Season 4 Episode 8

Mr. Monk and Little Monk

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2005 on USA
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Episode Summary

An old classmate comes to Monk for help with a break-in at her house that goes wrong and results in the murder of her housekeeper.

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  • Monk flashes back to his early teenage years


    How nice to see a young Monk. We knew he was the way he was when he was dating and then married to Trudy. But To see that he was that way from the begining was really cute.

    Grant Rosenmeyer did such a wonderful job of acting like older Monk.

    When I saw Monk's mother hand him all his things before he went in to school ("here's your toilety kit, You'll thank me later") I was thinking that maybe she was the reason he is the way he is. Rose Abdoo is such a funny actress. In this eppy and her role as Gypsi on Gilmore Girls. I would have loved to have her character investing in more to see what younger Monk's home life was like.

    I am liking more and more Natalie's character, I feel that she is good for Monk.

    Did any one notice how Jason Gray-Stanford's character Randal was having trouble picking which one of the suspects to give to Monk? Maybe Monk is rubbing off on him.. :)moreless
  • This doesn't make the list of my favorite episodes; although it was interesting and cute seeing a child Monk.

    I would like to respectfully disagree with a contribution in the 'trivia' section though if that is alright.

    "Although Monk says in this episode that he and Trudy "went all the way". In "Mr. Monk and the Paperboy," he makes it pretty obvious that they never did that."

    1.) regarding the reference to 'Mr. Monk and the Paper Boy', just because he had refused to discuss his sex life does not necessarily mean he did not have one. We all know Monk to be very reserved, and sensitive. I find it very believable that he is the kind of man who would not discuss his sex life with anyone.

    2.) back to this episode 'Mr. Monk and Little Monk', there was also an obvious intention there to make Sherri jealous, because he had had a crush on her in the eighth grade. This causes the truth or lie of him and Trudy having a sex life to be irrelevant.

    One may think Monk very unlikely to desire sex with his issues of being touched and fearing anything unclean. Trudy was the love of his life though, and probably made him a more confident and carefree person. the film 'The Matchstick Men' starring Nicolas Cage proves that true love can heal OCD.


    I elaborate on my opinion of this episode, the flashbacks of Monk's childhood seemed to have little significance. It showed the relationship between him and Sherri which is not significant to the rest of the show and I suppose was also needed to show who Jimmy was since she gets set up with him as part of the criminal plot.

    This episode was only interesting for it's glimpse at a child Monk and I also got a kick out of Sherri having been the one who had gotten him started carrying his wipes around which he is famous for and become significant in the end of the series.

  • little monk... my boy is cute and funny...


    My boy acted so well in this episode. I thought he wasn't able to, but he inspirated too much in Tony Shalhoub's acting and he did it very well. I am impressed of his acting and that he's still cute.

    I hope we can see Grant Rosenmeyer soon in another movie, show or whatever.

    PD: I also love Tony Shalhoub, he's a really good and cute actor.
  • This episode was great. We finally got to see Monk as a kid in the eight grade and what he was like.

    This episode was great. We finally got to see Monk as a kid in the eight grade and what he was like. When I saw the trailer for this episode I thought 'yes! I finally get to see Little Monk!' and I was not disappointed. Adrian Monk reunites with an old eight-grade friend (Sherry) to figure out why a man defaced a painting in Sherry's house and murdered Sherry's housekeeper in the process. While they solve the mystery in the present, the episode flashes back to the past as Little Monk tries to solve a mystery in the eighth-grade, which involves Sherry.

    I think this episode reveals a lot about Monk's childhood. It showed how he was still the same neat-freak, obsessive-compulsive guy that we all know and love even as a child. And he was solving cases, even while still in school!

    I also liked how Monk had a crush on Sherry in the eighth grade, and his crush resurfaces in the present. I was hoping that they would go on a date, but alas, it was not to be.

    This was a neat episode and a great season finale. I can't wait until the new season starts up!moreless
  • The epsiode flashes back between 1972, and today as Monk helps Sherry Judd with another case.

    I don't normally watch this show, only occasionally. But I did stick around to watch this episode when it came on early this morning. It turned out to be a pretty good episode. The boy who plays little Monk did a great job. He acted just like Tony Shalhoub does as Monk. It started out really good, and that's what got me hooked on to watch the rest of it. The ending really surprised me, though. That wasn't what I was expecting at all.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • It's confirmed in this episode that Monk "never took a single gym class" in high school but back in "Mr. Monk and the Game Show," Monk mentions how gym classes were hell.

    • Although Monk says in this episode that he and Trudy "went all the way". In "Mr. Monk and the Paperboy," he makes it pretty obvious that they never did that.

    • When Leo first takes Adrian's clarinet, the mouthpiece is not on it. When the camera flashes back to Leo, the mouthpiece is there, but it's gone when he gives the clarinet back to Adrian.

    • We see Little Monk use the conversation cards - in a flashback to the eighth grade - these are the cards that Mr. Monk uses in other episodes, mostly recently "Mr. Monk Goes the Office."

    • Although the flashbacks are set in 1972, the $5 bill with "Good Luck" written on it was actually a series 2001 bill, as indicated by the signatures and the serial number starting with the letter C.

    • The first time we see Monk's yearbook, there is no writing under Sherry Judd's name and photo, but when Monk looks at the book later, it has a message in the young Sherry's handwriting.

    • When young Adrian opens his locker, there's a picture of Patty Duke taped to the door, but right before Leo takes Monk's clarinet, the photo is gone. When Leo and Adrian argue about the clarinet, the picture is back. It disappears when Leo leaves but returns when Jimmy asks Sherry out.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Natalie: (to Sherry) Can I offer you anything? We have bottled water and, uh, bottled water.

    • Monk: April 12th, 1972.
      Sherry: You remember the date?
      Monk: I only remember the date. (Pause.) And what everybody wore, and what everybody said, and what everybody did.

    • Monk: They risked everything--they risked life in prison--to deface your great-grandmother? (Pause.) I think that's why they were here. To do this.
      Natalie: To draw glasses and a mustache?
      Monk: And a little goatee.

    • Young Sherry: How much do we have?
      Young Adrian: (Shakes lunchbox) Eighteen dollars and twenty-five cents.
      Young Sherry: How do you do that?
      Young Adrian: I don't know.

    • Natalie: What?
      Monk: Some wine spilled.
      Natalie: Where?
      Monk: Over there.
      Natalie: It's a painting.
      Monk: It's driving me a little crazy.
      Natalie: Don't look at it.

    • Monk: Did you have spray paint in the house?
      Sherry: No. . . ..
      Natalie: They must have brought it with them.
      Monk: (pause) Thank you.

    • Sherry: It must be hard--to be you, to see everything.
      Monk: It's awful.

    • Mrs. Ledsky: Here. Here. Take this one. It has ten chocolate chips, exactly ten, just the way you like it.
      Young Adrian: You're an excellent cook, Mrs. Ledsky.
      Mrs. Ledsky: It's a gift. And a curse.

    • Biker: Hey, you alone?
      Natalie: No, I'm with him [Monk].
      Biker: So you're alone.

    • Monk: (during a fight in a biker bar) Time out, time out! Let me get that.
      Natalie: Mr. Monk, get back!
      Monk: It's broken glass.

    • Natalie: What? Why are you making that face? Why are you smiling? Stop it!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Music: Precious and Few (Climax)

    • David Hunt (Micheal Norfleet) is married to Patricia Heaton. At their wedding Tony Shalhoub was the best man.

    • "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, which young Adrian claimed to have bought after seeing the name on Sherry's T-shirt, was not an album but a song from the 1971 album Led Zeppelin 4.

    • If Adrian Monk was in eighth grade in April 1972, he was probably born between January 1 and December 31, 1959. That would make him 45 or 46 during the fourth season, some six years younger than the actor who plays him, Tony Shalhoub, who was born October 9, 1953, and will turn 52 this year.


    • Student: Here he comes. He's like a real-life Eddie Munster.
      "Eddie" was Edward Wolfgang Munster, the young son in the CBS sitcom The Munsters (1964-1966). The role was played by Butch Patrick.