Season 1 Episode 7

Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 16, 2002 on USA



  • Trivia

    • If Archie Modine had shot a knife-wielding mugger three times without warning, as shown here, there would have been an investigation and he would certainly have lost his gun permit at the very least.

    • Monk and Sharona try to get Otterman to pay them their fee for the recovery of a Picasso worth over $2 million. In reality, a painting of such worth would be insured and Monk would be paid a substantial finder's fee by the insurance company. It might be some kind of private arrangement whereby Otterman hoped to avoid a hike in insurance premiums, but the fee would still be significantly greater than the $1,460 Sharona finally settles for.

    • When Monk is buying three identical lamps, the lady at the counter tells him that he owes $95.75. That would mean that each lamp cost $31.91666667, not very likely (with or without included sales tax).

    • At the murder scene, Monk scoops up Modine's keys with a pen what would avoid contaminating the evidence with his fingerprints (but still contaminating the crime scene). But then he just hands the keys over to Modine, who handles them without gloves or anything.

    • Isn't impersonating an officer a criminal offense?

    • How did Sharona find Monk at the restaurant? She says she's been "looking all over for him" but did she just drive all over the city until she found him?

  • Quotes

    • Sharona: Adrian, I'm giving you until 3.
      (Monk looks at his watch)
      Sharona: No, not 3 o'clock. I'm counting to three.

    • Sharona: Dammit, I hate this car. Dammit Dammit Dammit!
      Monk: Why don't you try saying dammit a few more times. That might help.

    • Monk: This guy . . . what's the opposite of Batman?
      Sharona: You are.

    • Sharona: You folded like a cheap suit.
      Monk: A cheap tent. For the record, I folded like a cheap tent.

    • Sharona: You felt sorry for your boss? I can't imagine what that feels like . . . .
      Monk: Get in the car.

    • Sharona: The stores in my neighborhood insist on money.

    • Monk: (to Dr. Kroger) I hate owing you money. I just hate it. Listen. Until we get squared away, I'm going to have to start seeing you twice a week.

    • Monk: I'm going to be all alone. What a time to be me.

    • Monk: I'm not going to move. You're going to have to run me down. (Pauses as the car drives away) Or back up. One or the other.

    • Sharona: I think I just busted this case wide open.

    • Sharona: Where's your wallet?
      Monk: I'm having it. . .umm, buffed.

    • Sharona: (shopping for lamps) If you were blindfolded, you wouldn't know the difference.
      Monk: If I was blindfolded I wouldn't need a lamp.
      Sharona: Okay, bad example.

    • Sharona: I know money doesn't matter on planet Monk, but I have a kid who expects three meals a day and sometimes gets sick.

    • Monk: What should I do?
      Disher: I don't know.
      Monk: Tell me what to do.
      Disher: I can't do that.
      Monk: Can you find me someone who'll tell me what to do?

    • Reporter: (to running cop) Fraidy Cop! Just a couple of questions!

    • Stottlemeyer: (as Fraidy Cop flees again) Shoot him!
      Disher: I can't do that, sir.
      Stottlemeyer: Then shoot me!

  • Notes

    • Music: "Worried Monk" and "Running Away" by Jeff Beal

    • The Kelly Street scene, which seems to occur during cold weather despite the summer clothing in the rest of the episode, was originally part of the pilot (filmed in November-December 2001) but removed from the final version as presented on USA Network. Apparently the "cold snap" discussed by the DJs on Sharona's radio was added to account for this inconsistency. (Thanks to members of the monkfans group for this information.)

    • An episode entitled "Mr. Monk and the Dead Dog" was at one time scheduled as the season finale, suggesting that we would be seeing more of Kelly Street. Or possibly it was this episode with a different title and in a different sequence. Either way, USA Network clearly changed its corporate mind and the title was abandoned.

    • As a member of the Yahoo! monkfans board noted, there's also a Hitchcock motif in this episode: an intimidating housekeeper named Mrs. Danvers and Hitchcock films on the marquee (Psycho and The Man Who Knew Too Much). The Hitchcock movie referred to is Rebecca based on the famous novel of the same name. Mrs. Danvers is evil housekeeper of a wealthy man who killed his wife.

  • Allusions

    • Mrs. Teal: I used to say that I married Batman.
      Batman is the DC Comics superhero who dresses in a bat-like costume and places himself in dangerous situations in order to apprehend criminals.

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