Season 8 Episode 16

Mr. Monk and the End - Part II

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on USA

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  • Thank you, Mr Monk. (SPOILERS)

    how can I put this? this was one of my favourite shows on primetime TV this decade, beginning to watch this as I grew into my teenage years down to my young adulthood. it had humor intelligence and a loveable oaf of a protagonist suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder at the highest level. at the start of the show, he was trapped into hi s phobias at a level that many defined as crazy, but grew out of it somewhat as the show progresses. as an xpert detective, he solved many cases of his time, except one lingering in his head for 12 years, who had murdered his wife in a car bomb? after suffering from Ricin poisoning from someone trying to kill him, monk keeps on fighting against his dying body, figuring out who called for the murdering of his wife, after encountering the hitman. fuelled by a dark side unseen before, he goes after the judge who he suspects killed her (who actually did), with intent on making him confess. after a failed attempt in a court hearing that had him sent to a hospital, he finally pieces together the mystery surrounding his wife, with him finding the location of the midwife who gave birth to Trudy's daughter, who supposedly died 9 minutes after delivery. the final confronation occurs at the judges house, with monk holding up Judge Rickrover, forcing him to dig up a suspicious spot in his yard, revealing the grave of the Midwife. Stollmeyer arrives on the scene and prevents Monk from killing Rickrover out of pure hatred, but when Monk puts the gun down, Rickrover picks it up, puts it to his head, and said, "take care of her" before blowing his brains out.
    this reaches he final chapter of the show, where Monk realizes that Trudy's daughter is actually alive and searches for her, but finds her quite quickly. So monk gets re-united with a link to his wive through his stepdaughter, and all things eventually roll out to a happy and satisfying ending to a show I will miss and remember.