Season 4 Episode 12

Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2006 on USA
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Stottlemeyer blows up at another cop while investigating a murder at a junkyard. He believes that his wife is having an affair and asks Monk and Natalie to follow her, while working on the junkyard murder.

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  • Restored my faith in the show.

    When a homeless man witnesses a murder in a caryard; Stottlemeyer has to put his marriage problems and rivalry with a young cop aside to solve the case. Meanwhile he enlists Monk to spy on his wife. At first glance this episode seems a little too layered with Monk being pushed aside by many sub - concepts and an overload of guest characters but all of them tie together at the end and leads to one of the best red herrings on Monk ever.

    For the first time the drama is quite genuine and you really do feel for the Captain and the mystery is on top of it's game but the episode is spoiled by pointless shtick between Monk and Natalie. The performances are on the whole really good but the standout is Ted Levine who proves that creepy, gruff and sad are modes that he domiantes in. Traylor Howard is borderline irritating as Natalie and remains too bubbly when the scene calls for a different mood and for once Jason Gray - Stanford plays it straight which is a welcome change. Tony Shaloub is merely used as comic relief but can slip back into uptight gear just fine. This is a sombre but outstanding installment of Monk.moreless
  • This episode of Monk is verily a fine example of how the show can so easily make you feel for the characters, not to mention a fine episode in itself.

    Though there have been a good few "Stottlemeyer's Feelings -Based" episodes of Monk, this one has been one of my favourites along with "Mr. Monk and The Captain's Wife". This episode manages to keep the "mystery" compeling, even though it is qute simple and not as in-depth as the mainstream Monk cases are. The focus on the Captain's marrige, though dominating over the storyline, is not overdone, and provides an excellent example of insight into a character's feelings - Leland's "softer side" is both a refreshing change from his usual brusqueness and a touching aspect - not the first time a Monk episode has made me wish to just give one of the characters a big hug. Alltogether, the episode's intimacy, combined with a simple-but-compelling mystery and a few brushes of good ol' Monk humour make it one dandy installment.moreless
  • Go Monk.

    nice one.. the way how everything was related.. that homeless guy had a qute mouse.. acutally i prefer rats but thisone was ok =).. The funniest scene was.. when he told Stottlemeyer, if he needs to tak someone then he can talk to Natalie.. oh and that fountain was pretty good aswell.. they way things ended for them.. about Stottlemeyer.. i dissapoinded in his wife.. first time i saw her.. she was okay.. just talked a lot.. but now.. well a bit things ended for he's marriage.. but like he said "Those things happen"

    anyway good luck with new episodes..moreless
  • Monk is Gênial!!!

    Shining Simplismente this episode. Incrivel as Monk does not decay with the time, equal series as Smallville and The O.C.

    This episode focou automatically in the case and in the marriage of the captain, who for signal is titulo of the episode.

    At last plus an excellent episode of an excellent show.

    Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage NOTE:9.5
  • Good episode, not the best writing but still great character stuff. (spoilers)

    The show wasn't as perfect as most Monks script wise, but it was still another great episode because of the characters and their interactions, which I believe is what makes this show what it is. As the captain’s wife tries to divorce him, this could lead to many different future stories of the bachelor captain moves on, or it could lead to a revelation that they are meant to be together, looking forward to see what they have in store for them and us.moreless
Glenne Headly

Glenne Headly

Karen Stottlemeyer

Guest Star

Nicky Katt

Nicky Katt

Sgt. Sharkey

Guest Star

Robert Clendenin

Robert Clendenin


Guest Star

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  • QUOTES (24)

    • Monk: Look at all this junk. They should get rid of it and put it somewhere.
      Natalie: Well, they did, Mr. Monk. They put it here. It's a junk yard.
      Monk: You can say that again!

    • Karen: (about the man she was meeting with) He's a divorce lawyer.
      Stottlemeyer: You're having an affair with a divorce lawyer?

    • Monk: This is not an appliance store.
      Stottlemeyer: Uh, yeah. I know.
      Monk: You said it was an appliance store.
      Stottlemeyer: I'm sorry. I lied. But if I'd told you it was a junkyard, it would have taken me five hours to get you down here.

    • Stottlemeyer: I said I'm sorry, I think, twice. How many times do I need to apologize?
      Monk: Six.
      Natalie: Six.
      Stottlemeyer: Sorry, sorry, sorry! Can we do this?

    • Monk: Uh oh.
      Stottlemeyer: What's up?
      Monk: Oh. That car. One headlight's not broken. It's the only one that's not broken. (Stottlemeyer shoots the headlight.) Thanks.

    • Disher: (to Monk) Stun gun? That's good. You're goo-ood.

    • Stottlemeyer: What did you do? Did you turn the heat up? It's like a sauna in here.
      Karen: It's supposed to be ninety-nine degrees exactly. It's called the Gittomer Method. It's very therapeutic.

    • Stottlemeyer: Why would he [Starkey] lie, Karen? Why would anybody lie about something like that?
      Karen: Well, I don't know. Maybe it was a joke. You know, cop humor. I slept with your old lady, ha, ha, ha.

    • Little Girl: I think I'm sick.
      Monk: Save yourselves! She's going to blow! It's going to get ugly!

    • Stottlemeyer: Monk, I really need to know. I'd do it myself, but the chief says I need to go to this anger management class, which really pisses me off. I knocked out a tooth. One tooth. It's not like I killed the guy.

    • Stottlemeyer: How many times have I asked you for a favor?
      Monk: One hundred and three. Counting this, one hundred and four.
      Stottlemeyer: How many time have I said "please"?

    • Monk: (looking into the lenses of a pair of sunglasses) Yeah. See? Reflective surfaces. Wait. Wait. I lost her. Where'd she go?
      Natalie: Would this be considered a reflective surface?
      Monk: Yeah, well, mirrors. Mirrors are good, too.

    • Natalie: How long have they been married?
      Monk: Forever. Karen and Leland. And they've never had a thing in common. I remember this one weekend he went hunting. She stayed home and organized a rally for stronger gun control.

    • Monk: You can't just leave her like this.
      Natalie: It's a manikin!
      Monk: Why do you say things like that?

    • Monk: Ten dollars and three cents. That's how much is in there.
      Natalie: Okay. Thank you. Now we know.
      Monk: I think we should make it even.
      Natalie: What are you talking about?
      Monk: The fountain. We take out three cents and it'll be ten dollars. That's a nice round number. Ten dollars. Then everyone will be happier.
      Natalie: You always say that. Who is everyone?
      Monk: Me. (Pause.) Me.

    • Natalie: If we walk now, you won't even think about the fountain.
      Monk: I'll think about it. It would haunt me.
      Natalie: For three extra pennies, it would haunt you?
      Monk: (whispers) It would haunt me.

    • Gerald: (to Devo) I can't believe it. What kind of degenerate would tear out the last two pages of a Diagnosis Murder mystery?

    • Natalie: It might be the captain calling.
      Monk: Don't answer!
      Natalie: We can't keep him waiting forever.
      Monk: We've got to try.

    • Disher: Monk, questions?
      Monk: Yes. Mr. Vingold, Gerald. Do you have any idea when you'll be finished chewing on that piece of meat?

    • Monk: Natalie, don't touch him [Devo]! Later on, when we have time, I'll tell you a story about--the Black Plague.

    • Gerald: He's not an ordinary mouse. He's a genius. He does impressions. Watch. Devo, look at me. Do a gerbil.

    • Disher: (to Stottlemeyer) Number three, please put the yo-yo away.

    • Stottlemeyer: Look, Karen. I know that I've got a temper, but I've been working on it. I've got a yo-yo. Actually, I,uh, the yo-yo broke when I threw it at the guy.

    • Stottlemeyer: Why?
      Karen: Because you have to ask why, Leland. That's why.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Gerald: I can't believe it. What kind of degenerate would tear out the last two pages of a Diagnosis Murder mystery?
      Diagnosis Murder was a TV series (1993-2001) starring Dick Van Dyke. Lee Goldberg, who has written several Monk scripts and is currently writing Monk novels, was the executive producer and principal writer for Diagnosis Murder from 1997 to 1999.

    • Natalie: There's an old saying: "When God closes a door..."
      Stottlemeyer: When God closes a door, sometimes He breaks your heart.
      The saying, spoken by Maria (Julie Andrews) in The Sound of Music (1965), is actually, "When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window."