Season 7 Episode 15

Mr. Monk and the Magician

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on USA

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  • Mr. Monk has to outsmart a magician

    Mr. Monk's neighbor Kevin Dorfman is the accountant for a Magician named The Great Torini who is also smuggling heroin into the country for the Chinese mob. Kevin finds out that the equipment is coming back heavier than it went, but does know about the drugs. The Great Torini asks Kevin to fill in for him while he goes out of town. After the show Kevin is in the dressing room and is killed. Monk sees the killer leaving but does not know it until after the fact. Upon the return of The Great Torini Mr. Monk notices his hand gesture and remembers that of the killer as the same. The Great Torini has proof he was out of town with his girlfriend so it couldn't have been him. In the next act of the Great Torini he calls Mr. Monk to the stage to be in a trick. While in the box, Monk tests the insides for the presence of heroin and it comes up positive. Monk outs The Great Torini on stage and uses a trap door to send him down to a room were he can burn him to death in a furnace. While down there Mr. Monk puts the who crime together but there is only his killers to listen to him. At the last minute Stottlemeyer, Disher, and Natalie fund the trap door and bust in to save Mr. Monk at the last second.
  • Mr. Monk and the Magician....was a good episode..but a poor one compared to the rest of the season. [SPOILER ALERT]

    Mr. Monk and the Magician is about a magician that seems too fool everyone on all his magic tricks. He also fools Monk about how he killed his assistant and long time neighbor of Monk, Kevin Dorfman. This episode took me by complete surprise when USA Network decided to kill off one of the strangest but funniest reoccurring characters, Kevin Dorfman. At first I didnt believe it, but then sure enough the funeral took place along with his wacky relatives seeming to not give any mind that their cousin, brother or relative Kevin was dead. It seems kinda goofy and not very well thought out. I didn't laugh and I think USA would have done a better job by making it dramatic and cause the audience to gasp instead of blandly opening their mouths going, "" Besides the pathetic attempt to kill off a great character I enjoyed the magic tricks and occasional funny jokes put into this episode. While Kevin was living he brought something funny to the episode and the episode also had a great ending. USA messed it up this time, and they usually do very well to make the best Monk episode possible but they just fell short of their reputation of producing great Monk episodes. Hopefully, the Season finale puts Monk back on his feet.

    ALSO, if your wondering why I rated this episode 7.0 it's because it wasn't a BAD episode it just wasn't as greast as most Monk episodes.
  • Monk's magic.

    This was a classic Monk episode with a strange twist in the middle of it.It's not like this series to kill off characters so i was shocked about Kevin.He has featured in 6 episodes and,like Harold Creanshaw,you always sensed that he would be a recurring one.Maybe Jarrad Paul couldn't commit anymore to the series.Who knows?I was sad to see him go but i think that this development gave Adrian an extra edge he needed,because there where times he seemed intimidated by the magician.I was also pleased that Monk seemed to have another solid episode where he didn't seem to childish.I do think that after 7 seasons he deserves to have made some progress.Of course it's always nice to see such a devoted assistant next to him.The season finale is next week and i hope we get some info on the Trudy case.It's been a long time coming.
  • Monk tries to solve the murder of his friend by convicting a magician.

    This episode was interesting, but I was deeply saddened. I know Kevin wasn't in very many episodes, but he was funny, and I liked him. Why would they kill him? He was awesome! This episode would have been so much better if he didn't die. The magic tricks were pretty cool though. I'm still trying to figure out how he did some of them. The murder wasn't really extravagantly planned like I thought it would be. There really wasn't much to it. That could have been more improved, so that's another reason why this episode is getting an eight from me.