Season 8 Episode 10

Mr. Monk and Sharona

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on USA
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Sharona Fleming stops by to visit her former employer while dealing with the legal matters involving her uncle's accidental death, but Monk soon begins to suspect that the accident was anything but.

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  • How does Sharona not get MVP in an episode called Mr. Monk and Sharona?

    Jeez. The CADDY got 1 MVP vote. This sh1t is rigged, big time.

    Great to see Sharona return (and, yes, she is the MVP)

    Nice to see the Sharona/rRandy ship happen - finally.

    Love this episode. I waited years for it.
  • A good episode with an annoying plot hole

    Although it was great to have an episode with Sharona coming back, and seeing the contrast between styles with her and Natalie, the entire reason she showed up in the first place is a giant plot hole. She claims that she is the only family her uncle has. If I am not much mistaken, Sharona does have a sister who lives in San Francisco. Why couldn't she have handled the uncle's affairs instead of Sharona coming from across the country? Did I miss an episode where she died or something?moreless
  • I'm not kidding--I actually dreamed about this.

    I must admit that Sharona's return gave me, as well as many other fans, peace concerning her abrupt departure in mid-season three. Not only did this resolve one of the most unnerving story-arcs of the series, but also resolved the rioting conflict between split Monk fans. While the mystery itself didn't intrigue me, the interactions made me smile. Especially near the end with the little conversation Sharona and Natalie had-it's like the writers had actually been paying attention to what fans have been talking about for the past five years. So writers, I give you your "bravo," hopefully the next episode will live up to the hype this one did.moreless
  • Finally, Sharona returns for an epi and we can get some closure.

    Finally, Sharona returns for an epi and we can get some closure. Though I believe it should've happened sooner in the series (Sharona could've appeared in one of the previous seasons and we could have a closure episode with her in this one), I still liked it and thought it was a good idea. I don't agree so much with most of the reviewers about her being out of character, much as we like her and would like to imagine her as an impeccably moral person, the truth is she always saw the practical side of things first. That's why she left Monk in the first place, even though she knew he would be devastated she had to do what she thought was best for Benjie.

    That is also the case here, uncovering her long-lost uncle's murder and sending Benjie to college are being weighed down and the second option wins. Simple as that. I don't necessarily agree with it but neither do I believe it's out of character. Her repeating the phrase "I only met him twice" well, that was overdone, agreed. But after some point in the episode her refusal to accept Monk's version of events didn't just have to do with the money. She would also have to accept that her uncle was a con.

    Sharona and Randy finally get together, yay! How long have we been waiting for that one to happen? And her fights with Natalie, their reconciliatory conversation and the hug in the end, that was all great. Now let's see what happened with Trudy! (I hope the series doesn't end before that is solved)moreless
  • Sharona's return. Better late than not all.

    I'll admit Schram's departure left me raw, or at least the half-baked storyline they cooked up to expalin it did. But I warmed to Traylor Howard and her character . Eventually. Kind of. Not really. Anyway, her return and the report of the demise of her reconciliation with her deadbeat ex, (Trevor) , closed that off rather nicely. The case provided a lot of anticipation and the interplay between Howard and Schram was damn near, no it was, priceless. When Monk went "missing" and they found him at Trudy's grave? Great televison! Then with the accident at the golf course and Sharona kissing Discher at the end? Who wasn't waiting for that the whole time she was on the show? Too bad the show's ending but it's going out with a bang. Just one gripe : When will they find the man behind Trudy's murder? Come on, already!moreless
Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner

Perry Walsh

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Chandra West

Chandra West

Carolyn Walsh

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Benjamin Burdick

Benjamin Burdick

Gary the Caddie

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Monk, Natalie, and Sharona go to the country club and meet Mr. and Mrs. Walsh on the golf course there is a burr on Mrs. Walsh's sun visor. When the camera cuts back to her the burr is gone.

    • During Monk's "Here's What Happened" in the closet, we see Jack and Sharona's uncle walking down the hill with the golf cart behind them. A few seconds later we see no golf cart and just two golf bags.

    • It's funny that Natalie should find out that Monk paid Sharona $20 a week more than he pays her since a big plot point of "Mr. Monk vs. The Cobra" is that Monk was paying Natalie the exact same amount as he paid Sharona, and Natalie ended up getting a raise in the end.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Sharona: Hello, Adrian.
      Monk: What year is this?

    • Sharona: Umm... I am still in Jersey, and I'm nursing again.
      Monk: Really?
      Sharona: Mm-hmm.
      Monk: But isn't Benjy like 17?
      Sharona: No... I'm working as a nurse.
      Monk: Oh, well, that's different.

    • Monk: Hey.
      Sharona: Mm.
      Monk: You still got it.
      Sharona: It's like riding a bike.
      Monk: Oh, man.
      Sharona: A very clean, very unusual, very sad bike.

    • Monk: I got this myself. Okay, she got me the wipe. It's just a wipe. I mean, come on. There's nothing going on. Sometimes a wipe is just a wipe. I'm talking too much. Am I still taking now? God, I'm still talking.

    • Natalie: You paid her $20 a week more than me.
      Monk: She had a kid.
      Natalie: I have a kid!
      Monk: Her kid ate more.

    • Sharona: Do you mind if she calls you Adrian?
      Monk: Of course not. Why would I mind?
      Natalie: Okay. Adrian.
      Monk: Yeah, see I don't like it either.
      Natalie: Me either.

    • Monk: She didn't mean anything. Nobody means anything.
      Sharona: "Nobody means anything." What does that mean?
      Monk: Doesn't mean anything.

    • Stottlemeyer: I love Natalie. And I love Sharona, too. They're wonderful women. You got lucky twice. But together they're like bourbon and vodka. I love them both, but I can't have them at the same meal because they don't mix. These women are so different, Monk. They're going to tear you apart like a piece of saltwater taffy.
      Monk: I know, I've been a piece of taffy all day. Natalie's been acting like Mary, Queen of Scots. She wants more money. I mean, she won't lay down in the dirt when I ask her. I'm losing her.

    • Sharona: Well, I don't believe it. You're not perfect. You could be wrong.
      Monk: Maybe, but I'm not.

    • Natalie: How about this? It's the ninth floor, right? Let's take the elevator up to four and then walk up five flights.
      Monk: Yeah, that sounds fair.
      Sharona: Or we take the elevator up to level five and walk four flights.
      Monk: Can't argue with that.
      Sharona: You treat him like a child.
      Natalie: He's not a child.
      Sharona: I did not say he's a child. I said you're treating him like a child.
      Natalie: Oh, I'm being supportive.
      Sharona: No, you're not being supportive. You're enabling him.
      Monk: Okay, here's what we gonna do and take it up to 18 and walk down 9 flights. That way everybody's miserable.

    • Natalie: Well, he can't go too far. he can't sleep without his Trudy pillow.
      Sharona: Or that special red toothbrush.
      Natalie: Or his little flossing kit.
      Sharona: Or the sound machine with that foghorn noise.
      Natalie: Actually, that one broke. And they discontinued the model.
      Sharona: Really? What did you do?
      Natalie: I went out and bought an actual foghorn and made my own tape. I'm not kidding. I have an actual foghorn sitting in my garage.

    • Monk: (at Trudy's grave) You found me.
      Natalie: Have you been here all day?
      Monk: I've been here for 12 years.

    • Natalie: Let's go home. We'll make you dinner.
      Sharona: Is Tuesday still chicken pot pie?
      Monk: Why? What have you heard?
      Sharona: Of course it is. I don't even know why I asked.

  • NOTES (3)