Season 5 Episode 10

Mr. Monk and the Leper

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 22, 2006 on USA

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  • In black and white or color, its still the best television in the universe!

    I thought this episode was terrific in B&W. It was so well crafted that by the end, I felt that I was seeing a color show. As a matter of fact it was interesting to see the color version and compare what my mind saw with what was the actual pallette.

    This episode was just fabulous. All of the humor was back, Monk in a state of panic after shaking hands with the leper, and Natalie the last word on tolerance rushing into the kitchen after her date with the doctor, grabing Julie and telling her to draw her a listerine bath!

    I think we should campaign for 52 weeks of Monk!
  • The Black and White version was the best!

    I really liked the idea of the episode being aired in Black & White and then in Color. I like the Black & White version the best! The quality of the film was excellent! I thought the storyline was funny, but still think that the writers are continuing to take Monk in and out of character. I enjoyed the actor choice for the femme fatale and particularly enjoyed seeing Natalie freak out when she realized that her date was previously stricken with Leprosy. Natalie always plays the calm part, which can become dull, so it was great to see that she can play the comedic role as well. In between the Black and White and Color episodes, it was funny to see Randy and Stottlemeyer appear in black and white and then see the color come in. Randy was true to character with his comments about which episode he likes better. Very funny! More of Julie would be a plus! She plays well to Monk's OCD.
  • Monk gets the wool pulled over his eyes

    A great and realistic (for once) crime plot make this a classic. The story is straightforward tale of greed and subversion, this time of Mr. Monk.

    The first act does a great job of leading you cleverly up the garden path. Several scenes between Monk and the leper do a bang on job of showing you why Monk has been selected (given the oversight that he is a bloody good dick).

    There wont seem much arwy, until the scene where Monk meets the wife and them your suspicion radar will be working overtime. As usual the scenes with Randy and the Capt. are more for misdirection than anything crucial so pay attention.

    When Monk makes a goose of a judge in his office, will no doubt make you laugh if you are a true fan of Monk. Once this scene is played out, you will be able to guess whats going on. This wont spoil your viewing pleasure as Monk is thwarted a few times before the inevitable ending.

    If you are in the market for shows with simple endings, but take you on an enjoyable story then this episode is for you.

    A good balance to everyones aversion to leprosy is the Doctor who provides the vehicle for Natalie's daughter to show Monk and her mother just how ridiculous they are behaving.

    One of the more action packed episodes for a while with a decent crime story from which Monk gets to play his usual neurotic self, get taken for a ride and still solve the crime. And at the end live with his inability to touch the worst imaginable thing in the world - at least in his eyes.

    An excellent watch.
  • definitely memorable

    it definitely is different seeing modern tv in black and white. I think it worked for the scenes in the bar, since it's like those old 1940s spy movies, but for the rest of the show, it should have just been in color. The storyline was good; i had no idea that leprosy was still around! I thought it was cute how Randy started playing part of the Monk theme and Stottlemeyer said it was annoying (or something like that). It reminds me of an episode of the kids show "Arthur" when one of the characters says some of the lines from the show's theme song and says he heard it somewhere but doesn't remember exactly where. Anyway, I felt the ending was kind of weird. It wasn't as good as other episodes, but I can't wait til the show actually returns each week, instead of these "specials".
  • Adrian gets involved in a murder when he is asked to help a billionaire who has leperosy.

    This episode was great. It was first aired in black & white, then in color. I would have to say that I liked it better in black & white. There is something to be said for the old mystery style. Anyways, Adrian helps a man who is supposed to be dead...but has leperosy.

    A mystery develops when the wife has Adrian testify so that she will get to keep her property and money. Adrian gets involved when he agrees to help the man. In the end, it turns out that she had killed her husband anyways and then got someone to impersonate him for Adrian. Then she killed him so she could live with the money.

    In the end, Adrian must confront his fears and is forced with a dire decision. Whether to die by being dashed against rocks...or hold the hand of someone who once had leperosy. He finally grabs the hand and is saved. There are many funny parts of this episode and it is sure to become a Monk Series Classic.