Season 3 Episode 16

Mr. Monk and the Kid

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2005 on USA

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  • Mr. Monk and the Outer Child

    Mystery first - there isn't much of one. We're not really given anything to suggest who the kidnapper(s) is. As usual these days on "Monk," the only real clue is the lack of suspects and the almsot certain knowledge that the writers aren't going to throw a total stranger at us.

    Non-Monk regulars: Disher gets a little more personality and you'd think that he'd try something (and overreact at trying something) to come across as more professional. Stottlemeyer doesn't have much to do. Natalie is adequate and gets a few moments as a "mother"-type without beating us over the head with it.

    As with previous Monk season finales (and even half-season finales), this is realyl a Monk-centric episode. Tony Shalhoub rises to the challenge and the writers for the most part avoid going too overboard with the Monkisms. Only the locker room scene seems to go on a bit too long.

    The real "acting" here is from Preston and Trevor Shores, and the chemistry between them and Tony Shalhoub. They haven't appeared in anything else, but it'd be a pity if they don't. The chemistry between child-actors and the parent-figures they're appearing with is desperately needed - ask Traylor Howard, who fails to bond at all with the Falconer twins in her recent Son of the Mask. (In fairness, neither does Jaime Kennedy.) Obviously Shalhoub is comfortable with them and vice versa, and it's critical for this episode to work. It helps that the kids, despite their youth, are good actors as well and bring a lot of talent to the scenes with the chessboard, cleaning the house, wrestling outside with Shalhoub, etc.

    I think the "here's how they did it" wrap-up proves one point I've asserted before. When they do it every episode, it detracts from the individual ones. The storybook wrap-up here would have been much more effective if we hadn't seen similar "unique" wrap-ups in the last six episodes.

    So that brings us to the season as a whole. Unfortunately, it's hard to judge the "season" as a whole when they split it up into two parts so widely-divided. The first issue was Bitty Schram's abrupt departure and the writers and producers moving to cover for it by introducing Traylor Howard's Natalie. The episodes that focussed specifically on her ("Red Herring," "Cobra," "Election") tended to go a bit overboard - they didn't really show her as much different from her predecessor. I get the impression the character isn't as strong as Sharona (a bit of a whiner, IMO)...except in the episodes that seem to have been rewritten with Natalie and were originally intended for Schram. It's in the episodes that don't focus so strongly on Natalie that Howard gets a bit more chance to shine and work in some subtle differences to her predecessor.

    Overall I'd say Howard acquitted herself pretty well - hopefully the writers have gotten over their desire to "feed" her to the audience and can let her settle back a bit to get into the role. There are a few instances whent he writers didn't handle it very well, but then they didn't have much time to adjust, either.

    Stottlemeyer seemed to get a bit more depth with his concerns about where his career is going and his cutting loose in "Las Vegas." Disher is pretty much still the buffoon although "The Kid" might suggest a bit of a change for him. Hopefully they'll stick with it.

    The mysteries were a bit of a mixed bag - James Brolin was really the only killer who seemed a worthy match for Monk. They managed to avoid the more embarassing parts of the first half of the season ("The Panic Room" with both Monk and Stottlemeyer). Monk matured a bit, overcoming the adversity of losing his trusted assistant and gaining a new one.

    So overall, the third half-season was a bit of a mixed bag, but overall the cast and crew managed to weather the loss of Schram and move on.
  • A REally good episode! I loved how attached Monk got to the kid. Soo Cute! I even cried (kinda) when he had to leave the kid!

    Awww.. this episode was soo cute. It was really good because Monk was really getting attached and bonding with this kid. It was really cute how he was just like Monk! I could watch this episode 100 times, and not get bored! this was a really great episode that shows Monk's "emotional" side. (besides when he talks about Trudy)It was really good how he did the story thing. Also, I was sad becasue when he realizes Tommy shouldn't live with him it was soo sad. Also I really liked how at the end, Monk got on the ground and was running around wiht Tommy. Monk really reaches and branches out in this episode. you can tell he is really improving!
  • Monk takes temporary custody of a small boy who finds a human finger.

    I really don't like this episode very well. Monk finds a little boy caught up in the social services world. This child is staying with a foster family that clearly doesn't care for him, but keeps these unwanted children for the money.

    This little boy and Monk care for each other. Somehow, in this awful world, two people who don't have anyone have found each other. But no one wants Monk to keep this little boy. Heaven forbid he not be the world's most perfect parent, now he is undeserving. Um, do the writers of this show know how some children live? And how immature some parents are? Poor boys. Sometimes they are so dumb. On another episode Monk says Trudie wanted children but he wasn't ready. Probably if they had children, he would have been okay after her death. I think it's like people and dogs... sometimes broken people need each other, and children have a healing power for the right person. I also think they kept things the same just to keep the sitcom status quo.But real life isn't a sitcom, and people don't stay the same. Um, sitcoms don't have to, either.
  • I think this is one of my favourite episodes. I was really moved by the way the main character attached himself to the kid. We all know Mr. Monk and what happened in this episode clearly shows that he is improving his state. I am proud of him. :)

    I think this is one of my favourite episodes. I was really moved by the way the main character attached himself to the kid. We all know Mr. Monk and what happened in this episode clearly shows that he is improving his state. I am proud of him. :)

    --- --- I think this is one of my favourite episodes. I was really moved by the way the main character attached himself to the kid. We all know Mr. Monk and what happened in this episode clearly shows that he is improving his state. I am proud of him. :)
  • With the help of a little boy, whom Monk grows very attached to. Monk is able to solve a missing persons case.

    At the end of this episode I felt sorry for Monk when he had to give up Tommy, but he had good reason to. I thought that if things were diffrent with him then he would have made a great father. I liked how after days of telling Tommy that "getting dirty was bad" he tells him that its okay to get dirty and how he played with him at the park in the last scene. It was heart breaking how Monk was reading Tommy the story about the little prince. it just wanted to make you cry.
  • This is one of the many reasons why I watch this show!

    Monk finds love and actually cares for another human being other than Trudy!

    The kid is so so cute! Where did they find this little guy?! HE acts sooo very well. and the scenes between Monk and him are so touching. Kudos to the producers for making Monk cry. It's so cool to see Monk actually opening up himself to the kid and not being too Monk-like with the kid...he actually becomes less OCD

    Anyway, u haf to watch this to know why this is one of the greatest detective comedy on American TV!
  • Monk bonds with a little boy.

    This might not be the most exciting crime or the most clever solution but this is a very smart and touching episode. The clrime is the ubduction of a violin player and the solution lies with a little boy who is in a foster home. Monk, in a n uncharacteristic move takes the boy in to try to solve the case and finds that he bonds with him in the process. It is so sweet and sad when he has to let him go live with a new family because he realizes that he can't take care of a child and that he doesn't want the boy to end up like himself.
  • The second epiosde i saw...

    this is the second epiosde of Monk, i ever seen. i got it in the cereal boxes and it was about a month or two before i even watched it.i think that this was a very good epiosde of Monk, when i saw it i was just getting into Mink of course, and i didn't know much about it then, but now i do, and i really like this's about a little boy who finds a finger and then Monk ends up adopting him for a little while. i think that this epiosde was very well written . later.
  • Amazing this Série

    This was the episode most emotive of Monk, is not atoa that it is considered by much optimum of the series.
    He was very funny and the case was very good same. Parabens for all the team of Monk the script as he is always shining same.
    This third season this otima.Still well that it goes to still have many seasons of the Monk!
  • Mr. Monk should've kept Tommy!

    Mr. Monk accepts to keep Tommy for a while, since the child had something to do with a case of his. Turns out that Tommy was very similar to Mr. Monk: they both hated unorganized things. When they were at the diner, Natalie pointed out that baby Tommy was separating his food, something Mr. Monk does himself.

    My favorite part was at the end, when Mr. Monk was about to let Tommy go with his new parents. Tommy wouldn't stop giving Mr. Monk kisses on his cheek, which made matters worse. What an adorable kid! They were meant to be together!
  • Favorite episode!

    I thought it was really cute, especially Monk's story at the end. That was really entertaining. It was funny how the kid was turning out to be just like Monk. When the social services lady asked Monk if he had any questions I was like "Is he still in diapers?" and then later Monk had to change the diaper.
  • It is utterly impossible to choose a 'favorite' episode of this show!

    Few shows have the ability to make me both laugh and cry. But this particular installment of "Monk" was right on target! It has been said that children (usually babies or toddlers) will steal scenes. Not the case here! The rapport between Tony Shalhoub and the twins who portrayed little Tommy, was fabulous and quite believable. I have the epidode on tape and watch it whenever I need a \\\"Monk\\\" \\\'fix\\\'. Although every episode of this series is great, this one in particular touched every bone in my body. From humorous to sadness, \\\"Mr. Monk and the Kid\\\" ran the entire range in the emotion department. After watching the hilarious scene of \\\"Mr. Monk\\\" on the telephone with the 911 Operator - to the sweet scene of \\\"Mr. Monk\\\" and the toddler in the park (and everything else in between), I found myself coming away from the television that night with both a smile and a tear. If only \\\"Mr. Monk\\\" had been able to keep the child...yes, if only. True to life, decisions can sometimes be quite painful - and unselfish. Yes, if only \\\"Mr. Monk\\\" had been able to keep the child.
  • Mr. Monk & The Kid was one of the best episodes i've seen.

    I found the bond between Monk and Tommy more interresting than the case he was trying to solve. I think it was cute how Monk rolled in the grass and wrestled with Tommy. And also how Monk taught him to clean. It showed a completely different side of Monk, which is fine but I like him better when he's obsessive compulsive. I kinda knew Monk wouldn't adopt Tommy because that would add a majorly bizzare twist to the next season and make his life a little more complicated.
  • mr. monk temporarily takes in a young boy. through their short time together, they begin to feel and act as a family, but deep down monk knows what is for the best.

    I love this episode! Although it does make me tear up near the end I believe it to be not only one of the best Monk episodes but one of the best episodes ever to grace the small screen. I would buy Monk season 3 just for this episode. Don't get me wrong the show as a whole is spectacular, not to mention hilarious, but this one is just fantastic!
  • Tommy Graser a Two Year Old boy up for adoption finds a severed finger in the park. The Police and Monk are called in to investigate to see if they can find a body . Then monk decides to temporally adopt tommy to see if he can jolt his memmory.

    This episode I really enjoyed. Monk is kind of out of character in this episode, but his performance is watch worthy. The relationship between Tommy and Monk is very good. This is the first episode I like d Natalie in. I kind of like and kind of hate the ending. I say this because I wanted Monk to adopt Tommy. But if he did adopt Tommy the series would take an interesting turn.
  • And now.. for a very special episode of Monk. First he's going to roll around in the grass with a kid. Next he's going to be jumping a shark.

    Monk is one of my favorite shows, but the show has declined since the exit of Bitty Schram. This episode is a prime example.
    The lovable character of Adrian Monk would NEVER roll around in the grass with a child. They writers seemed to forget the main character has OCD.
    Without Bitty, the writers are going to great lenghts to make the show "different", and ruining it in the process.
    Once a show i'd stay home for, it's just not anymore.
    Sorry Tony Shaloub, when you lost Bitty, the dynamics of the show suffered.
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