Season 1 Episode 13

Mr. Monk and the Airplane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on USA

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  • Mr. Monk meets his dirty little adversary, Brooke Adams.

    On the positive side, having an airplane ride cap off the first season of 'Monk' is a welcome creative choice: Very different, very busy, very sleek. It's a plus for this episode that Garry Marshall guest stars as positive salesman Warren Beach, who heartily boasts about his wires and electronic maintenance tools, including 'the Anaconda'.

    On the drawback side, this episode introduces an actress named Brooke Adams, who plays a snooty flight attendant with an acidic smile and a vengeful, sardonic attitude. The writers obviously didn't care about the flight attendant's professionalism either, where, in the heat of her being personally ticked off at Monk, almost destroys a crucial piece of evidence, which would ultimately mean that legally, Monk could have had her arrested for obstruction of justice. I mean, COME ON!

    As the series wears on, Brooke Adams pops in and out as different characters, almost as a running gag. It's as if she was stuck in the series just so she can antagonize Monk whenever she feels like it. The flight attendant's name is actually given in "Mr. Monk's 100th Case": Vivien Leigh. I'm sure to all the viewers out there who actually get annoyed with Monk's quirks, they'd cheer this smug gal on, but in reality, she really is quite annoying. Even so, to quote her: "SIT... DOWN... and see this episode! Or you will have to start back at the season beginning, that's just how it goes, Buster!"

    That's Brooke Adams for you. Best thing of all is when they land at the other airport and finish things up from there.

    Both amusing and annoying... but still good.

    By the way... I had NO idea Brook Adams was Tony Shalhoub's wife. I just noticed on this page. THAT explains a lot... her characters in Monk are still annoying though.
  • Mr. Monk and the Long, Lonnngggg Drawn Out Trip

    This one's a very odd choice for a season finale, as noted elsewhere. Ted Levine is absent, although this gives Jason Gray-Stanford a little more of the limelight it establishes both that he's a competent (if mediocre) police officer in his own right rather then just comic relief, and shows that he has some faith in Monk too.

    Sharona is here mostly for comic relief and to get the ball rolling - her treatment of Monk here borders on malpractice. Other then the running gag of another failed relationship, she doesn't do a lot here.

    Given a relatively uncharismatic bad guy, that gives us the "stunt" guest stars - Brooke Adams (Shalhoub's wife) as a put-upon flight attendant, Tim Daly for his debateable value as a former Shalhoub guest-star, and Garry Marshall playing a reasonably likeable character. Mr. Marshall has played more obnoxious characters in recent years (see his gig on Murphy Brown) so he actually comes across as kinda sympathetic toward Monk here and with Sharona off doing her thing he's Monk's only ally for most of the show.

    So that means much of the story is on Monk and...well, it gets a bit tiresome after a while. If the producers, director, etc., wanted the audience to feel what it's like to be trapped in a plane with Monk for hours on end like the detective's fellow passengers, they succeeded. It's really, really annoying. A little of Monk's illness goes a long way, and while there are some funny moments (his being "trapped" by the little girl), for the most part the illness stuff here is portrayed as annoying mannerisms rather then lovable character insights.

    The crime itself is pretty straightforward and it's kinda interesting to see how Monk figures it out...the first couple of times. After that, it begins to get repetitive. We know who the guilty party is - Monk knows who the guilty party is. None of the evidence Monk comes up with "proves" anything to anyone else. So why do we have to sit through yet another revelatioin?

    And in the final act, Monk framing a pilot for drinking to get the murderer captured is...well, kinda criminal in its own right.

    Overall, some interesting bits and gags, but overall this one just seems to sit there - it'd be one of those USA website one-minute mysteries without the "special guest stars" and the overdone OCD jokes.
  • A good episode...not the best...but fun to watch

    Arrrr....Thar be SPOILERS ahead, matey!!!

    Well, it was a good episode, but we saw many of the usual contrived plot conveniences this episode.

    Monk sitting next to an extension cord salesman was certainly fotunate when he needed a rope with a hook on it to get the French man's shoe.
    The salesman's lighter was a stroke of luck as well (how exactly did he get that on the plane?).
    It was certainly fotunate that the French man did not take the time to scrape off the concrete on the bottom of his shoes though he did get them shined. Couldn't he have washed them in a bathroom?
    The airport bathroom was miraculously empty when they killed the real wife. I've never been in an airport bathroom with fewer than 8 people in attendance.
    How did they get the body out of the airport bathroom in the first place? The fake wife didn't have a big enough suitcase to haul her out.
    How did the French man actually dump the body in the first place? The construction area was crawling with workers. The concrete was fresh when he dumped her so it had just been poured? Everyone went on a simultaneous coffee break that early in the morning?
    How did he know that there would be wet concrete there at all? What if a construction guy had called in sick and their schedule was delayed that day? Depending that the concrete would be freshly poured was a bit of a stretch, assuming he somehow knew that it would be there in the first place.
    I don't get the basis of the murder in the first place. The husband wants all his wife's money. Fine. But he has to find an identical accomplice to take her place (how impossible would taht actually be by the way?). Doesn't he have to split the money with her? So he now has only half the fortune that he had full access to before. Didn't he just screw himself?

    Oh well, I've grown used to these minor flaws. I think Monk is more about the character himself than the plot anyway. Every episode has so many lucky breaks that simply wouldn't happen in real life that it's plain laughable. but the show is still endearing and charming due to Adrian's quirks and idiosyncrasies.

    The appearance by Tim Daly was a nice surprise. And I love that they found a way to have the episode take place in an airport setting since he and Shalhoub were on Wings together and taht show, of course, took place in an airport. The low key look of surprise he gave Monk when he first saw him on the plane was classic.

    Overall, not the best episode ever, but lots of fun nonetheless.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep monk has t ofly becasue he does not want to be left alone so he takes the chance but is drving everyone crazy on the flite. but in the air port he thinks a man murderd his wife thinking this from what he saw in the air port and made a women replace his wife. monk knows this and trys to prove it so he calles back to the office and has them go check the air port and finds the body it was a great ep i thought. i also think this was a really good on that deserved a 8.5
  • Monk is surprised to find out that their trip to the airport was to fly not to pick up anyone. This results in Monk's first flight, but Monk finds murder at 30,000 ft.

    This episode had it all. Humor, drama, and a slight element of mystery. Monk gets on his first flight which happens to be cross country. The flight attendant(Shalhoub's wife), is quick to realize she will have her hands full with Monk. The laughs are plenty and come right after eachother. Even without Captain and alttle bit of Disher it is still great and a series classic. There is suspense in this episode which I will not describe as it may give away clues. This episode really is fun to watch and because the mystery element is small, you can easily watch this over and over again with enjoyment. reat season finale for a great season.
  • <B>Ticket Clerk</B> I can assure you, Mr. Monk, this particular aircraft has a perfect safety record. <B>Adrian Monk</B> Could I see it?

    I LOVE this ep!
    It is my absolute favorite from Season one, i was SO proud of Monk that he got on that plane!

    Very well written, a murder on the ground, and Monk solves it miles and miles up in the air!
    And while he sits in his chair pretty much the whole trip, he is just as Monkish as he normally would be... maybe even more!

    That character sitting next to him is hilarisch, too... what was his name? Warren... right? It's been a while since i saw it, so i'm sorry if i'm wrong :o

    <B>Warren:</B> "I've been thinking about your theory and uhm, do you still have that card i gave you?"
    <B>Adrian:</B> "Yes, i got it in my pocket"
    <B>Warren:</B> "I'd like to have it back"

    Really a very good ep!
    Monk got over one of his biggest fears... flying... he still doesn't like it, but... he did get on that plane again :D

    This episode really made me look forward to the next season!
  • A great character study, excellent cast, very clever. Classic episode.

    A classisc episode with Monk facing one of his biggest fears, flying. Sharona is flying back east to visit her aunt and gives Adrian the option to stay alone with her sister looking in on him or flying with her. The all star guest stars were great, especially Tim Daly playing himself and the reference to Wings, the show that he and Shaloub starred on together. Gary Marshall plays the quintesential traveling extension cord salesman. The quirks and personalities of the characters are top notch, the acerbic stewardess, the bratty kid in front, the coughing passenger behind. The mystery is quite clever and would not have even been discovered for hours or days if Monk did not happen to be on the airplane. He manages to figure out something is wrong when it seems so unimaginable but is exactly what happened. My favorite line: Monk says to Sharona "She forot she was vegetarian. Who forgets they're vegetarian? Its like forgetting you're Republican?" It was a great episode.
  • Cool episode, Monk do so different from others possible comedy scenes.

    Cool episode, Monk do so different from others possible comedy scenes.
    Inovation in style, her own style, Tony do a great job, maybe is the actor maybe the personage, but in anyway is a great serie, must watch, it will be a reference for future humor.
    WATCH IT or DIE. uahuaha
  • Mr. Monk and the Airplane. An oscar for best actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, etc. is desperately needed for this EPISODE.

    This is the best episode of Monk ever. Mr. Monk and the Airplane is the perfect way to end the series. Pure comic genious. Perfect characters throught create Monk\'s worst nightmare.

    Firstly, \'Pete and Repeat Girl\' is excellent because of her continuous riddle which Monk due to his mind must continue to answer, unlike the average person who would give up after a while.

    Furthermore, the airhostess (who in real life is Monk\'s wife) is superb trying to handle Monk until eventually she removes his call button. The chemistry between the two is obvious, which ensues great tension in perfecting her role.

    In addition, the salesman and his stories not only allow Monk to solve the case, but make him worry about the journey which is already hectic enough. Not to mention the fact that the extension cords scene is brilliant in demonstrating how annoying yet somehow helpful a salesman can be.

    Finally, the key character in making this the best episode of Monk is the woman who is always behind Monk. She can be related to by so many, for she is the average passenger stuck behind the moaning idiot in front. Her one liners are what round up this episode to give the viewer exactly what they want.
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