Season 6 Episode 10

Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2007 on USA

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  • Shooting Santa is sometimes the best solution for fixing the Holiday Spirit.

    When Santa comes to town, people usually start to act crazy and panic, but not Mr. Monk. He shoots him down.

    Dead Santa (or his helper, because we never know for sure) always gets your attention and can stir up emotions about the whole Holiday Spirit. Although Santa does not die - Mr. Monk is a fine marksman and shoots him in the right arm - we hear from all the regular characters about their feelings on the whole Christmas 'thing', which is nice.

    The plot on the other hand is not as good as one would expect, but shooting Santa in broad daylight keeps the Spirit up, this time of year.

    Mr. Monk: "There's no such thing as Santa Claus"
  • I really loved watching this series ... but seriously some things just run their course ... and I think, unfortunately, this series has reached the end of its course!

    This episode was rather predictable ... Monk freaks ... loses the plot ... freaks again ... and so on. So he shoots Santa and freaks the children! As soon as Julie mentions the museum you know what is going to happen! Of course it is 10 years since Trudy was killed - wow doesnt time fly? So Monk was bound to freak! But it didn't make for an excellent episode. I thought the reporter was very annoying - as she was supposed to be of course but not endearing. The good points ... well Julie trying to make Monk look good and Natalie trying to make him enjoy Christmas. It was nice to see them both looking after him.

    I think there are about five more episode to go ... hopefully they will be better than this one!
  • Monk shot Santa Claus! What a way to start Christmas spirit. He is in huge trouble with the cops. Will Monk be locked up or is it Santa that's guilty?

    Another breath-taking episode from season 6. Monk is in trouble with the cops AKA Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Randy Disher. Monk shoots Santa Claus who was throwing toys to spread the Christmas spirit. Monk's side of the story is that he told 'Santa' charged at him with a pipe so Monk shot him with a gun that fell out of his belt. Santa's side of the story is that Monk just appeared on the rooftop and shot him twice. Monk is a public menace. Children are afraid of him and adults glare at him. Lots of children went to Dr Kroger, Monk's psychiatrist. Monk and his assistant, Natalie, is trying to clear his name except with people glaring at him every direction and children bursting into tears at one glance and with Stottlemeyer's old 'friend', the journalist, is making Monk's life difficult at every possible opportunity. Will Monk be locked up in the big house or will Monk expose Santa Claus for the fraud he is?
  • Monk shoots Santa and he's the bad guy?

    In this seasonal episode Adrian Monk shoots Santa in the shoulder. Is it justified or is Mr Monk a bad tempered old Scrooge? It's Monk's word against Santa's. Who do you believe? Poor Monk is vilified by the press and harassed by the public, as "the man who shot Santa". But, the jury is out until the final minutes when all is revealed. It's all been a plot to steal the Star of Bethlehem diamond. Mr Monk chases after Santa, ["Stop him, stop that Santa."] catches him and gives him a good hiding. "He's a bad , bad, Santa." And in the end, Mr Monk ends up as the good guy..."That's the man who saved Christmas."
    This Christmas episode has just the right balance of schmaltz and cynicism...and I'm a sucker for a good Christmas episode.
  • This MONK episode is awesome!

    The episode begins with Monk complaining to Natalie and Julie about how he hates Christmas. Suddenly, Monk sees a crowd and hundreds of teddy bears raining down from the building above. He quickly loses control of his anger and runs up the stairs of the building to confront the person throwing toys from the roof. This person is a man dressed as Santa Claus. Monk confronts the man dressed as Santa (because his actions are illegal). The scene cuts to shot of Natalie and Julie. A gunshot rings out, which prompts Natalie and Julie to run upstairs after Monk. They find him standing over Santa, who is nursing a bullet wound in the shoulder, with a gun in his hand. Monk claims that when he confronted the Santa impersonator, a gun fell from the man's pocket. When Monk questioned him about the weapon, he "freaked out" and then attacked Monk with a metal pipe. Monk claimed that he acted in self-defense. Needless to say, his side of the story seems unbelievable. To clear his name, Monk appears on a television "news" show and tries to clear his name. The interview doesn't go very well. Monk announces to the children watching that the man he shot wasn't Santa Claus, because Santa Claus doesn't really exist. The reporter interviewing Monk then reveled that she had received an anonymous phone call. This call stated that Monk buried something in his backyard the evening after the shooting. The item he supposedly buried was a piece of ivory, which had broken of the handle of the weapon used to shoot Santa. Monk is left to try and convince the police, as well as the city of San Francisco, that he is innocent of wrongdoing
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