Season 3 Episode 3

Mr. Monk and the Blackout

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2004 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: The piles Monk uses while talking to Michelle on the phone read (within others): 2004 Compact Sedans, 2004 Film Festivals, Reality Television, Thinking about you, History, Trudy, Where from?, Organic Produce, Belizean Cuisine, French Cuisine, Pop Music, Travel Europe and Investigation.

    • If Brenner was so afraid that people would find out that he was still alive, why didn't he at least use a typewriter or computer to write his letter? This way the police wouldn't have been able to match his handwriting.

    • The sign slapped on the front of the building says, "SAN FRANCISCO POWER COMPANY 1947 A.D." It should read, "SAN FRANCISCO POWER COMPANY A.D. 1947." "A.D.," which stands for the Latin phrase "Anno Domini" ("in the year of our Lord"), precedes rather than follows the numeric year.

    • When Monk is using the bullhorn to talk to the radical in the tree, he takes it from Stottlemeyer and shortly afterward loses it to Stottlemeyer once again but doesn't ask Sharona for a wipe as he usually would. Yet when he bumps into the wheelbarrel and gets cement on his hands, he asks for a wipe.

    • The show that was blacked out was celebrating San Francisco's bicentennial. However, the village that was to become San Francisco was founded in 1835. San Francisco will not celebrate its bicentennial another thirty-one years.

    • When the light is turned on in the house, Monk, who is still wearing the night-vision goggles, should have been temporarily blinded.

    • "Foreman" is misspelled as "Forman" in the ending credits.

  • Quotes

    • Michelle Rivas: If I didn't have cooties, I'd kiss you right now.
      Monk: If you didn't have cooties I'd let you.

    • Sharona: Are you excited?
      Monk: Yes, I am. If by "excited" you mean petrified and full of regret.

    • Sharona: I'm goin' ta Hell. I'm a horrible person.
      Monk: Why?
      Sharona: I just told that woman, Michelle, that there was nothing wrong with you.
      Monk: She should've asked me.

    • Monk: Were you born Caesarean?
      Michelle Rivas: I don't know
      Monk: I was born naturally but I was raised Caesarean.

    • Monk: That used to be my nickname, Mr. Punctuality.
      Michelle Rivas: In college?
      Monk: Kindergarten.

    • Monk: (using megaphone) You know, Ralph Nader uses the wipes.

    • Michelle Rivas: I'm a big fan of yours.
      Monk: I think you may be mistaking me, for anybody else.

    • Monk: Lieutenant, these are night vision goggles. Turn the lights back off! I have the advantage. Turn'em off!
      Disher: Yeah. We could do that or we could just arrest him.

    • Adrian: I can't find my night vision goggles. There is a fatal flaw in the night vision goggle-plan.

    • Monk: (repeatedly pressing elevator button) Lobby... lobby... lobby... lobby...
      Passenger: Sir, there's no power. It's not going to move.
      Monk: You're probably right. Lobby... lobby... lobby...

    • Benjy: (about Willie Nelson's harmonica) Do you still have it?
      Monk: No, I threw it out. Mr. Nelson had put his mouth on it.

    • Michelle Rivas: [Monk's] obviously brilliant.
      Sharona: (Long pause.) Well, he can be, yes.

    • Sharona: Did you know that nine months after every blackout, the birthrate goes up?
      Benjy: Nine months? Oh! I get it.

    • Benjy: Why do we always watch what you want to watch?
      Sharona: Because you're sweet, and you love me.

    • Stottlemeyer: Adrian Monk, you're a stud!

    • Monk: It's an asymmetrical shape, a disturbing asymmetrical shape... am I close?
      Benjy: No.

    • Sharona: It's that new game, Doodle Fever.
      Monk: Oh, good. I love games.

  • Notes

    • Willie Nelson, who previously guest-starred in "Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger," receives "a Special Thanks to Our Friend Willie Nelson" in the ending credits.

  • Allusions

    • Sharona: Like the Fly.
      Refers to the 1986 movie The Fly, where Jeff Goldblum accidentally transforms himself into a giant man/fly through an accident with one of his scientific experiments.

    • Night-vision goggles
      Anyone who has seen Ted Levine as the sinister murderer Jame Gumb/"Buffalo Bill" in The Silence of the Lambs will recognize the night-vision goggles scene as a comic spoof/tribute to that incredible performance.

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