Season 6 Episode 1

Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2007 on USA

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  • Mr. Monk and Sarah Silverman

    I enjoyed the first episode that featured Sarah Silverman, and thought it was the funniest of that season, and this one is probably going to be the funniest of this season! Especially liked the monogrammed wipes ("doesn't that defeat the purpose?") I have a love/hate relationship with Sarah S. in general. Sometimes I think she is one of the funniest female comediennes, and other times (during the ruder, cruder humor) I think she is painfully unfunny. Since Monk keeps her clean, I think she is amazing in this setting. I want to make a comment about someone else's review. They noticed that it was easy to tell who did it in this episode. Interestingly, I think that is true of most of the episodes. 70-80% of the shows pretty much come right out and tell you who did it in the first few minutes of the show "He's the guy"... It is about the process and the humor, not usually about suspense and mystery. I do like the ones that keep me guessing up to the end as well, but it doesn't matter to me.
  • Monk's stalker (played by Sarah Silverman) seeks out Monk to help her with a case.

    I usually love Monk. In fact, this is one of the few episodes that I have not been thrilled with. It seemed more like the Sarah Silverman show instead of the Monk show. There was not nearly enough Monk and way too much crazy Sarah. Natalie also seemed a little flat for me. I want to know when they are going to get back to Monk searching for Trudy's killer. It seems as though they have put that on the backburner for a couple of seasons and it would be good to get a Trudy episode now and then. This episode seemed very blah in comparison to the rest. I hope next week's episode with Snoop Dogg is much better!
  • Pretty good Season Premire with lots of funny moments.

    I enjoyed the Season Premire a good bit and I dont think its just because it was one of the first episodes I have seen. I thought the whole Marci concept was funny and when Marci kept naming title such as "Mr. Monk and the Astronaught." I also liked the murder plot with the dog and Monk being extremelly annoyed by Marci. Overall I thought the episode was good and Im looking forward to more episodes.
  • Season premiere and it really kept me laughing, and that's what I love about Monk. It has the mystery, but contains also the laughs and this one was exactly why I watch.

    This season premiere simply was hilarious, even my sister who doesn't really enjoy Monk laughed like crazy. It didn't have the greatest mystery case, but it sure kept you laughing with Marci and Monk. Marci was hilarious, especially that bobble head (reminds me of The Office). This episode made me laugh most of the time, and it was a good season premiere. It made me want to watch the next episode and that's what I think season premieres are suppose to do. Even though Marci gave up her fanatic over Monk, she made me love the show and his odd compulsive way more. That's why Monk is so lovable.
  • The funny stuff was funny. The mystery stuff was not mysterious.

    I have been a big fan of Tony Shalhoub going back to his days on “Wings”. He also showed a strong dramatic side in his role in “Perfect Murder”. So, it wasn’t hard for two friends to talk me into watching this season premiere.

    The character, Marcie, played by Sarah Silverman, has, apparently shown up before in this series. But, if there was a restraining order, why was it ever lifted? Marcie is a non-blue version of Sarah’s character on her Comedy Central show. She is funny and quirky (to say the least). Those parts I liked.

    The murder plot was shabbily transparent. As soon as that shed door opens and we see the body, I thought “husband did it”. As soon as the police show up and say “dog”, I thought “dental impressions”. True. Why it took anybody an hour to figure that out is beyond me.

    The police procedure as depicted is so wrong in every aspect that it has to be intentionally insulting rather than unintentionally stupid.

    And I’m sure that somewhere along the line more than one person has pointed out that Monk is a direct rip-off of Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.
  • I thought it was a neat seaso premier. Sarah Silverstone was good in this one too.

    Well, finally Monk is back with new episodes on USA. Sarah Silverstone played Monk's biggest fan. I kind of liked her character but at other time in the episode she got kind of creepy. She was funny when she kept doing the clu hugs and asking Monk what they should call thihis case. The creepy parts were when she first opened the door for the police. They made it look like she was the murderer not even the dog. Her voice and facial expression were just crazy like she was! Another time she was creepy was when Natalie murmered Marcy was crazy, Marcy said did you say something I think you said something. She, once again, sounded like she was going to kill someone. The last part was somewhat funny because she just got up and told the murderer she wanted to leave and she wouldn't tell the police about him. All of that because she had a cut on her arm. I thought that was a little funny, she was his crazed fan an with a scratch on her arm she stops and doesn't like him anymore. My last thought goes out to Lt. Disher. He was marvelous in this episode. He stripped on the catwalk to get a lady and then got her son. Then he thought the kid wanted to be a cop but didn't anymore. So they played timber. Then Disher got addicted to te game so when he got to the lumber factopry he played one last time and pushed the middle piece of wood in the stack and the murderer ws on the other end and got hit in the head by it. He always gives the show that extra burst of comedy in my opinion.