Season 8 Episode 15

Mr. Monk and the End - Part I

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2009 on USA



  • Trivia

    • When the camera shows the birthing clinic for the first time, a white Toyota Prius passes by. The scene is set in 1997, but the Prius shown is a 2003 model not invented for another six years.

    • In "Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month," Joe Christie said he was with Monk when Monk got the call that Trudy was dead. Here he's nowhere to be seen.

    • In "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa," Monk stated that he found Trudy's present to him after she died. Here he finds it before she died.

  • Quotes

    • Trudy: I love you.
      Monk: Can't imagine why.

    • Dr. Nash: Excuse me, what are you doing?
      Monk: I was... I was straightening it out a little bit.
      Dr. Nash: They're umbilical cords. They're never straight.
      Stottlemeyer: (indicates Monk) I bet his was.

    • Trudy: You're sleeping by yourself, Adrian.
      Monk: No, I'm not.

    • Natalie: This is for me. Mr. Monk. Me. Mr. Monk.
      Lt. Albright: I'm sorry, I don't get it. Why two separate carts? Why can't we separate them when we get home.
      Natalie: Yeah, I stopped asking those questions a long time ago.

    • Nurse Fitzgerald: We're gonna need some blood.
      Monk: All right, Natalie, give her some blood.
      Nurse Fitzgerald: I mean your blood.

    • Dr. Shuler: You're gonna feel normal for a while. And then there's gonna be some vomiting, followed by death.
      Monk: Vomiting?
      Dr. Shuler: That's right. Followed by death.
      Monk: Vomiting.
      Dr. Shuler: Yes. Followed by death.
      Monk: Vomiting!
      Dr. Shuler: Adrian, I really need you to focus on the last part of that sentence. There's gonna be some vomiting and then death.
      Monk: Is there any chance death could come before the vomiting?
      Stottlemeyer: Two days?
      Monk: Wish it were five.
      Stottlemeyer: Why?
      Monk: 'Cause it's a bigger number.

    • Dr. Bell: The man who poisoned you, this Kazarinski. Did he say anything before he died?
      Monk: He was hit by a train. He probably... said, "train."

    • Monk: I've wasted so much time. I've probably spent three years just washing these hands.

    • Stottlemeyer: I had him all wrong. I know that now. I'd always thought that Monk was not all there, like there was something missing, like he was less than human. But he wasn't missing anything. He was seeing more than anybody. he was feeling more than anybody. That was his problem. He was too human. If we had more like him, we'd be better off.

    • Monk: (to Trudy's gravestone) I love you.
      Natalie: Is that it? Sure you don't want to say something else?
      Monk: No, I can tell her myself tomorrow.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: March 23, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: December 17, 2010 on Markiza
      Finland: September 15, 2012 on YLE TV1

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