Season 8 Episode 16

Mr. Monk and the End - Part II

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on USA

Episode Recap

Monk pauses the video tape for two hours and Natalie says he has to continue. He finally continues and Trudy admits that she made a mistake 15 years ago before they met. She had an affair and Monk stops the tape. He then continues and she explains the affair was with her law professor, a married man at the time even though she didn't know it at the time. She was pregnant but admits that she didn't really know the man, but she loved pregnant. She had the girl January 2, 1983, and the child died the same day after nine minutes. When Trudy says the father's name, Ethan Rickover, Monk realizes it's the judge they talked to earlier. He starts the tape and Trudy explains that the missing woman, Wendy Stroud, was the midwife who delivered Trudy's daughter, and Rickover was nominated to the court. He called Trudy and wanted to meet her tomorrow, and Trudy made the tape because she suspected something. She warns that Rickover has a dark side but hopes that she's wrong. She planned to switch the tape if she was wrong, but wanted Monk to know if she didn't come back. Trudy says that Monk is her life and finishes the recording, and Monk bursts into tears.

Monk gets up and wonders why Trudy didn't tell him, and Natalie insists he can't go anywhere in his condition. He insists that he won't die yet.

Rickover is at his hearing for the state court when Monk and Natalie come in. Monk stares at him repeatedly, distracting him. The judge finally asks for a recess. Once the room is emptied, Rickover comes over to talk to Monk, picking up one of Monk's wipes with a pen when Monk drops it. Monk tells him he knows that Rickover had Trudy killed to cover up his affair. Rickover denies it and claims that he knew a number of unstable students, and points out that there's no record of the birth. When Nash found out something, Rickover had him killed as well. Monk tells Rickover that Trudy made a tape and Rickover then says that he remembers Trudy, and believed she was unstable. Monk attacks him until the bailiffs pull him off, but he swears it isn't over.

Monk is taken to the hospital and Disher calls a woman and says he loves her. Stottlemeyer overhears him and Disher hastily covers up what he was saying. Dr. Shuler comes out and tells them that Monk's condition has improved slightly, and Stottlemeyer figures it's the hate. He goes in to see Monk and confirms that Nash made calls to Rickover. They figure that Nash tried to blackmail Rickover with the information. Stottlemeyer promises that they'll get Rickover, but Monk tells him he won't be there, and he wants Stottlemeyer to promise he'll kill Rickover. Stottlemeyer promises but Monk knows he's lying.

Natalie is packing Monk's clothing at his apartment and Albright is helping. She assures him that Monk will at least die knowing what happened to Trudy.

At the hospital, Monk is going over the files and realizes that something is missing. He explains to the nurse what happened, and she notes that no one bothers to cover up affairs any more. Monk agrees with her and remembers Rickover saying he doesn't plan to move from his house. Monk figures it's something at the house.

At the apartment, Natalie starts to show the same symptoms as Monk and she realizes that she picked up one of Monk's wipes. At the courthouse, Rickover picked up the wipe with a pen. They call the hospital with the news but the nurse discovers that Monk has escaped and the window is open.

Stottlemeyer is leaving for the night when Disher arrives to tell him that Monk has left the hospital, and they can get the cure.

Rickover arrives home and finds Monk, carrying a gun, waiting for him. He tosses a shovel to Rickover and tells him at gunpoint to pick it up and start digging.

Disher drives through the streets to Rickover's house while Stottlemeyer tries to find the siren in the back. He notices that Disher has a lot of his stuff loaded in the back.

Monk tells Rickover to dig by the sundial in his backyard.

Disher keeps speeding through the streets, swiping cars. They're finally blocked off by a van, and Stottlemeyer fires a shot to get the driver to move.

Two police officers arrive but Monk refuses to let Rickover go. Disher and Stottlemeyer arrive and tell the officers to back down. The captain explains that they've identified the poison and have to get him to the hospital. Before Monk can respond, Rickover hits something. Disher takes over and they find the skull of Wendy Stroud, the midwife from twelve years ago. Monk points out that the sundial was under a tree. Twelve years ago, Wendy saw Rickover in the newspaper when he was nominated as a Federal judge. Rickover explains that Wendy found Jesus and planned to tell everyone. Then he killed Wendy and Trudy to cover his tracks. Monk drops the gun but Rickover picks it up, tells Monk to take care of "her," and kills himself.

Later, a recovered Monk goes to see Dr. Bell and says that he feels fine. When Bell questions him further, Monk admits that he feels empty and Bell wonders what he's going to do now. The detective admits that Rickover's final words have been nagging at him, but he doesn't know who Rickover wanted him to take care of. Bell tells him to move on with his life.

At his apartment, Monk and Natalie pack away his files on Trudy's murder. Monk finds an old article about Wendy Stroud finding an abandoned child and taking it to an orphanage. The date is just before she died, and Monk realizes Rickover was covering up the fact that the baby died and lied to Trudy. The girl was adopted and out there somewhere.

Monk and Natalie go to see Stottlemeyer, who makes a call and confirms they've found the girl, Molly Evans, a movie reviewer who lives 20 minutes away in Monterey. Monk has second thoughts about seeing her but the others insist he has to go. Monk finally gives in and goes to the paper where she works. Molly finally comes out and he embraces her.

Three days later, Monk shows photos of the two of them together to Stottlemeyer and the others at his office. Stottlemeyer notices that Disher has an envelope addressed to him, and takes it. Disher admits it's the right time and tells everyone that he's resigning to take a job as police chief of Summit, New Jersey. Stottlemeyer assures him that he's ready and asks why New Jersey, but they realize he's moving in with Sharona.

Later, Monk meets Molly again and takes more photos. She tells him that she's going to Toronto for a film festival and will be back in two weeks. Monk offers to go with her and notes that he's retired since he's found her. Molly points out that he's broke and she isn't going anywhere, and tells him he can't quit because of her. She insists there are other Trudy's out there that need his help. As they walk along the beach, Monk tells Molly all about Trudy.

One morning, Monk wakes up in the middle of the bed for the first time since Trudy died. He dresses casually and goes out to the kitchen. When Natalie comes over, he tells her that he's going to the movies with Molly. Natalie breaks into tears at the news and answers the phone. It's Stottlemeyer with a case. He checks the stove and leaves to investigate.

Randy arrives in Summit, New Jersey, for his new job.

Stottlemeyer kisses TJ goodbye before going to work.

Monk and Natalie arrive at the crime scene, meet Stottlemeyer, and go to work.
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