Season 1 Episode 11

Mr. Monk and the Earthquake

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2002 on USA

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  • Great episode, Erhzy jolklfe

    An earthquake becomes the perfect cover for murder as a philanthropist who works for Sharona's church is knocked off by his wife. The earthquake also sends Monk into a dissociative episode where he speaks in gibberish. Due to quake damage Sharona and Benjy are forced to stay at her sister's house (Played brilliantly by Amy Sedaris) with Mr. Monk who can't be left alone. As Monk recognizes that this was not an accident he and Sharona are in danger but Sharona befriends the man who turns out to be the lover of the widow. As Gail and Sharona try to seduce the Austrailian journalist, he tries to break into Sharona's house and derail the case. Monk figures out what is happening of course and solves the case but the interaction with Monk and Gail is quite funny.