Season 5 Episode 2

Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on USA

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  • My Ribs Still Hurt

    This is one of the funniest episodes from ANY series EVER. I watch it every few months. The dialogue, especially while Monk is spinning theories when is mind isn't right is hysterical. When you see him driving the truck, prepare to pause the show so your laughter doesn't cause you miss a thing. I laugh until I hurt EVERY time.
  • Monk + Garbage Strike = Comedy

    I loved this episode because it was just so funny it was basically Monk in his worst nightmare a town filled with Garbage.

    One bag at a time one truck at a time this episode shows Monk going a bit crazy and made him be wrong about a case for once which was a shocker but not as much as his next solution to the case which involved Alice Cooper and an Antique chair which Alice Cooper killed the guy for the chair but in the end didn't want it because it had blood stains and a bullet hole in it.

    Lucky for Monk, Stottlemeyer took him to a clean room free of germs also known as Monk Heaven which makes Monk able to solve the case.
  • Monk is depended on to solve a murder of a garbage official during the dreaded garbage strike. Will the garbage piling up on the streets distract him? Is the beloved mayor involved?

    This episode was pretty good. It had a great mystery but was completely out of character in some scenes. I especially hated the scene where Monk tries to clean up the entire city and he goes insane. In this scene he also suspects Alice Cooper of murder. It was just out of touch. The part in city hall with the whisper spot was COMPLETELY predictable. I was very dissapointed in the writers on that one. Other than that the mayor was a great part and all the characters had good screen time. It was for the most part a humorous episode with a great mystery.
  • two words ... freaking hilarious

    I think I laughed more in this one episode than in all the other episodes combined. I mean what a situation and this is a bad situation for everybody but for Monk it's like x5. I thought that when he mailed his garbage to his shrink it was hilarious. I think I laughed the most every time Monk realised that the person he said had killed the victim actually didn't and Stottlemeyer would get that look and say something about him looking an idiot on tv. A great episode and remember to check for whisper corners in a museum cos you could be broadcasting your conversation about the mayor being a murderer to a lot of people.
  • in this episode there is a garbage strick that is driving monk crazy

    This episode is halarious monk falsely acuses the mayor and the press finds out that they mayor may be a murderer. the funny thing about that is that in city hall there is a place where if you whisper everyone in the room can hear what you are saying and when monk was telling stottlemyer and disher monk is telling them and you can see the whisper spot sign and as monk is telling them the press and everyone else in the room can hear them then the press comes up to them and starts to ask them questions about it and they are furiouse because they wanted to keep that a secret.
  • What a situation...

    well, i think that this is a very good episode of Monk. this is the first time that i've ever seen monk crazy, and it was because the garbage workers of san francsico are on strike and none of the garbage is being picked up off the streets, well, tou know monk, the whole smell of the garbage can't let him think straight and he even goes crazy in one part until the captain takes him to the cleanest room in the world. then, monk is able to think straight and figure out who may have killed the union boss guy.later.
  • \"you have to stop mailing me your Garbage\"

    From the begining \"I wish he was dead\" to the
    confetti Parade, this was a great episode.

    Watching Monk go more and more around the bend
    was fascinating. I also think this is one of the
    few episodes where we saw the same crime being
    commited by different people in \"this is what happened\"

    It had a brillian cameo by Alice Cooper.
    The Thought that he would murder over a chair
    and the reenacment was inspired.

    I thought it was the accountant from the beginning
    But the point of a mystery is watching the
    detective find out who did it, not nescesaraly
    finding out yourself.

    Also as an obsessive compulsive myself I found the
    scene with his therapist hillarious.
    \"please stop mailing me your garbage, your scaring
    my wife and child.

    A Classic
  • Monk finally faces his arch enemy: Garbage.

    Desperate times come when the San Francisco Garbage workers go on strike. And with no one to get rid of the garbage, it soon begins to pile up on the streets. Poor Monk cannot look anywhere without seeing piles and piles of garbage. And when the man behind the garbage strike gets murdered, Monk is assigned to figure out if it was a suicide or not. And until he solves it, the garbage strike continues. We see how clearly Monk hates garbage when he is willing to lie to everyone about the murder, in order to end the strike so that the garbage can be picked up. But Natalie won't have any lying, so Monk is forced to solve the case completely -- and face all the garbage that comes with it.

    This is, by far, one of the most hilarious plots I've seen on Monk. When I saw the title of the episode was "Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike." I knew that this was a recipe for disaster. And after watching the episode, I discovered that it wasn't a recipe for disaster, it was a recipe for insanity! Poor Monk can't even think straight because of all the garbage around. Finally, when the case takes longer to solve than he realizes, he goes over the edge and tries to clean the city up single-handedly. (He first suggested burning the entire city to the ground, along with the trash, but nobody listened to him.) The problem is that as long as the trash is around, Monk can't think straight enough to solve the case. And as long as he can't solve the case, the trash keeps piling up. As I said, insanity!
  • It's unlike the other episodes...

    I love Monk, but this episode wasn't as funny as the older ones. But it still was in some different parts of the episode.

    I love the part wher Monk snapped from the stench and was picking up garbage everywhere. It was hilarious whe he thought it was Alice Cooper. I loved that. Yup..that's Monk for ya.

    As much as this episode wasn;t like others I still think it's awesome. It's still my fave!
  • This episode was quite possibly the funniest yet. There were numerous times when I just sat there giggling! (spoilers)

    This was quite possibly the funniest episode yet. There were numerous times when I just sat there giggling!

    The character development was great - I loved when the UPS guy was taking the boxes and Monk asked him for his personal address!!

    Later in the episode, while meeting with his therapist, the therapist ends the session but then says there's something he needs to ask Monk. He then asks if Monk is having his garbage delivered to his house! Classic!

    Monk also gets a hold of a garbage truck is driving crazily through the streets yelling, "One bag at a time, one truck at a time!" His great plan is to fill up a garbage truck (one bag at a time, one truck at a time) and then to drive each full truck into the bay to clean up the streets.

    Quintessential Monk.
  • Monk losing control during the garbage strike and saying that Alice Cooper did it had to be one of the funniest moments I've seen on the show.

    In this episode, Monk can't concentrate on anything because there is a garbage strike in the city. He acts so Monk-like during the episode that it is very funny. The murder case made sense and was actually fun to try and figure out.

    The shining moment of the episode though was when Monk finally broke down and was trying to clean up the garbage himself. During this he accused Alice Cooper of committing the crime, even going as far as a "Here's what happened" scene. Said scene was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It was so perfectly played and the fact that he sounded so positive that it was the solution made it great. I was lucky I didn't choke on my pizza from laughing so much!

    I will definitely watch this episode again the next time it comes on.
  • When sanitation workers go on strike, Adrian Monk goes nuts! Monk is soon on the case of the murder of the sanitation union president and in the process makes a few mistakes...

    As an avid fan of Monk, I have seen all previous episodes and am fully aware of Monk's phobias. I found myself laughing my head off when I saw Monk's session with Dr. Kroger (His psychiatrist). This is an AMAZING Monk episode and by far my favorite, it has clean but hilarious humor (If you've seen the other episodes). I look foreword to more laughs from Monk!
  • "one Bag at a time" "One truck at a time"

    Great episode, hilarious episode.

    Monk can’t concentrate in the murder case because of the amount of trash and it‘s smell, he’s all messed up.
    This episode focus more the fun part of Monk phobias, it was really funny:
    -Monk sending his trash to Dr. Kroger house
    -The Whisper Spot, when he tells he’s theory to the captain about the mayor
    -He tries to clean whole city of San Francisco alone
    -The idea he says to the mayor how to clean the smell in air of San Francisco
    -The face of relief in Monk when captain takes him in to that fabrication room
    -When he make the trash men to clean the confetti.

    Really funny episode
  • This was a great episode.

    The first episode was alright but just wasn't as good as previous episodes. However, this episode was great. It was about a garbage strike that left Monk paralized. He couldn't think straight. Monk tells Natalie that he wished that the man responsible for the strike was dead. The next day he was. Monk went down to the sanitation union's meeting to get them to go back to work. They said that if he'd take the case they would go by his ruling. He even lied because he just wanted to strike to be over. However, Natalie talked him into telling the truth. Monk first suspected the mayor and then Alice Cooper. It ended up being a co-worker that had murdered the head of the sanitation department.
  • "One bag at a time, One bag at a time..."

    I LOVED this episode. It had everything that a great Monk episode consists of. It was awesome!!! I laughed the whole way through. Monk trying to clean up the whole city was an idea so... Monkish and I loved him attempting to do it. The theory regarding Alice Cooper had to be the best because it made me laugh so hard- I loved how Monk was so serious about his theory, "Oh, I solved that an hour ago!" and how they showed Alice Cooper. It was hilarious. The idea of Monk evacuating San Francisco and burning it down to get rid of the smell was great and very Monk like too. Mailing the garbage to Dr. Kroeger's house was funny also. Monk would do absolutely anything just to get rid of his garbage. Overall, one of the best episodes. I can't wait for more laughs next week!!!
  • Monk faces another dilemma in \"Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike.\" Unfortunately, Monk is unable to focus because of the ocean of trash in which he is drowning. So it is nearly impossible for him to solve an important case, causing him to have a meltdown.

    This episode was hilarious! I laughed so hard almost the entire time.

    The bit with Alice Cooper being the murderer - the best part! Hilarious! I loved it! \"Everybody knows that rock stars collect antiques - especially, antique wingback chairs.\" Ha! Hilarious! i loved it!

    Monk was dead serious when he was describing how he believed the crime happened. He was so messed up because of the garbage strike, that he fully believed his theory. The captain, Lt. Disher, and Natalie didn\'t know what to think. And Alice cooper was reading a ChairDigest magazine? GOLDEN! And he was consumed with envy and desire for the wingback chair that he killed the guy? How awesome was this part?

    And the Whisper Spot. When they first showed the kids taking a tour of city hall and the demonstration of the Whisper Spot, i was like, \"What does this have to do with anything?\" and then sure enough, when Monk has a theory that the mayor of san francisco killed a guy, he has to go over and share this suggestion with the captain, Lt. Disher, and Natalie, where you can hear everything anyone says throughout the entire area, even when you think you\'re keeping quiet. hilarious.

    Haha. While the episode didn\'t really focus in on the actual person who committed the crime, it really emphasized how Monk would react under a specific circumstance that could be considered his worst nightmare. I mean, a garbage strike in the city of San Francisco? The streets filled with trash? What a disaster!

    And the fact that Monk mailed his trash to Dr. Kroger? Hilarious, as well. And his suggestion to the mayor about tearing down San Francisco and rebuilding it? He believed in his solution with his soul. He really thought it was completely realistic and he even told the mayor to write it down so he wouldn\'t forget it. Priceless!

    So overall, i thought this was one of the best episodes ever for this show. Fantastic, hilarious, golden!

    I would watch this again and again, and i\'m sure that i\'d laugh just as hard every time!
  • Everybody has heroes. For Adrian Monk they happen to be garbage collectors of San Francisco. In order for them to come to his rescue, he must come to theirs.

    I liked this episode. The set-up is simple but has far reaching implications for the rest of the episode. The garbage collectors union goes on strike; garbage piles up high on the streets of San Francisco as the union and city negotiate; the union head is killed; the union blames the mayor and city; negotiations totally fall apart.

    There are plenty of jokes about the stench and stink of garbage. I really liked how Monk packages and mails his garbage. The stink is so bad that it throws Monk off of his game. I too had no idea who the actually perpetrator was, and some events and clues that I thought might be important proved to be inconsequential. It's as if we the viewer are also affected by the stink of the garbage strike.

    I wondered how they would incorporate Alice Cooper into the episode, and they way they did it was so random and funny.
  • Monk melts down!

    All I can say is bravo! What a great episode. We got to watch Monk living out one of his worst nightmares.

    As the garbage piles up, Monk gets more and more out of control. Mailing his garbage to Dr. Kroger was great, but did you ever think you would see Monk driving a garbage truck, which he was then going to drive into the bay, all the while intoning 'one bag at a time, one street at a time, one truck at a time'. When the truck dumped on him I laughed so hard I almost fell off of my chair.

    This episode will definately be considered a clasic in the future!
  • Alice Cooper!!! “We’re not worthy… We’re not worthy… We’re not worthy…!” (Wayne’s World)

    I never thought I see the day when rock star legend, Alice Cooper, would appear on Monk, especially as a suspect. It must have been so much fun for Alice Cooper to play the role of suspect number 2. To shoot the guy, all for an antique chair, must have been a blast for Mr. Cooper. [Bend down and praise] “We’re not worthy… We’re not worthy… We’re not worthy…!” (Wayne’s World) Overall the episode was hilarious because Mr. Monk was going insane. “One bag at a time! One truck at a time!” They look at him if he’s insane; of course Monk’s insane he’s picking up garbage. Oh my, how hilarious was it that he mailed his garbage to his therapist? Oh and when Monk found heaven in the germ free place. “It is completely germ free, it’s the cleanest room in the world.” Monk looked like he was going to cry from joy. This was a great episode, and I hope the episodes keep staying as funny, cause the premiere episode wasn’t all that funny. But this one was like 5 stars funny.
  • Seeing Monk wallowing around in spilled garbage is worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, the price of admission is a huge dose of manipulation.

    This show has been extremely erratic of late. Some of the plots are traditional mysteries. Whodunits, Howdtheydoits, and various incarnations of the genre. Others, including this one, lean heavily on the comedic side of the characters. The crime in this episode is not revealed to us at all. We are led to believe the mayor did it, then Alice Cooper did it, and because Monk is never wrong, we blindly follow the ideas when he presents them.
    The episode is much more about Monk's obsession with ridding the city of garbage. Some hilarious scenes ensue, including in Kroger's office, when Monk is accused of mailing garbage to the doctor's home. Along the way, we are led down one wrong path after another, and the payoff is always out of reach. So much so, that even when Monk explains what really happened, we are not sure whether we are getting the real solution, or being hoodwinked yet again. In other words, we find out that we can't trust what Monk tells us. This is something new to the series, and hopefully is not going to recur too often. The producers are going to have to restore some balance to the storylines, before the show transforms into a complete self-parody. It is still great fun to watch, but lets get back to the solving of cases with a dose of comedy, and away from a slapstick farce with a crime attached.
  • San Francisco faces a garbage strike that's causing Monk to breakdown. In the meantime, he must also solve another murder.

    Good episode…

    >I was a little worried and disappointed that Monk was going to go along with the suicide because he wanted the garbage strike over, but Natalie talked some sense into him, and he stepped up to investigate.

    >Monk’s reaction to the whole San Francisco garbage strike was hilarious. Then when he claimed Alice Cooper was the killer…double hilarious. And the whole meeting with Dr. Kroger…triple hilarious. Thank goodness the Captain took care of things by taking Monk to the “cleanest room in the world”. Monk needed that.

    >The case of a good one. I knew it wasn’t going to be the mayor, but I had no idea who it could be. Even Monk didn’t get it right at first!

    So, good episode overall. I give it a 9/10.

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