Season 7 Episode 14

Mr. Monk and the Bully

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2009 on USA

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  • Ok episode, easy to figure out.

    This episode starts out with Monk getting a swirlie from Broderick Brody when they were kids. Scene fades to present time, 40 years later and Natalie is talking to someone on the phone that turns out to be Broderick who wants Monk to follow his wife to see if she is cheating on him. Monk jumps at the chance to bring bad news to the one who tormented him as a child. Monk finds her, or who he thinks is her in a bar with another man. Broderick says it couldn't have been her because he was with her. The next day a murder has occurred; it is the man whom Monk saw with Broderick's supposed wife. Broderick's wife comes to the police station and blames the murder on him. While Monk is question Broderick he puts it all together and figures out that Broderick's wife has a twin sister and she is the on that he saw at the bar with the other man and the one the killed the man in the hotel room. It was all over money. The twin sister Patrice Gesner was putting all of the Broderick's money in an offshore account and was going to kill them both, until Brody was arrested with took care of him. When the police rushed in Patrice Gesner (the twin sister to Marilyn Brody) was trying to kill her sister.

    This was an Okay episode with a thin plot that was easy to follow and figure out.
  • Where's the mystery?

    This episode was completely wrong for Monk. Either they're running out of episode ideas, or the writers just thought they wanted to be funny and mess with the fans. Either way, this episode was nothing like what I would expect from a good Monk episode. It did have suspense and humor, but there wasn't much mystery. I knew that something was wrong with the bully's wife when she couldn't get Natalie's name right! Big mystery there! And Monk didn't even mention that detail when he was telling Disher and the Captain about his deduction. And by the way, the swirlie thing was disgusting!
  • Mr. Monk and the Bully was a demonstration of a great Monk episode, definitely living up to (or exceeding) The Monk Reputation. *The Monk Reputation: a funny, awesome and classic example of what most TV shows should be like.

    Mr. Monk and the Bully was a classic example of a great Monk episode. It flowed great, it was funny and it was perfected enough to make me smile the whole way through (which is rare, because i have ridiculously high standards). At first I was skeptical how good this episode may be, seeing that the idea was not the most interesting. Before I get to the good stuff I have to say why I did not give this episode a perfect 10.0. The episode had many scenes or ideas that have already been played out in Monk many times, including: using someone who looks like you to cover up a crime, Monk not understanding how to tip someone and even the bully was used in multiple episodes before. It almost seems like USA is running short on new ideas but it still didn't prevent them from making a fresh episode with great dialogue (hey, even Taylor playing Natalie didn't sound super fake and annoying) and Tony Shalhoub did an absolute 100% amazing job. If you thought Mr. Monk and the Bully was weak, wake up and think about perfect the episode flowed and gave a prime example to what USA Network, Adrian Monk and supporting actors can really do.
  • Monk meets his past.

    There was nothing special about this episode.It was just a solid effort that dealt with Monk's issues that go all the way back to seventh grade.However it is always nice to see Monk get some closure on some of these old issues.Did he end up liking his old bully?Of course not.As a matter of fact,his old nemesis didn't show signs of remorse.Despite all that,Monk did what he had to do:he solved the case even though he was loving it's initial developments.I am a being fan of Tony Shalhoub and i am always impressed by the wide variety of his acting abilities.He had me laughing a lot when he was at the crime scene and couldn't contain his joy.It's nice to see Monk happy once in a while,even if it for vengeaful reasons.But being the moral compass of the show,he had to get to the bottom of the case and i am glad he did so proving to the bully how bigger of a man he was.I also liked Natalie's part in this since she was there to bring back to reality when it mattered.I would like to see more of the two of them going undercover.Overall it was a solid episode but i am hoping for something more specatcular in the remaining two.
  • An excellent episode, rather funny, rather dramatic, and a decent episode of "Monk". One of my favorites.

    I must say that there are a number of episodes in season 7 that were a little bit on the not-completely satisfying side to me (namely "Mr. Monk's Other Brother" and "Mr. Monk Takes a Punch"). This is a nice little turnaround on that.

    Monk is a person who still has nightmares about his past, namely about Roderick Brody, the bully who beat him up every day in middle school by giving him "swirlies" (where the person puts the victim's head in the toilet bowl then flushes the toilet, which is probably very unpleasant and painful).

    So you can guess that he is a bit nervous when Natalie mentions that Roderick would like them to take a case. Monk would rather decline, but Natalie and Dr. Bell encourage him to face up and forget his past incidents with Roderick. When Roderick mentions that the case is a matrimonial and personal matter (namely, he thinks his wife is cheating on him), Monk takes the case because he is too eager to exact revenge on Roderick for the swirlies.

    The episode itself does demonstrate the typical Monk episode, which is 50% comedy and 50% investigation, or vice-versa, and I find that there are several favorite moments of mine in the series that are in this episode:

    1. Having a flashback to seventh grade, Monk accidentally takes a hot tray out of the oven with his left hand (which does not have an oven mitt on it) instead of his protected right hand. 2. Monk tries (without success) to bribe a bartender to get information, using a $1 dollar bill. He then adds a dime in, but that doesn't work.

    3. Natalie tricks a bar patron into taking a photo of "Marilyn" and her lover by using the pretext of wanting the patron to take a photo of her and Monk. They duck to the sides when the flash goes off.

    4. Monk is in a park, wanting to do a cartwheel, but he can't seem to be able to have enough will to do it. Of course, his personality is splitting between a mode of "relieved to have gotten revenge on Roderick" and a "sympathy for Roderick" mode. He tries to get Natalie to do one ("cartwheel by proxy"), but finally stops trying to do a cartwheel when he spots a police officer's gun and realizes that Marilyn's story about where Roderick was last night has a few holes in it.

    5. Trying to tell two twins apart, Randy tries to get the one they've saved from drowning (who is coughing up water) to say "aunt," and Stottlemeyer tells him they could simply arrest the sister who is not drowning.

    All in all, a nice episode and a decent one in the series. In contrast to the past two episodes, this one features a lot more of Natalie, and significantly less of Stottlemeyer and Disher.
  • Disappointing plot

    Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Monk. That said. . .
    An evil twin? An evil TWIN? Please!!! Is this daytime TV or an emmy-award-winning show?
    As always, the quality of the acting was superb. But I had some problems with aspects of the plot. First, of course, the basic premise. Second, do you really think that a husband could be tricked also? I would think that there would be something that would strike a person as strange if someone else were impersonating his wife. Third, why did the good twin just sit there in the tub and allow the evil twin to drown her? Finally, who would wear high, spiked heels to drag a drugged woman into a bathroom and then haul her into a tub? Your sensible murderess wears flats!