Season 6 Episode 5

Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2007 on USA

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  • Sweet moments

    The scene with Monk and Julie's conversation was definitely one of those moments that keeps me coming back for warm. It was warm and sweet...and part of what makes Monk so lovable.
  • Monk investigates the double murder of a man's wife and the man trying to rob them.

    Finally!!!!!!! Finally an episode of Monk that was like the past seasons. This episode was great. It showed Monk being himself but it also showed some major character development for Monk, Natalie, and Julie as well. The show was always about Monk being kinda weird and crazy but also having a big heart and like he said last night, Trudy was his reason for being here. Therefore, Monk had a great heart and wasnt just strange for no reason. This episode captured that really well. Also while the thing with the t-shirt was too ridiculous to ever have happened the way Monk figured it out seemed like old times. I do wish they would add some new clues for Monk to the Trudy murder... it feels like its been a couple of seasons since they had any progression.