Season 8 Episode 10

Mr. Monk and Sharona

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on USA

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  • Sharona's return. Better late than not all.

    I'll admit Schram's departure left me raw, or at least the half-baked storyline they cooked up to expalin it did. But I warmed to Traylor Howard and her character . Eventually. Kind of. Not really. Anyway, her return and the report of the demise of her reconciliation with her deadbeat ex, (Trevor) , closed that off rather nicely. The case provided a lot of anticipation and the interplay between Howard and Schram was damn near, no it was, priceless. When Monk went "missing" and they found him at Trudy's grave? Great televison! Then with the accident at the golf course and Sharona kissing Discher at the end? Who wasn't waiting for that the whole time she was on the show? Too bad the show's ending but it's going out with a bang. Just one gripe : When will they find the man behind Trudy's murder? Come on, already!