Season 6 Episode 10

Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2007 on USA

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  • Monk shoots Santa and he's the bad guy?

    In this seasonal episode Adrian Monk shoots Santa in the shoulder. Is it justified or is Mr Monk a bad tempered old Scrooge? It's Monk's word against Santa's. Who do you believe? Poor Monk is vilified by the press and harassed by the public, as "the man who shot Santa". But, the jury is out until the final minutes when all is revealed. It's all been a plot to steal the Star of Bethlehem diamond. Mr Monk chases after Santa, ["Stop him, stop that Santa."] catches him and gives him a good hiding. "He's a bad , bad, Santa." And in the end, Mr Monk ends up as the good guy..."That's the man who saved Christmas."
    This Christmas episode has just the right balance of schmaltz and cynicism...and I'm a sucker for a good Christmas episode.