Season 5 Episode 3

Mr. Monk and the Big Game

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2006 on USA

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  • Another fun filled day in the life of Monk

    This time Monk investigates the apparent accidental death of his assistant's daughter's high-school bball coach. The background conflict is Monks inability to have won anything throughout his life. Even to the point that his mother disqualified him during his only achievement of winning a musical chair contest! ;D

    As always Monk battles through his neurosis piling up the clues as to whodunnit! However the final scene is quite predictable in that he ends up coaching the girls team in the winner-takes-all final, as the new coach (his assistant) is sent off for arguing with the coach. The twist is that she then finds the final clue that reveals who the killer is and the girls go on to win the match....

    ... or do they?!

    Almost a classic episode. More of the same harmless fun please!
  • fun Fun FUn FUN

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. I thought that the whole plot line was genesis and involved a lot of character development. I felt so sorry for Natalie especially when Monk had a whistle but I did find it extremely funny. Monk coaching a load of high scool girls at basketball sounds hilarious ... trust me it actually is. I thought that Randy was funny especially when Julie was interviewing him and stottlemeyer on DNA. He did not know a thing. I think the best part of this episode however was when they had the one minute silence and Monk was trying to get a scuff mark off of the basketball court and it kept squeking really loud. I laughed so much I nearly fell over.
  • I like this show...

    this is only the second episode that I have seen of MONK but I have to say I'm really starting to like it. This episode was also pretty funny. Monk solves a mystery of what happend to the basketball coach at a school. He ends up solving it as usual. I thought that one of the funniest parts of this episode was when Every one was in the Gym remembering the coach and it was quiet monk sees a black mark on the floor and he just has to get rid of it causing a squeeking noise. Well i like this show and this was an exellent episode. Later...
  • Like the others.............FUN

    In this episode Monk solves three cases in one, the death of the coach, a forest fire and a two year old golf case.

    As usual the episode pleases us with several fun Monk situations:
    - he’s attempt to be an assistant of coach a basketball team and don’t having idea of that;
    - he’s playing with a new toy a whistle, leading Natalie crazy;
    - in the end of the match he tries to make sure the adds of the girls together were 100%.

    The end of episode, the Monk smile when he sees all the trophies was deserved.
  • Fun episode

    I enjoyed this episode a lot even though it wasn't the best the series has had to offer. Watching Monk attempt to coach basketball added in good humor that pushed the pace of the show.

    Monk's obsession with his whistle almost had me rolling on the floor in laughter. I enjoyed the way the murder and the ivestigation were set-up, even if it was obvious who the killer was right away. Despite knowing who did it, I enjoyed the way the writers kept the killer's motive pretty hidden until towards the end.

    The scene at the end with Monk and the trophies was one of the types of scenes that this show is incredible at doing. When you watch it you can't help but crack a smile and be happy for Monk. He deserves it.
  • As Captain Stottlemeyer says, "Monk coaching Basketball!"

    This was an interesting episode. To be honest, I thought it was going to turn out to be some kind of gambling thing! Who would know it was related to a 2-year-old cold case and a forest fire.

    I loved the scene with Monk at the forest fire site, "talking" to a bird with his new best toy, his whistle.

    The coaching scenes were priceless. Monk running up and down the sidelines with absolutely no clue of what was going on. Calling a time out and then trying to make sure none of the girls gave more the 100%. Being attacked by the mascot. Losing in the final 2 seconds. This was just all so Monkish!

  • well i did like this episode, it wasn't my favorite, and it was somewhat predictable.

    I could tell that as soon as they interviewed coach hayden's brother, that he was the guy. even before they started talking to him, it just seemed like, this was the right time they'd come across the suspect, and actual murderer.

    it all sort of fell into place. and at the beginning...the hairdryer that was plugged into the outlet, wouldn't have killed the lady. the outlet would've had something where if an excess amount of current was detected, a curcuit would've popped, as a cautionary measure. if the guy had an extension cord, plugged into the outlet, and the hairdryer was plugged into the extension cord, then it would've electrocuted the lady. so technically, this murder was impossible the way they said it happened, but besides that detail, it would've worked.

    anyway, i loved how monk was the assistant coach to natalie for the basketball team. it was cute. and he had to lead the team, and he was like "okay, you give 115%, you give 75%, you give 110% and you give 100%." haha. i loved that. and he was like "you're all named emily now. all of you." haha.

    yeah and the trophy thing was cute. how monk never won anything, and at the end, natalie and julie gave monk a trophy for each murder he's solved with the police department, 104, but they rounded it down to 100, which pleased him.

    this episode was as funny as any other, but yeah, not my fave story line, but still good.