Season 7 Episode 9

Mr. Monk and the Miracle

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2008 on USA

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  • Just nit what I was hoping for.

    I have been a fan of this show for years. Last season, in my opinion, was, well, bad. This holiday episode did not improve my opinion. On a personal note, I chalked up last season to the writer's strike. However, this episode has not given me much faith for the upcoming season. Without giving away anything about the episode, the Captain's story line was beyond absurd. This plot line did not follow his character at all. Much like last season's episode where Monk attempted to frame someone. It is like the writer's strike forced them, USA, to hire completely new writers who had no idea about the show. The only good thing I can think about the upcoming episodes is that this is the final season. My only wish for the upcoming season is that we finally discover why Monk's wife was killed and it is not explained in one episode. I would love to see a three episode finish to this wonderful show.
  • Natalie forces Monk to help 3 homeless guys whose friend was murdered...

    This episode isn't the worst I've seen, but it sure as dirt wasn't the best. Monk drove me nuts. The way he treated the homeless guys was meant to be funny, but I thought it was extremely rude and cruel. Seeing Randy try to take the Captain's place was probably the only funny part of this episode. He grew a mustache to look like the Captain, and then the Captain gave him a razor and tried to force him to shave it off. Now that was hilarious! XD Seeing the Captain try to become a Monk was weird. I would never have guessed they would make him a Monk XD The plot of the episode was decent. A pharmacist kills his partner and buries him under a fountain. When he finds out they plan to excavate the fountain to build a classroom there, he paints a picture of the fountain and the word "Drink" on people's doors who are sick and aren't getting any better. When they drink out of the fountain, they get better and believe it's a sign from God.
  • Monk helps three homeless men solve the murder of their friend.

    In between this episode and the last of the first half of this season news broke that the eighth season of Monk would be the show's last. As disappointing as that is it is probably best that the show leave the airwaves at a creative highpoint.

    Getting to this episode, we received a good solid case and some good laughs to go along with. Monk's antics with the homeless were great and it is was entertaining to see his phobias once again become such a central part of the plot. Natalie and Stottlemeyer were amusing as well.

    The whole religious aspect of this episode seemed kind of farfetched and ridiculous but anything that ends with a guilty pharmacist is good in my book.
  • Monk helps 3 homeless men find a killer of their friend. The Captain decides to be a monk.

    This episode was a surprise, I did not think we would see one until January. I was not completely thrilled with this one. While Monk went ballistic when the three homeless came into his house it was not as total Monk as we are used to. The fact that he find a murder while trying not to help was typical Monk.
    I watched this episode twice and thought I was just so bored with TV lately that a Monk would set me right, and this one was not it.
    This was not one of my favorites by a long shot, but it was better than reruns, but not much.
    They could have done so much with this theme, it seemed to be rushed to screen and not fully thought out.
  • Homeless men come to Monk's appartment to hire him to solve a murder case. Monk is greatly concerned about the cleanliness level decreasing. Meanwhile, Leeland Stottlemeyer finds himself in a trap set by the local pharmacist about a healing fountain.

    This episode was fantastic. I would have to say that this is one of my most favorite episodes. Funny, entertaining, and greatly put together. This episode also makes me want to watch every single Monk episode out there. I am a new Monk fan and would love to keep watching episodes like this. I love how this episode is filled with comedy, I think its the most comdey filled episode I have seen so far; Monk is a very interesting character and I love watching him deal with his OCD. Monk is my new favorite television show. Congrats to the whole cast.
  • Great fun, good story and a lot of heart!

    This episode was great fun. Three bums come to Monk's home to hire him. Natalie (bless her heart) pushes Monk to investigate. The Captain
    ends up in a monastery and Monk figures out another crime. The mystery
    is good, it was impossible to guess in advance who did it. I suspected the Monk who greets the Captain. I love the Captain , he is handsome and sexy and I was really happy that this episode is about him. I always like the episodes with a lot of Leland. Ted Levin is an extraordinary actor and watching him in this episode is really moving. Tony Shalhoub is better than ever and his going to the monastery to find his friend makes for some of the funniest scenes ever not to forget the Christmas dinner with the bums which was hilarious!