Season 1 Episode 11

Mr. Monk and the Earthquake

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2002 on USA

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  • Dum jolkfe per lacab Gail Flemming, Sharona frapy! In English: This episode introduces Gail Flemming, Sharona's sister!

    Obviously, Adrian Monk speaking gibberish was a bizzare twist at the beginning of this episode, but to me, the most significant part of this episode is that it introduces Sharona's sister Gail, who plays a crucial role in "Mr. Monk Goes To the Theater" (Season 2, Episode 6). The 'Charades'/'Let's Stump Monk' scene was probably the most comical moment in the story. Smooth move on Adrian's part to avoid talking about paychecks to Sharona by feigning gibberish! THAT idea is bound to catch on with young viewers!

    Not the most eventful episode, but intriguing in its own right.
  • Great episode, Erhzy jolklfe

    An earthquake becomes the perfect cover for murder as a philanthropist who works for Sharona's church is knocked off by his wife. The earthquake also sends Monk into a dissociative episode where he speaks in gibberish. Due to quake damage Sharona and Benjy are forced to stay at her sister's house (Played brilliantly by Amy Sedaris) with Mr. Monk who can't be left alone. As Monk recognizes that this was not an accident he and Sharona are in danger but Sharona befriends the man who turns out to be the lover of the widow. As Gail and Sharona try to seduce the Austrailian journalist, he tries to break into Sharona's house and derail the case. Monk figures out what is happening of course and solves the case but the interaction with Monk and Gail is quite funny.
  • It's such a wonderful episode.

    This episode like many others in Season 1 really rocked so hard. In this one, Monk has to prove that Henry Rutherford's wife Christina killed him in an earthquake. Now there's really no mystery for Christina's shown openly doing the crime in the pre-credits scene and Darryl's true colors are shown early on. However the rest of the episode makes up for it and it's quite hilarious with practically one laugh after another. It's a nice introduction to Sharona's sister Gail who has the spunk of Sharona, but is definitely not as sweet. In fact, she pretty much despises Monk especially as he has to stay with her. Monk is pretty funny especially with the jumbled up phrases due to the earthquake and aftershocks. Also, the Charades bit is hilarious as Monk keeps guessing everything correctly. In addition, there's the bathing in mineral water which is just like him. Oh boy, there's too many funny scenes to name. It's also amazing to see Monk jump on the villain to protect Sharona which proves the strong relationship they have with each other. Sharona gets some excellent screen-time as she and Gail bicker over who did what first. Also, the fact that she was working with Henry Rutherford for charity and her kindness to Christina and also to Monk as she checks on him and manages to let him get the guest room at Gail's. So she's not the self-absorbed whore that some people make her out to least not in this season. Of course there's the bickering with Monk over her boyfriend and then at the end the money which the brief moments are great too.

    Stottlemeyer and Disher don't really do much in this episode, but they do throw in a bit of support for Monk at least as much as they can along with dealing with the earthquake situation.

    The supporting cast is great too with Gail, Darryl, and Christina specifically along with the others doing fine too. So despite the lack of a mystery, "Earthquake" surely is a highlight of Season 1
  • Hasn't this been done before on Diagnosis Murder?

    I generally love this show. I've watched nearly every single episode, made so far, but right from the opening scene this felt familiar. I seemed to recall Dick Van Dyke having a very similar story, and it only took a quick search to find it, (I used a search engine for Diagnosis Murder earthquake) and found S1 Ep22 "Shaker" (produced 8 years before this episode). Both the victim on DM & the victim for this episode were killed during, but not by, the earthquake and then the earthquake is used as a way of making it look like an accident. For both victims it was meant to look like the armoire crushed them. Both Dr. Sloan and Monk had their suspicions aroused by the same clues (rest of the wall had paintings with minimal disruption and the back of the armoire had no dust - which would be expected from dust settling after it fell).
    There are the usual Monkisms that make this episode worth watching but I was surprised that the writers would use the same scene, especially when there are a lot more ways that people could be murdered with an earthquake going on.
    The ending of this episode is more action packed than any DM episode but it would have deserved a much higher rating if it hadn't been for the blatant steal.
  • a good ep

    in this ep a huge earthquake happens in the city and shironas appartment is messed up. and she goes to see monk and his voice is talking in jiberages. but in the being a wife murders her husband. and says the earthquake caused it and the captain thinks the same thing but monk is trying to figure it out and shirona meets a guy that talks autrayian. is trying to get into her appartment but does not belive what monk tells her he is dangrious. i think this was a great ep. and this was a really done ep and it deserved a 8.5
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