Season 8 Episode 10

Mr. Monk and Sharona

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on USA

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  • Sharona returns to San Francisco when her uncle dies in an accident at a golf club.

    Monk - "What year is this?"

    The show opens with this introduction line, after he sees Sharona; Which in my opinion was the most clever moment in the whole episode. The episode wasn't bad but the ending was one of the worst written in the series.

    -Spoilers Ahead- Things were going well till about the closet scene. We learned soon that Sharona's Uncle was a con man, and that he was going to set up an accident with a club member to sue the club for having a loose tile in a staircase. In between we see some banter between Sharona and Natalie mostly about what they were paid, and how their treatment towards Mr. Monk (or Adrian as Sharona calls him) works. This I guess is mostly a bone thrown to the discussions fan have over the internet forums. Those scenes were kinda funny but nothing out of the ordinary. Then they go to the club member's house and find out Sharona's uncle is having an affair with the wife of the member so Monk figures out he killed him because of that. But to learn this, they send the guy to get orange juice and Monk Sharona and Natalie hide in his closet so he doesn't hear or suspect anything.....yes...that's right. Stupidest scene ever. Of course he hears them, throws them out of the house, lawyers up. Capt. Stotlemayer gets angry yells, Sharona yells, Natalie yells, so Monk runs away cause of the yelling. Then they have a very silly scene where no one can find him. Turns out he was visiting Trudy's grave. Yes, NO ONE could figure out that's where he ran of to. Cause he hasn't done that before, right?

    Then we get to the stupid ending where they decide to investigate his office at the club, they guy overhears them AGAIN, they run after them around the golf course, Sharona jumps on him, Natalie hits the guy with a simple broom or something. Then they talk to the caddy who obviously had evidence on him and, yes, he kept playing golf normally of course while all that was going on right next to him. In the end the guy is caught, and Sharona is hooked up with Randy for some reason. And yes, she divorced Trevor again for some reason also.

    All in all a very lackluster episode, badly written that was not even worthy of being the so called Sharona's "majestic" and nostalgic return to the series.