" and "Mr Monk gets hypnotized"

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