Season 7 Episode 12

Mr. Monk and the Lady Next Door

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2009 on USA

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  • Monk meets a very special friend who helps him solve a case.

    This episode was very special to me. In this episode, I saw myself and a very dear friend. My friend is a lot older, but our relationship is as close as a brother and sister's. In this relationship, we both had a mutual understanding, friendship, closeness, etc. We both helped each other through bad times and pains, and rejoiced together in the rare good times. We enjoyed each other's company, and relished the times we spent together. Exactly what Monk and the older lady had. Just like the old lady was taken from Monk, my friend was taken from me. A very special episode indeed.
  • Monk finds a mother.

    This was a good episode of Monk that visited uncharted territories.We have seen Monk in the past deal with the issues of his relationship with his father but we hadn't seen him around a mother figure.Through his description about his relationship with his mother we realise where his problems come from and why he jumps at the chance to hang out with his lady friend.Of course,Monk is hesitant to believe his good fortune so he questions Marge's motives and watching the episode,you feel it can go either way.It was good for a change that someone not familiar with him truly cared about Monk.I also liked the fact that by the time the episode ends,Monk realises that even without Marge in his life,he still has all the love and support he needs. We basically saw enough of all the cast members in this one.Adrian was quite funny when he slipped into the son of Marge role.Always nice to see the many sides of Tony Shalhoub's talent.Natalie was supportive and good willing at the same time.The captan and Randy were the same funny combo we have come to know and love.So overall a good episode for Monk.
  • Monk makes a friend.

    There were definitely some sweet moments in this episode, but I would hardly call it a series classic, or one of the better installments of the season.

    Everything just came off as really forced and the show seemed to drag on for the majority of its duration. It was really a 10 minute concept drawn out to last one hour.

    Randy and Stottlemeyer were funny as usual, and Monk and Natalie certainly had some good lines as well, but this just was not the best-written episode of Monk. Here's to hoping next week is a little bit better as this was a disappointment.