Season 1 Episode 1

Mr. Monk and the Candidate

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2002 on USA

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  • A good start to a promising series.

    "Mr. Monk and the Candidate" is a good story, in and of itself, but the best thing it does is set up a big introduction for all the characters in the series: Adrian Monk, Sharona Fleming, Randy Disher, Leland Stottlemeyer, Benjy Fleming, Monk's psychiatrist, Dr. Kroger, and his murdered wife, Trudy Ann Ellison. The episode takes place 5 years after her death, so Adrian Monk is considerably more uptight and feels more awkward than he does in the future as the series slowly, but surely, presses on.

    Maybe not as good and memorable as the episodes that follow it, (such as "Mr. Monk Goes Back to School", "Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan", or "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man") but a necessary prelude that takes its time to set up all the pieces on the board before moving them in unique directions in the episodes that follow in all 8 seasons.