Season 2 Episode 13

Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2004 on USA



  • Trivia

    • This episode is the first in which Monk is not investigating a murder.

    • Julie can't remember whether forgery is a "Class B" or "Class C" felony. California doesn't classify felonies, and forgery can be prosecuted or punished as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

    • When the kidnappers call for the first time, Julie reacts to the ringing phone before it starts ringing.

    • In "Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect" when the police are at the crime scene, a cat is seen running across the wreckage. In this episode is clearly established that Randy is severely allergic to cats, contradicting that earlier episode.

    • Why bother with the high profile kidnapping in the first place? They go to the trouble of trying to frame a radical group that has been defunct for 25 years, kidnap an old woman and try to kill Monk. They should have simply broken into Nana's house and stolen the chair. There would have been just as good a chance that it would never have been missed and their crime would have been significantly less in the eyes of the law. As antique dealers, they could even have replaced it with a look-alike and it might never have been missed.

    • The chair thieves nearly panic when Stottlemeyer simply touches the chair. They are, understandably, very concerned that it does not get damaged. Why then did they carry it out of Nana's house with her sitting in it? The thing is supposed to be over 200 years old. Would they not have been concerned that it would fall apart while lugging it to the car? They could have carried it carefully to the car and walked Nana out.

    • Nana bought the chair 20 years ago and in all her photo albums there is not a single picture of the chair. Where did she keep it that whole time--in a closet?

    • Sharona triggers the suspects' car alarm and runs back to her car which is only a house or two away. The suspects come out and turn off the alarm and the man looks around trying to see what set off the alarm. How does he not see Monk leaning out of the car window snapping pictures from such a short distance when he is actively looking in all directions, searching for nearby people who could have set off the alarm? They couldn't have been more than 30 feet away.

    • Monk's leap to the pipes hanging from the ceiling above him is nothing short of superhuman. He has to reach up to push the book back in and the top of the bookshelf is another foot or two above that. The pipe he is hanging from is several more feet above that. In all, he would have had to to a spontaneous, standing, vertical leap of at least 5 feet (possibly more) to grab the pipe above.

    • At the homeless shelter, we glimpse Lt. Disher, disguised as a bag lady, being served ahead of the old man who doesn't want any gravy. Then Lt. Disher is served after the old man.

    • When Monk, Sharona, Disher, and the captain are listening to the kidnapper's phone call, Stottlemeyer has on head phones and the woman has the phone, but when the kidnapper speaks, the whole group reacts to what he says even though they aren't actually listening to the phone call.

    • Was there something wrong with Granny's hearing? How could she not know that the "rain" was a bunch of water sprinklers?

    • Eucalyptus trees don't smell like cough drops.

    • Stottlemeyer says they only call in Monk "when they hit a wall." Maybe he's just being a little untruthful on purpose to make himself look good, but there have been plenty of times when Monk is at a police investigation from the very beginning.

  • Quotes

    • Sharona: I'll send you a memo.
      Monk: What?
      Sharona: Nothing.
      Monk: I heard the word "memo."

    • Sharona: Adrian! Don't let go!
      Monk: Don't let go? I'd better write that down-–I might forget it!

    • Julie: I'm lost. . . as usual.

    • Sharona: So now we're taking turns?
      Monk: Yes. Now we're taking turns.
      Sharona: Since when?
      Monk: It's our new policy. Didn't you get my memo?

    • Nana: And--and it was raining.
      Sharona: Are you sure? It wasn't raining all last week.
      Nana: Listen, missy. I think I know what rain feels like. And that's what I felt when they carried me from the van into the house.

    • Monk: It's not premature. It's perfectly mature.

    • Monk: The note said to come alone.
      Sharona: This is as alone as you're going to get.

    • Monk: Am . . . I disabled?

    • Edie: Now we know. If you're filing a stay of execution, you have to take into account daylight savings time.

    • Nana: I should have stabbed him in the particulars when I had the chance.

    • Stottlemeyer: (raising his fist in a Lightning Brigade salute) Turkey for the people! Right on!

    • Stottlemeyer: How'd you know he had a tattoo on his arm?
      Monk: Oh. I didn't. His other sleeve was rolled up.
      Stottlemeyer: It wasn't even.
      Monk: Exactly.

    • Monk: You look familiar, Ronnie. Didn't I see you last week at the opera?
      Abrash: The opera? What have you been smoking, man?
      Monk: I've been smoking the truth, man!
      Abrash: What are you guys doing? Good cop, crazy cop?

    • Stottlemeyer: So you're denying any involvement in the kidnapping of Mrs. Parlo?
      Ron Abrash: Of course I deny it. Demanding free turkey dinners. That's insane. Besides, I'm a vegan.

    • Disher: Okay, cool. It'll be the three of us. We can do good cop, bad cop, worse cop.
      Stottlemeyer: Randy, it's a two-man job. Just wait here.
      Disher: Okay. I'll just wait here and--
      Sharona: Weep openly.
      Disher: --do some paperwork.
      Sharona: While you weep openly.

    • Monk: Kidnappers are into opera. What kind of revolution is this?

    • Sharona: (serving food to the homeless with Monk) What are you supposed to be?
      Disher: I'm under cover. I'm homeless.
      Sharona: What's that on your face?
      Disher: Dirt.
      Sharona: (to Monk) Give the lady some gravy.

    • Disher: If a cat's been in the house for the last year, I can't stop sneezing.
      Sharona: Really? Remind me to buy a cat.
      Disher: Well, at least you won't be alone on Saturday nights.

    • Monk: Oh, my God. I just read his book.
      Julie: Oh, yeah. We have a test on that next week.
      Monk: It's wonderful!
      Julie: What's it about?

    • Monk: My assistant, Sharona, won't let me take cases for free.
      Julie: Doesn't she work for you?

    • Monk: (clipping coupons) Concentrate. Be the dotted line.

    • Julie: (to Stottlemeyer) What about that detective I was reading about? The monk?

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