Season 1 Episode 13

Mr. Monk and the Airplane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on USA

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  • A good episode...not the best...but fun to watch

    Arrrr....Thar be SPOILERS ahead, matey!!!

    Well, it was a good episode, but we saw many of the usual contrived plot conveniences this episode.

    Monk sitting next to an extension cord salesman was certainly fotunate when he needed a rope with a hook on it to get the French man's shoe.
    The salesman's lighter was a stroke of luck as well (how exactly did he get that on the plane?).
    It was certainly fotunate that the French man did not take the time to scrape off the concrete on the bottom of his shoes though he did get them shined. Couldn't he have washed them in a bathroom?
    The airport bathroom was miraculously empty when they killed the real wife. I've never been in an airport bathroom with fewer than 8 people in attendance.
    How did they get the body out of the airport bathroom in the first place? The fake wife didn't have a big enough suitcase to haul her out.
    How did the French man actually dump the body in the first place? The construction area was crawling with workers. The concrete was fresh when he dumped her so it had just been poured? Everyone went on a simultaneous coffee break that early in the morning?
    How did he know that there would be wet concrete there at all? What if a construction guy had called in sick and their schedule was delayed that day? Depending that the concrete would be freshly poured was a bit of a stretch, assuming he somehow knew that it would be there in the first place.
    I don't get the basis of the murder in the first place. The husband wants all his wife's money. Fine. But he has to find an identical accomplice to take her place (how impossible would taht actually be by the way?). Doesn't he have to split the money with her? So he now has only half the fortune that he had full access to before. Didn't he just screw himself?

    Oh well, I've grown used to these minor flaws. I think Monk is more about the character himself than the plot anyway. Every episode has so many lucky breaks that simply wouldn't happen in real life that it's plain laughable. but the show is still endearing and charming due to Adrian's quirks and idiosyncrasies.

    The appearance by Tim Daly was a nice surprise. And I love that they found a way to have the episode take place in an airport setting since he and Shalhoub were on Wings together and taht show, of course, took place in an airport. The low key look of surprise he gave Monk when he first saw him on the plane was classic.

    Overall, not the best episode ever, but lots of fun nonetheless.
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