Season 5 Episode 1

Mr. Monk and the Actor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 07, 2006 on USA

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  • about the episode

    It had great acting for Stanley Tucci.
  • mr monk and the actor

    Okay, Stanley Tucci's Adrian Monk impression was dead on. They definitely brought in the best possible actor for this role (although the guy they had play Stottlemeyer sounded exactly like him as well) and it made for some great television.

    The storyline here was interesting, and we saw one of those rare instances where Monk actually gets into a fight, so that was a positive. With this show off the air you really see how great it was, and how much I hope a show with a lead that is unique like this comes along.

    Another great episode here. Definitely worth watching.
  • Is it 5th time lucky for Monk?

    It's lights, camera and action when Monk is being tailed by actor Dave Ruskin who is playing him in an upcoming movie and begins to get a little too involved in Monk's life and his investigation of a double murder.

    It's clear from the previous season that the once brilliantly written and intriguing mysteries have faded into very simple cases aimed at acheiving the most laughs from the audience and this season opener welcomes this change by offering a mystery that requires no thought at all to blow open. The real centre of attention is the unusual Monk/Ruskin saga which escalates from a light - hearted affair to a disturbing fixation the could mean the death of either of them, or at least identity theft.

    While it's run is superb for the most part, it stumbles near the end, when a very out-of-character and overly long suspense/action scene is chucked in. The great acting and direction within this sequence almost forgives its futility but not quite. At first we think Stanley Tucci is just going to cruise on a portrayal of a typical actor but when he starts showing the pathological side of Dave Ruskin who is obsessed with perfecting his depiction of Monk, Tucci is outstanding and his Emmy is the bare minimum of what he deserved. At the beginning i had my doubts about Natalie who just seemed wrong for the role and never clicked with Monk but as the 5th season starts, she has well and truly grown into the role with her and Monk now sharing a bond that we never saw with whats - her - name. Dishermeyer (a combination of Disher and Stottlemeyer) have remained stagnant in the way they amuse and are acted but will not disappoint fans. Tony Shalhoub for once has to compete for the limelight against the scene - stealing Tucci but his performance as Monk is at its understated best and it looks to be more gold on his mantle if he keeps it up even though Baldwin's chances are a tough to get around. Mr Monk and the Actor is a great way to start the season and shows that Monk is still going strong.
  • Season 5 starts with a bang

    I love being british but there a some times where I hate it because I have only just seen this episode of Monk and The americans are further in front. It was worth the wait though. I have not seen a brand new episode of Monk in a long time. Adrian as always was his usual self but having Stanley Tucci on playing Monk in a movie was like watching Monk in a mirror towards the end. I found it spectacular to watch and can only hope that every episode from now on will have the same humour as this one.
  • Emmy nomination. (Spoiler)

    Stanley Tucci was nominated for an Emmy for this episode in the Guest Actor, Comedy Series category. The BBC news web site says he won. The winners are not listed on the official Emmy web site, though. I guess they have to wait until the prime time show is aired. Anyway, this episode was deeply disturbing for me. I love Mr. Monk so much, and being obsessive compulsive myself, I was upset to see that all the progress he had made in therapy was negated by his experience with the actor in this episode. I like Natale better than Sharona, but that's another matter.
  • Pretty good show

    I just saw this episode last night and I hate to say it but it was the first episode that I have ever seen of this show. I really like this show now I have a TV show to watch on friday nights again. There was some stuff I didn't get like does everything have to be perfect with him, I mean the thing with him eating the eggs, the other guy that is playing him in a movie made him eggs and he said, he made them with the yolk exactly in the middle just the way I like it, with a ruler. I thought the guy that was suppost to be playing him in the movie really looked alot like him. I thought this was a great episode and hopefully I watch many more from this show. Later...
  • This was a masterstroke

    This episode could of gone wrong in so many ways
    But Both Tony Shalub and Stanley Tucci, first time
    together since Big Night, played so well of
    of each other.

    This is why Monk is a drama not a comedy.
    Sure his obsessions and compulsions are sometimes
    played for laughs but this show has more pathos
    than most episodes of Murder She Wrote and
    Law and Order combined, And I like both of those

    The scene in the car dealership with the 2 monks
    was priceless. It also opened up new wounds,
    and seing both crying over Trudy was heartbreaking.

    Also I see a possible love interest with Natalie
    And Monk if he ever can let go. I Liked Sharona
    but I could never see that with her.
    I do with Natalie but It woul have to be played just right.
  • Great way to open up the season

    I thought this was a very good way to open up the fifth season of Monk. Having Stanley Tucci as the guest star was a great move and I was pleased to see Greg Grunberg (of Alias fame) show up in the episode as well.

    I love the way the writers continue to develop Monk and show how much he wishes he were normal. The way that he got so happy when David Ruskin showed up to meet him really showed another side of Monk. He yearns for acceptance and to see him turn into a little child in that instant was heartwarming.

    The episode probably would not have been as good if it weren\'t for Stanley Tucci. His acting was far and away the best part of the episode. He nails his impression of Monk perfectly. You can tell that he and Tony Shaloub are friends, Shaloub must have given him a few pointers in how to act monkish.

    Great first episode to what looks to be another solid season of Monk.
  • It wasn't as exciting as others...

    It wasn't as exciting as others but it was still funny. The way the guy was copying Monk in different ways. But the older ones were more better and funnier. This wasn't one of my favorite episodes. But I did think that it was funny when Monk and that actor guy were fighting. Still love the show, but kinda liked the episode...
  • Monk, Natalie, Stotlemeyer and Disher are flattered when they are going to be portrayed in a movie. The famous actor , Ruskin, is going to be playing Adrian but it's soon shown that he may get a little too involved into his characters.

    When i first heard about this episode, I couldn't wait until it premiered. Stanley Tucci is one of my favorite actors and always a joy to watch. And I've been a Monk fan ever since it premeired. So imagine my surprise when I kept yawning during the entire episode. I felt incredibly bored and nothing really happened. Stanley's portrayal of Monk was quite funny but not what i expected. The actual case (dead girl and dead pawn shop owner) was very predictable and just lame. The final showdown at the car dealership was boring with only one funny point with Adrian and Ruskin and a car sticker. If this episode is a premiere of what the show will be like this season, I'm not impressed.
  • I liked it but not as good as some of the previous shows.

    Monk is one of my favorite shows. As far as \\\\\\\"Mr. Monk and the actor\\\\\\\" goes, I liked it, not as good as some of the previous episodes especially since it was first episode of the season. I just thought that it would have been better. I love the show never missed an episode and Stanley Tucci is a good actor but I didn\\\\\\\'t really care for him in this episode. Also, I didn\\\\\\\'t like Natalie\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\"fresh air / it\\\\\\\'s a gift and a curse thing\\\\\\\" maybe i\\\\\\\'m just a sharona fan. Anyway all and all the episode was good just not as good as it could have been.
  • Not a strong start from one of my favorite shows

    Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Monk. However, I was a little dissapointed by the first episode of this season. It seemed to me that they were trying a little too hard to exaggerate characters to get you back into the series. And the plot line of the actor seemed to rehash a summary of what happened to Trudy for those who are tuning in for the first time. I will say that this episode was still far better than most shows that are on tv, but by Monk standards it just felt a little forced to me. Anyone else agree?
  • Two Monks! Double your pleasure, double your fun!

    How incredible is this show? You would think that after four seasons they would have done the OCD thing to death, and then they open season 5 with this masterpiece.

    After the episodes crime is committed, we find out that a movie of Monk"s victory against the astronaut (Episode Number: 59 Season Num: 4 First Aired: Friday March 3, 2006 Prod Code: T-2360) is going into production and Monk will be played by the great method actor David Ruskin (Stanley Tucci).

    As the show develops, David becomes Monk. In the pivotal scene at the car dealership, it is almost impossible to tell them apart! Stanley Tucci does an amazing job of becoming Monk.

    I am so looking forward to the rest of the season!
  • All most better

    Great season premier
    Monk all most gets better, and gets more confident and motivation, but something happens and he is back to square one.
    A film producer is making a movie about an old Monk case. The actor that play Monk is obsessive and makes him self a clone of Monk, developing emotions to Trudy. In the end Monk gets back to square one.

    It is great to have back another Monk Season
  • Back to Square One

    BTRAV wrote:
    Predictable pattern going on here - like in "Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk," Monk is making progress and then something happens that dredges up the hurt about Trudy and he's back to square one.

    Ah, but that wasn't for him.

    That was for us.

    Or, more specifically, for anyone just tuning in. :)

    The writers dance along a fine and not completely obvious line. Every season, they need to introduce the Trudy arc. But Monk gets through most of his day most of the time without talking about her a lot. In order for them to give a show-so-far on this particular series arc conundrum, without Adrian cutting to the camera and saying "OK -- here's everything you need to know about Trudy."

    So this movie -- which honestly, it's hard to believe anyone would watch it (because from what I was watching it seemed silly, but I enjoyed the actress playing Disher and I loved Disher's reaction to her smooching "Stottlemeyer" -- in the pilot episode, at least, there's some suggestion he wouldn't have minded so much) -- was a great way for them to open the season.

    Tucci played an absolutely fantastic metamorphosis into Monk. So much more than imitation, he seemed to find what not just Adrian, but Shalhoub pulls in to present his character.

    And I disagree that it was just the lame joke of Monk getting better to make him worse. Plotwise, Monk has a contract with the police, he's been doing so much better lately if his out-and-abouts toward the end of S4 are any indication, and then Ruskin gives him an insight about the Death, a memory he'd been blocking out, and it's only natural that he curl back up into himself.

    There were some truly funny lines in this piece, and some great acting. And while I personally wish Monk would spend the entire rest of the series tracking down Trudy's killer because I have a feeling that's gonna be a hell of a reveal, I enjoyed his bopping around passing himself off as "Aizh" and trying to pretend he's ok without having a wipe after shaking hands.

    Looks like the summer's off to an excellent start. :)
  • Actors are cast to play Monk and crew in a new movie, and Monk must solve a double-murder case.

    This was a well written season premier.

    >Stanley Tucci did an amazing job as David Ruskin. He did great at impersonating (and becoming) Monk. I was really impressed with the acting on his part.
    >The double-murder case was an average one that Monk brilliantly solved as always.
    >I liked how humor was added in this episode. For example, when they cast Randy as a girl in the movie and had her kiss the actor playing Stottlemeyer, Randy and Stottlemeyer’s expressions were priceless.
    >I loved the scene where David went to visit Monk and find out why Monk feels and acts the way he does…because the loss of Trudy. It was touching. So was the last scene when David had the breakdown along with Monk.
    >Poor Monk...every time Monk gets close to being better, something happens that doesn’t allow it, and so, he’s back at square one once again.

    Overall, this was a great episode to kick off the new season.
  • A great episode.

    Every time Monk is close to getting better, some thing happens that pulls him "back to square one" as this episode says. It reminds me of the episode Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk from last season where Monk begins to think he's getting better, yet after the scenario about his wife, he said he was back to normal.

    Even though I felt a slight tinge of Deja vu while watching this, I found that It still was an amazing episode. The acting between Shalhoub and Tucci was great. In that finial scene my heart was pounding in my chest. Overall, this episode was a great season opener.
  • Very good episode and season opener.

    I enjoyed this episode of Monk. Good premise and plot, fine acting, character development, comedy and solid ending.

    The episode easily ties into a previous episode, "Mr. Monk and the Astronaut." A Hollywood producer is making a TV movie on the case with astronaut Steve Wagner. Ruskin, the famous actor hired to play Monk, is obsessive in his own right and takes the role of 'becoming' Monk to the extreme.

    The part I liked the most was the insight into Monk and Trudy that Ruskin learned; there is a purpose and reason to Monk's maddening, obsessive behavior. The flaw for Ruskin is that he isn't as smart or logical as Monk. The sad part is that the experience, of no fault of Monk's, sets him back in his therapy progress.
  • An amazing installment in the series.

    Monk has been out there for a while, but through "Mr. Monk and the Actor" Tony Shalhoub proves that Monk's character hasn't just been reduced to mannerisms and neuroses. We begin with Monk claiming he has progressed to "Square Two", which actually makes the dedicated viewer cringe. Monk healing, while it is good for him, would drift him away from his work and consequently from the show.

    The show is directed beautifully, and the script is extremely quick-witted. All of the actors of "Monk" (although I believe the actress who plays Natalie is still settling in to her role) have become very familiar with their characters, and act/react to everything that goes on. Through every scene, the character in the background is not staring blindly at the action. They are always involved.

    Tony Shalhoub's performance at the end proves that there is more of Adrian we haven't seen. By the end of the show we have seen various facets of Adrian Monk that we have never seen before, new degrees of emotion, that have been perfectly discovered and exploited by Shalhoub.

    Long live Monk.

    Monk shall live on.
  • Oh man this was a great episode!!

    Wacthing this episode was soooo much fun. I always found Randy a funny character and it was halrious wacthing him during this episode. Out of all the episodes of Monk I've seen, this one made me laugh the most. But at moments I couldn't stand that stupid actor. He actually angered me acting as if he really was Monk and really knew Trudy.
    And on the note of Trudy, I really felt for Monk whenever that actor brought her up. By the end of the ep, he seemed soooo pathetic, and I wanted to hug him.
    Either way, it was a great episode and one of my favorites. What a great way to start the sereis off.
  • We don\'t care for natlie we liked the other lady better.

    Monk is a great family TV show,it it clean and we need more
    like it.We enjoy this show every week.We never miss it.
    This show is the best since dawson creek.Tony playes a great part very into his work.He makes us laugh and cry. We
    have told every one we know to watch.
    We thank you for these kinds of shows and hope to see more
    in the future.
    We have all four seasons and can\'t wait until we can see
    this one.
    The actors do and exceptal job,they bring monk out more
    and again we thank you for the show.
    My husband and I watch every week.
    keep up the great work, the only thing that can
    make this show any better is if you bring the other lady
    Thank you Mrs & Mr David Craig