Season 6 Episode 4

Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2007 on USA

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  • A first-rate mystery classic! Very original!

    "Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend" has got to be one of the most unique, intriguing, and memorable episodes in the entire 'Monk' series. In terms of setting, more beach fun after the previous success, "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man", is very warm and satisfying. Now, getting back to the main review, I personally think this story should be rated among the best mystery stories ever. In fact, I just got finished watching it on my Season 6 DVD for my fourth time, which lead to my leaving a review here:

    Apart from realizing that Adrian Monk is 99% right all the time, the fact that Linda Fusco first got be a recurring character on the series made her sudden shift to unlikely murderer very dramatic. Probably what makes it so shocking is that it defies the basic rules of other TV shows: Since Linda is a recurring character, we're meant to assume she has to be innocent. The plot itself is perfect, but what really would have been cool (which, from a certain point of view, isn't a drawback at all) would be if Linda had appeared more than just 3 episodes in the series before this one! The more frequently a recurring character appears on a show, the more comfortable we get around them, and less we suspect that some shocking surprise is in store for them.

    I would estimate that this episode, just because it was made for TV, instead of a theatrical Hollywood feature film, will probably go down in history as somewhat underappreciated, but I for one must say that I have seen theatrical films with less taste and story quality than this little gem of an episode. In fact, theoretically speaking, If I was a professor or teacher doing a lecture on studying mystery/crime thriller books or movies of any kind, "Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend" would DEFINITELY be on my 'required curriculum' viewing list for my audience! That's how good the story is!

    Love it... couldn't get tired of it. Just make sure you see "Mr. Monk, Private Eye" (Season 5, Episode 5), and "Mr. Monk and his Biggest Fan" (Season 6, Episode 1), before viewing!
  • Not Bad

    Just kind of ho-hum. Wasn't one of the best episodes.
  • Awesome Episode!

    It is really cool that Monk quickly suspected Linda as murderer! WOW! But I love Linda's character On Monk. I am going to miss her, because she is off the show or kill off characters in the this show. It is very awesome episode every I watched because it made me motives for who is suspect for murderer or people who did it! Linda killed him because he is making his own business and plans to quit working with Linda. Linda is smart enough have a ablili on her and truck rental. Monk and Natalie are great characters on MONK. I love it!
  • Best Monk since Natalie came along (no offense to Natalie)

    A rather sad episode, how much more heartbreak is Leeland going to have to take? Thank goodness for Randy at the end providing a little comic relief in the midst of sadness.

    Nonetheless, best Monk since Natalie came along, no offense to Natalie but this was the first time it felt like they had any chemistry between them. The motorcycle scene was one of my favorites, she seemed more laid back, and Monk seemed, still like Monk, and they just seemed to go together so well.

    Mystery was predictable and obvious, but still good, not far fetched or unsatisfying.

    Overall, superb, I hope to see many many more like this.
  • Not really a big surprise

    When she first appeared I didn't get a good feeling off of her. I mean in the episode, Mr. Monk, P.I. she hired Monk to find the man who dented her car doesn't that make extremely egocentric. So it didn't surprise me that she would commit murder, I knew it was a matter of time. It's just too bad for the Captain, he found someone he thought he could spend the rest of his life with and this happens. Monk did this a lot with Sharona when he exposed her boyfriends' quirks, so why would he stop at her. I'm surprised he hasn't done it with Natalie.
  • Great Episode!

    "Monk and the Bad Girlfriend" makes me remember why I like to watch Monk. A great balance of mystery and comedy with tons of nice touches. I liked Monk on the motorcycle, Monk fending of a sexual advance. The solution to the mystery was improbable, but entertainingly so. The episode was full of great performances. The actor who played Stottlemeyer was particularly good, first in love, then in denial, and then the look on his face as his girlfriend says Monk came on to her and he realizes that "she's the guy." The actor who plays Randy was very funny throughout the episode. Keep giving us episodes like this!
  • Gimmicky and predictable, but a little character development helped (but just a little).

    From the very beginning, it was obvious that something was not quite right with Stottlemeyer's girlfriend, who appeared on his computer screen at a set time every night.

    We then saw the murder of her partner by a hooded individual, who had a woman's build, who did not kill two witnesses, for the sole purpose of the female witness to tell police that the murderer wore a particular shade of lipstick, which the girlfriend happens to wear.

    Later, Monk discovers a flower at the scene of the crime that was worn by the girlfriend.

    Despite all these clues, I really didn't know whether she was guilty or not; after all, someone who knew her very well could have easily framed her. But, then she attempted to seduce Monk in a bizarre, quasi-rape scene. Why didn't they just hit us on the head with a sledgehammer?

    As soon as Monk declared her guilt, very early on in the show, my initial reaction was, "He's framing another innocent for the fourth week in a row?!?!" When it was all over, my subsequent reaction was, "They spent the first three weeks planting that idea in viewers' heads as a contrived plot device for *this* episode?!?!"

    The girlfriend was clever enough to set the whole thing up, apparently long before she met Stottlemeyer, but dumb enough to leave behind so many clues???

    The only "positives" to this episode were: seeing that Natalie is an experienced motorcyclist (never mind how hard to believe it may be!); Stottlemeyer's understandable, if not childish, reactions to Monk's accusations about his girlfriend; and Randy expressing his feelings that he, Natalie, Stottlemeyer, and Monk, are like a family.

    The "negatives" are too many to list, but the two biggest ones were at the end when Stottlemeyer has a Bogart-like moment telling the self-confessed, guilty girlfriend that they could have made it, and, later, tosses a diamond engagement ring into the ocean (on a cop's salary???).

    Monk started as a good comedy/drama; now, it has become a near comic-book version of itself. What a shame.
  • Best Monk episode since Season 3!!!

    I classified this as "Flashback Episode" because it took me back to when Monk was a great show. All characters were back to their good old selves. Randy was silly but not acting like a total moron, the captain showed his dark side when he confronted Monk, acted out in a very realistic way and Monk was serious, clever, without any of the stupid crap they've been making him do lately. Even his obsessiveness felt real again, with the car window and the flowers. And Natalie... Well, since, sadly, we couldn't have Sharona back, at least she didn't talk our ears off with her whiny voice in this one, and didn't keep getting in the way (in the way of us enjoying the show that is.)

    The solution was not too hard to figure out. At least for me, although I didn't figure out the precise how, since I missed a detail! (spoiler at the bottom of this review). In general, the plot and the characters were very well written, and even though this was not a groundbreaking episode, it was still the best episode of all seasons 4-6, and kinda soothed the pain after the rapper atrocity. Crossing my fingers that they'll keep it up this way.

    Ending Spoiler:
    It was pretty obvious that Linda had set up a replica of her bedroom to talk to the captain. I just thought she had done that in the house that was for sale!
  • I think they did this one already or at least one like it before....??????

    Besides for the fact that I think that they might have done one like this before, I was not feeling the 'Monk' in this show. And why the Caption's girlfriend, that was just cruel, mean, and heartless. And the closing scene when he ahs the engagment ring, come on that was so cruel!
    And Mr. Monk was just lacking, come on he would never never never get ona a motorcycle, come on???? I could not beleive that one. And the whole set up of the van and the fake bed room was a stretch. The writing in this episode was poor and as great as our crew/cast is they just could make it sing. Bummmer episode.
  • Better than most this season.

    Wow. Monk has really been jumping to conclusions recently. (Spoiler) Didn't take too many common and inconclusive clues before Monk deduced the Captain's Girlfriend was guilty. However, this episode has still been more believable than the past few- Monk remembering his birth, befriending rappers, calling for nudist genocide. I guess I appreciated the character development between the Captain and Monk- seeing the captain's bad side and insecurity instead of just Monk's for a change. It's a shame that the girlfriend had to actually be guilty, but then again, too many people being framed recently. (The solution was guessable) but Monk was on his game again and behaved less ridiculously, which is good because who needs another Randy?
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