Season 8 Episode 15

Mr. Monk and the End - Part I

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2009 on USA

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  • Easily the best episode of this season, and possibly the series...

    An awesome start to the finale.

    As Monk is working on the case of a doctor who was killed, he is poisoned by the same hit man that killed the doctor. As his condition worsens, the Police look for the hit man. They find him at a train station, and Stottlemeyer chases him onto the train tracks. Unfortunately, he is hit by a train and killed, meaning it is impossible to know what type of poison he used on Monk. Near the end, Monk opens the gift that Trudy gave him the day she died. It is a video tape, which monk plays. As Trudy is about to reveal a major secret, we fade to black and "TO BE CONTINUED".

    Just a stunning episode. This one almost made me cry several times (e.g. in the beautiful scene where Monk is visited by Trudy, when monk is dying, when Monk visits Trudy's grave, when Natalie cries while bringing him the gift). As ALWAYS with Monk, the acting is impeccable. But what was noticeable was the quality of writing. The writing was so good in this episode, it reminded me of earlier seasons. (It also left me wondering why there were so many bad episodes this season. If these writers are THIS good, why did they ever write "Mr. Monk's favorite show"?) I also felt that, although this episode had plenty of good jokes and gags, it was more serious. The writers showed that Monk could have been a more serious show and would have been every bit as good (although I like it the way it is). I am so excited for next week's episode, I can barely stand it. This is definitely a finale worthy of this great show, and it is up there with the awesome finales of "Boston Legal" and such.

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