Season 7 Episode 2

Mr. Monk and the Genius

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2008 on USA

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  • An homage with Sherlock Holmesian proportions...! Brilliant!

    Bravo! Great episode Monk! I was watching some old Sherlock Holmes episodes over the weekend and noticed a very similar plot from a 1955 episode. I considered Monk's take an homage to this earlier work. And the 'chess-champion' twist is just what the doctor ordered. Loved it!

    Mr. Monk and the Genius (2008)
    Monk takes the case of a brilliant chess master's wife, who believes that her husband is about to kill her and wants him caught - posthumously.

    "Sherlock Holmes"
    The Case of the Perfect Husband (1955)
    Russell Partridge announces to his wife Janet one day that he is in fact a killer who has murdered his six previous wives, and notifies her that she has one day to live and get her affairs in order before he murders her, too.