Season 1 Episode 13

Mr. Monk and the Airplane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on USA



  • Trivia

    • If you look carefully at a close up of the face of the dead Frenchman on the plane, his nose twitches.

    • At the end of the episode, when the killer and the impostor wife are being escorted off the plane, they are walked right through the metal detector, and it doesn't go off, even though they are wearing handcuffs.

    • When Monk is on the phone with the Lieutenant, the Garry Marshall character, Beach, is sound asleep with a black blindfold. Then when Monk is off the phone, Beach, who continues to be sound asleep, no longer has the eye covering.

    • At the end when the couple are on the plane to Paris they both have a glass of wine but it has been established earlier that they cannot serve drinks until after the plane has taken off

    • When the impostor-wife shoots the woman in the airport bathroom, she was leaving a lot to chance. She shoots the other woman and then takes the time to apply lipstick before doing anything about the body.

    • When Monk is frantically pressing the "call" button, it dings every time. In an airplane, the button dings after one press and turns off on the second press; therefore, it should only "ding" every other time.

    • When Monk is examining the substance on Chabrol's shoe, he says it's cement. It's actually concrete. Cement is a component of concrete that holds everything together.

    • If Monk wanted to prove his status as an ex-detective to everyone aboard the flight, he could have had the pilot or a flight attendant call the SFPD, but that would have spoiled most of the plot.

    • Who plays Antonio in the Monk-world version of Wings? It can't be Tony Shalhoub, because nobody wonders why he looks just like Antonio.

    • When Stefan Chabrol spills his glass of wine over Monk`s pants, Monk is in the aisle seat and we see Sharona and Warren Beach sleeping in the other two seats. In the previous shots, Monk was sit between Warren and Sharona, and they were both sleeping. . . . So when did Monk change seats with Sharona, and how did he do it since she was asleep?

    • Chabrol and his "wife" are filthy rich. Why are they flying coach?

    • Barbara Chabrol asks for the turkey dinner while the flight attendant states that she ordered the vegetarian meal. Monk claims that people don't forget that they're vegetarians. However, some vegetarians will eat turkey, chicken, other poultry, and fish and still consider themselves vegetarians.

    • Monk notices that after hearing the wing flaps move, Stefan Chabrol lifts his glass to avoid spilling his wine. Monk concludes that Stefan Chabrol works for an airline. Perhaps Stefan Chabrol is just a frequent flier.

    • If Monk could hear the Frenchman and his "wife" conversing, couldn't they also hear him?

    • When the impostor-wife pushes the beverage cart in front of the doors of the lavatory while Monk is in it, Monk is trapped because he can't push the doors open. However, airplane lavatory doors always open inward so that you don't whack someone with the doors while you're exiting.

  • Quotes

    • Little Girl: Pete and Repeat are in a boat. Pete falls out. Who is left?
      Monk: Repeat.

    • Monk: (to Sharona) Could you do it? Because if you did it, I didn't have to do it.

    • Warren: This is a flight I'll never forget. And I sure want to. Adrian, I've been thinking over your theory about the French couple and I've come to one conclusion--I'd like my card back.

    • Warren: You know how they say your seat cushion floats? Not all of them do. I don't want to talk about it any more.

    • Ticket Clerk: I can assure you, Mr. Monk, this particular aircraft has a perfect safety record.
      Monk: Could I see it?

    • Monk: (trying to hook a shoe with an extension cord) It doesn't reach.
      Warren: Call Warren Beach. May I suggest . . . the Anaconda? I'll need it back. It's the prototype.

    • Little Girl: Do you like riddles?
      Monk: Yes.
      Little Girl: Good, I've got one for you.
      Monk: Did I say yes? I meant no.

    • Monk: Did you hear that? She forgot she was a vegetarian. That's like forgetting you're a Republican.

    • Ticket Clerk: I can assure you, Mr. Monk, this particular aircraft has a perfect safety record.
      Monk: Could I see it?

    • Warren: You know how they say your seat cushion floats? Not all of them do. I don't want to talk about it any more.

    • Foreman: Are you okay?
      Disher: (doing Monk's Zen Sherlock routine) I've seen Monk do this a hundred times.

    • Monk: Did you hear that? She forgot she was a vegetarian. That's like forgetting you're a Republican.

    • Warren: Everyone takes extension cords for granted, but can you imagine what the world would be without them?
      Monk: (very long pause) I guess all the furniture would be a lot closer to the walls.
      Warren: Exactly. If it doesn't reach, call Warren Beach.

    • Sharona: Oh, my God!
      Monk: What?
      Sharona: That's Tim Daly. I love him
      Monk: What is he, some kind of actor?
      Sharona: Well, he was in that show, Wings.
      Monk: I never saw it. Was it good?
      Sharona: Well, he was.

    • Sharona: Why don't you go back to your seat--count the clouds?
      Monk: I already did. Twenty-three.

    • Warren: (seeing Monk wipe his hands) I'm not sick.
      Sharona: No, he is.

    • Security Guard: You didn't have to put your money in a baggie, sir.
      Sharona: Yes, he did.

    • Monk: I'm gonna stay here.
      Sharona: By yourself?
      Monk: No, I'm gonna come with you.
      Sharona: On the plane?
      (Monk alternately nods and shakes his head.)
      Sharona: Are you sure?

    • Little Girl: You sure complain a lot.
      Monk: Thank you.

    • Tim Daly: I can't believe it. He's a freakin' tattletale.
      Monk: (to flight attendant) He called me a freakin' tattletale.

    • Sharona: (to Tim Daly) If I go to a movie and I see you chop off a guy's foot, I'm gonna want my money back.

    • Warren: You really think that man killed his wife?
      Sharona: He always thinks people are killing each other.
      Monk: That's true and I'll tell you why. Because they are.

    • Bernard: To our wives and lovers. May they never meet.

    • Monk: He spilled his wine. It's staining. I can feel it.

    • Disher: (on the phone) Are you really up there in an airplane?
      Monk: It's better than being up here not in an airplane.

    • Warren: Where's your friend? I want to show you something.
      Monk: She's in the bathroom.
      Warren: No, she's not. The sign says "unoccupied".
      Monk: I hope she didn't leave.
      Warren: Where can she go? It's an airplane.

    • Monk: When they kissed in the terminal, she had to stand on tiptoe. She's grown at least two inches.

    • Flight attendant: May I help you?
      Monk: I was just testing the call button.
      Flight attendant: It seems to be working. (Pause) So you can stop now.

    • Monk: How can we tell that we have the best people sitting near the exits?

    • Flight attendant: Let me guess. First time on a plane?
      Monk: Oh, no, no. I've been on a plane before.
      Flight attendant: Where did you go?
      Monk: I didn't actually go anywhere. Before we took off, I was crying so much that they asked my mother and me to leave the plane.
      Sharona: Tell her how old you were.
      Monk: I was twenty - (pause) seven.

    • Monk: (watching a plane take off) How can they fly? They're made of metal. They weigh two hundred tons. Plus now you're adding all those magazines.

    • Monk: And the last time the plane was disinfected was when did you say?

  • Notes

    • Music: "Remember Me?" by Jeff Beal

    • Andy Breckman appears as a nonspeaking passenger on Monk's plane just as his name comes onscreen in the opening credits.

    • Brooke Adams, who guest stars as a flight attendant, is Tony Shalhoub's wife. The episode also reunites him with his Wings costar Tim Daly, who plays himself.

    • USA Network originally scheduled "Mr. Monk and the Dead Dog" (a title suggesting a connection with Kelly Street and a new lead in the investigation of Trudy's murder) as the season finale.

    • Despite being listed in the opening credits, Ted Levine does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Sharona tells Tim Daly that two of his best performances were in Wings (which also starred Tony Shalhoub) and From the Earth to the Moon (which also starred Ted Levine).

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