Season 5 Episode 6

Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on USA

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  • Monk and Natalie go to Monk's college reunion.

    This episode starts with a murder - in this case, that of a beloved clinic nurse from Berkeley who is shoved down a flight of stairs to her death.

    The police believe that it was an accident, but Captain Stottlemeyer has obviously picked up some tips from his colleagues and quickly proves otherwise.

    This leads Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher to UC Berkeley, where, coincidentally, Adrian Monk and Natalie Teeger are attending Monk's 25th college reunion. As Monk tries to enjoy his reunion, he begins to suspect that the husband of one of his old acquaintances is up to something bad.

    Sure enough, the episode is riddled with nice humor:

    1. Natalie notices that Monk has filled out his registration form with the nickname "Captain Cool." Monk strikes a Macho pose and tells her that that was his nickname, and leaves her wondering why he was called that. As Natalie leaves, she strikes a mirror image of Monk's pose.

    2. When Monk and Natalie are in the college cafeteria, Natalie notices Monk's name on several of the spit-shields. She initially thinks that Monk donated all of them until Monk reveals that actually they were the work of a lawsuit that took up a lot of his spare time.

    3. Dianne Brooks (Cynthia Stevenson), the acquaintance I mentioned earlier, finds Monk in the cafeteria. She initially thinks that Natalie is Monk's girlfriend, a relationship that both Monk and Natalie deny having.

    4. Monk defrosts the refrigerator (which has a big wall of snow building up inside it). Midway through doing it, Stottlemeyer comes in, and mentions that he was about to give up looking for Monk when he heard about a guy up here defrosting a refrigerator.

    5. Disher informs Stottlemeyer that he's ruled out a possible suspect in the murder, as 1) the man got to join the U.S. Olympic swim team as an alternate, 2) he died in 1995, and 3) he moved to Europe in the 1980s. Stottlemeyer interrupts Randy and informs him that he would have started by reading Number Two first.

    6. As Stottlemeyer addresses the reunion-attendees at the reunion dinner, the projector starts showing some really embarrassing photos of him in riot gear harassing protesters at an anti-nuclear demonstration in the 1970s. He tries to explain to the booing crowd that their protest permit expired at Noon.

    7. Monk tries to remember what Dianne wrote on his back, but has a hard time knowing where the "bottom" is.
  • Monk back in college with murder close on his heels as always.

    Monk attending his 25th college reunion at Berkley gets envolved in murder. We learn alot about his college days amongst other things his nickname being Captain Cool. Not for being cool but for cleaning the freezer all the time. All the actors are realy wonderful but as always Monk steals the show. Especially when he gives new meaning to sensitive skin. The scenes with Trudy are truly very cute I hope we get to see more of them some time. I just love this series from the first episode to the last it has not let me down yet in anyway.
  • Very Sad .. and very FuNnY !

    how is very sad and funny ? ok let me tell u ,, it was sad from the point view of Monk's past .. how he wasn't rememberd from any of his college mates .. Captin Cool :p
    but at least he met trudy who was the best thing happend 2 him ,,

    Funny that we know he was able 2 complete his life :p .. if I was in his satuation I thnk I'm not gonna make it ..

    good luck Monk
  • Captain Cool!!

    Starts slow but about early-midway the episode really comes into his own. For me any episode that reveals that little more about what Monk was like pre-Trudie's death or how they met is going to be special. This one is. The crime plot is just a sideshow compared to this storyline.

    The way in which the writers have Monk reminscing really allows us to journey with him. Natalie has a very important part in this by just being at his side, when we learnt that life was not easier for "Capt. Cool" even at college. However, the few moments we get with both Trudie and Monk are expertly handled and are really emotional - at least I felt so. For those scenes alone it should get a 10.

    As for the crime, its fairly pedestrian and if you watch closely the culprit is fairly obvious. Yet, the elboarate methods by which the killer intends to commit his "real" crime are splendid. Very cunning. Very cunning indeed!

    The ending is well executed bringing an exciting finale into play hitting us with a knockout punch.

    An excellent episode that just starts a tad flat. Almost a perfect score!

    Definitely watch it.
  • freezer

    Seeing Monk at college when he met Trudy was a really nice touch to this episode. When Natalie found out that Monk was nicknamed Mr Cool in college I thought is this the same guy or did they mail the invitation to the wrong person. It wasn't until later that we learnt that he got his nickname from defrosting the refridgerator and freezer. I thought it was so funny when he went to go and show Natalie the fridge/freezer and then cleaned it out. The most funniest part of this episode had to be when Monk and Natalie walked past Monks old dormroom with a tie on the door and Monk thought it meant that the people in there were rearranging their furniture. Classic Monk.
  • great episode...

    In this episode Monk goes to his twenty five year school reunion. We learn that he had the nickname Mr. Cool but that was because he always cleaned out the refridgerator. I thought it was really funny when he looked and saw that the fridge was still there and he looked in the freezer and there was a bunch of ice in there and he says something like this "I'm going to need a spatchela, a blow dryer and a bible. He finds out that one of his old friend's husband is trying to kill her and he saves her. This show continues to amaze me and it is one of the best. later...
  • That was cool!

    That was totally awesome. I would never have thought of that, it was hard to solve. Tangerine and Trudy and Rocco's. This episode showed a lot about Trudy, it was nice how the writers fused the homicide with Adrian's past together. Cleverly plotted indeed.

    Adrian being able to remember what people write when they write on his back? That is just weird, but as Natalie put it, it's a superpower. And the thing when Randy wouldn't say the guy was dead first was one of the most funniest scenes in season 5 so far. This was definitely better than the previous episode.

  • We finally get to see when Monk and Trudy met.

    This was a great episode, we finally got to see the overall story line get mentioned again. It had seemed like Trudy was being mentioned less and less, but finally we see her in a few flashbacks. I dosn't really surprise me to find out that Trudy was so popular, while Monk was forgotten, or really remembered as a nerd. It was great that Monk was able to go to his old school and be reminded so much of Trudy, yet he seemed alright with it. I think that shows he might be getting over it a bit more. Overall, a good and important episode.
  • Mr. Monk goes to his college reunion, where a murderer is among the attendees.

    One of my new favorite episodes of Monk... It was so cute to see Monk and Trudy's first meeting and especially when they said "I love you" to each other.

    Also, I did not see the ending coming...usually I can make an educated guess, but I was stumped throughout.

    And the football montage....CLASSIC!!!
  • Monk attends his 25th college reunion.

    This was an overall good episode. Nothing perfect, but still great. We learn a bit more about a younger Monk and how he met Trudy.

    The mystery is decent. Stottlemeyer seems to pick up a bit from Monk as he notices little things about the crime scene even though Monk isn't around. Some would just consider it an accident scene, but Stottlemeyer recognizes it as a murder. Randy, on the other hand, is about as dim witted as usual.

    The guy who played the younger Monk does a fantastic job. Looks a lot like Tony Shalhoub.

    One fun little bit was with Stottlemeyer's connection to the university back when Monk attended. He was a riot cop sent to help break up a 'no nukes' rally.

  • Monk back at Collage! Do we have to say any more.

    What a sad, sweet, wonderful, episode. Monk goes back to collage for his 25 year reunion. While attending the reunion, we see his first meeting with Trudy. We learn how he got her phone number and how it took him three weeks to get up the courage to call her.

    We get a chance to see that even in collage Monk was not only an outsider but dismissed as “Captain Cool” because of his obsession to defrost the dorm freezer. We learn that his roommate played on his compulsions by telling him that when there was a tie on the door, he was “cleaning his closet”.

    This episode could have gotten very maudlin in it’s reminiscing, however by tying the murder of the school nurse into the twisted murder plot, the episode was interesting excellent.
  • This was a pretty good episode of Monk. It had a good case and went back to reveal a lot about Monk's past.

    This was a pretty good episode of Monk. It had a good case and went back to reveal a lot about Monk's past. While I don't watch this show that often, this episode helped me get even more attached to this USA series. The whole reunion setting at the college, going into the stories about Monk in college, and reviewing some personal history made for a good story. A few plot holes, like who the guy was working for weren't made too clear if you weren't paying too much attention, but besides that, I really enjoyed this episode and would like to watch more in the future.
  • sweet! this episode was really good! it was so elaborate and, well, fantastic!

    ha this episode was really good! i liked it a lot!

    it was so neat to see little flashbacks and see what Monk was like in his college days. it was cute to see how he got trudy's phone number, and how he met her and other things like that.

    the plot was so elaborate, and the crime was so contrived and complex, that i never expected the conclusion. the suicide letter from the lady, and how her husband recreated the events from 25 years ago, so he could make the letter apply to the present was all so clever!

    i loved watching how Monk thought he owned the campus back in his college days, and then seeing what people really thought of him, and how they really only remembered Trudy. it was sad to see him all let-down and disappointed, but it gave us a look into how Monk wants to see himself, but how he inevitably and truly is.

    this episode was really fun, and you could also see the Cpt. Stottlemeyer has picked up a few tricks from Monk, too!

    i loved this episode! it was sooo good!