Season 6 Episode 3

Mr. Monk and the Naked Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2007 on USA

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  • A rare, lighthearted romp of an episode. Better than you think!

    "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man" is surprisingly lighthearted, and a breath of fresh air, compared to the grittier, darker cases Monk has taken on throughout the years. Fans of Spider-Man 2.1 and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (like me) will be pleased to see Alfred Molina (who played Otto Octavius), and Diedrich Bader (who voiced Warp Darkmatter) guest star in this episode.

    One of the things that make this story a little touching is that Monk actually is faced with a major dilemma that he manages to get past, and actually takes a step forward in making progress (this is when Dr. Kroger helps him realize that Monk was remembering his own birth). Normally, you would think holding a performance while not wearing any clothes would be very challenging, but what's amazing is that Diedrich Bader's character, Chance Singer, is such a confident, strong, yet casual guy that he actually makes me totally forget that he's naked half of the time. That may sound impossible to some people, but for me it's true.

    Chance Singer really isn't a bad guy at all, and I liked it when he makes the statement about Monk "I was gonna press charges, but quite frankly, I felt sorry for him. I hope he gets the help he needs. All fans can agree that Monk has had his share of obnoxious jerks in the past, so when anyone in the series finds it in their heart to welcome Monk with open arms and try to understand him - even a naked one - it is a rare, valuable commodity.

    One thing though, and I state this from a pure, factual, perfectionist point of view: If possible, ONLY watch this episode on your DVD, because I've noticed when it's shown on TV (such as ion television), there are these blurred circles that hover over the nudists, which to me screams "DON'T WATCH THIS!", and it is a huge distraction, even though on the regular recording, absolutely no genitals are accidentally displayed. The camerawork on the regular version is done so subtly, that they use common, circumstantial objects (like surfboards, wooden slats, car doors, bare legs, to do the hiding, which I'm sure is difficult to pull off.

    All in all, "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man" is a nice, calm, feel-good episode. Possibly one of the best in the series. It also has coined a brand new phrase for people who get frustrated beyond words, where Monk, in the midst of his hysterical outrage of Chance's nudity, says to him "I see the whole Shimagiggy!" (instead of the word "Shenanigan"). Also, Randy Newman's performance of "Beware of the Naked Man" at the end while Adrian heads for the ocean makes a nice touch.
  • its mr monk and the naked people!!!

    well this episoode had a couple laughs but it wasnt the best episode ever. monk remembering his birth was strange but this episode was much better than rapper. it was funny and had a good murder mystery. the nudists were funny and i did like monk tring to go blind. and now to use up the 100 word thing blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • Did they change writers? I own the other seasons on DVD. Now I'm trying to decide if I even want to watch the rest of the season. Very sad.

    The reviewer who gave this a 2.5 was being generous. It used to be that Monk was a great detective who had quirks. In this season he has become a person with ridiculous quirks, who happens to be a mediocre detective. Randy also has become absurd in the last 2 episodes. This used to be a good show. Did they change writers? I own the other seasons on DVD. Now I'm trying to decide if I even want to watch the rest of the season. Very sad.
  • a murder occuring at a nude beach makes monk acusse a nudist of the crime

    not the best but still a another great installment to the monk collection its very funny and has high suspense and dont worry parents it's censored ( well they do show someone's butt but dont alot of children's cartoons do that nowadays)and we learn another ridiculous phobia of monk drum roll please " drum roll" the new phobia is ...... clouds monk also rids of the phobia of nudity and has siad he only has 307 phobias ( i think ) to go well i'd like to say this to monk another drum roll please " drum roll" congrtaulations monk for conquering another phobia
  • Kinda better than everything else from Season 5 & 6

    When I wrote my review about the rapper episode, people told me that I should be mentioning more about what I didn't like, and not just have a fit like I did! Indeed a very good point, but there was nothing specific in that episode that I didn't like. It is the whole descent from excellence to total stupidity that I've seen happen to this show, starting from mid Season 3 and going downhill ever since. The rapper episode was just the absolute bottom.

    First of all, Monk's obsessiveness has become a "necessity", something that totally feels contrived, while it used to be original and "real". Second, there is absolutely no mystery in most of the episodes. We used to be glued to our chairs to the very last second to find out who, and most importantly how they, did it. Not anymore. Then, where are all the sidestories? Where is Trudy and Monk's determination to solve her murder? Where is Monk's therapist? And the ones that are left, have become a complete ridicule of themselves. The captain used to be a man that you would respect. Now he is plain silly. And Randy? Randy was always the comic-relief, but there is a big difference between the good humor we used to see, and the moron that he has turned to.

    This episode however was fairly ok, especially when compared to everything else from S5&6. There was a pretty descent mystery. Monk's obsession didn't feel as forced as before and even the good doctor came back! I don't believe for a second that there's hope for this show, since apparently the writing team is not the same anymore, and the current one is plain useless, but at least this episode was not painful to watch. If the level is kept to what this episode set, then maybe the show can at least end with some dignity.

    Oh, and btw, WE GET IT. You are a cool and hip show that wants to appeal to the youngsters. Please stop this bombardment of "cool" terms like "gigs" and "pods". It's pathetic.
  • Monk investigates a murder that occurred on a nude beach and is forced to face his fear of nudists.

    I really do love Monk and I thought this episode was one of the funnier ones in a while. Having Monk deal with a fear of nudity was a pretty funny concept and I'm actually surprised they haven't explored it before. I do, however, wish they would get back to some of the original themes of the show. Monk wanting to be a policeman again and wanting to find Trudy's killer gave some depth to his character and gave a reason as to why he was such a disaster. It also gave me empathy for him because I wanted him to achieve those goals. But, now the show seems to have shied away from that and it makes the show very shallow in comparison to what it used to be. Those issues were Monk's driving forces and now if he doesn't have those what does he have?
  • Monk accuses a man of murder just because the nudist makes him uncomfortable?!?!

    This season has been a big disappointment for me. Not only do we see Monk fall apart at the slightest thing, but, in this episode, he unjustly accuses a man of murder, simply because he's a nudist.

    Worse, the fastidious Monk is seen touching jail cell bars in a lame effort to explain how the man could have escaped, having earlier told the police that he was incarcerated during the murder. And how bad was the writing that a Los Angeles jail wouldn't be crowded with law breakers? Not to mention, that the only one in the cell, a shabbily-dressed drunk, wouldn't make Monk want to escape (pun intended).

    Worse (didn't I just say that?), this is the third episode in a row where Monk accuses an innocent without any real proof. It's bad enough that Monk seems to be taking steps backward in his "recovery", but to falsely accuse someone of murder is reprehensible; it only proves that Monk is losing his grip on reality, not overcoming his fears, as had seemed to be the trend, until this season.

    Worse (I can't seem to get this word out of my mind!), when Monk has a "breakthrough" in his shrink's office, recalling his own birth (!), the Doctor says that he wouldn't have believed coming from anyone else. The shrink, the Captain, and Natalie are the only characters who I thought were reasonably well-written. Now, I have to eliminate the shrink from that list, because he actually believed what Monk seemed to recall! (it might have helped if Monk were seen leaving the Dr's office, and then have the Dr look straight into the camera and roll his eyes, or say something like, "I know, but whattaya gonna do?")

    One more episode like this, and I'll scratch Monk off my list with a dirty pen!
  • Monk visits a nude beach and deals with his prejudices of nudists.

    After last week's experimental Mr. Monk And The Rapper, Naked Man goes back to what the show does best; exploiting Monk's phobias for humor's sake while providing a solid and hopefully challenging crime case. This episode lacks neither, though it is a bit stronger in the humor department.

    The jokes obviously revolve around Monk's hatred of public nudity, though there are some decent jokes based around Randy's trouble with an MP3 player. There aren't too many classic quotes (most of the best moments are of the physical humor kind), but a couple of the best are:

    Monk: There should be a law against murdering people on a beach...


    Natalie: Don't stare into the sun; you'll go blind!
    Monk: Yeah, I wonder when...

    Now, the crime (a mysterious stranger murders a woman on a nude beach to take the envelope she was holding) is probably the best of the season so far. Halfway through, I still was unable to guess who did it, which is a relief. My only complaint is that Monk solved the mystery all at once, rather than piecing it together, which is more of a personal preference of mine rather than a screw-up on the writers' part.

    All in all, good stuff. 3 for 3 so far in season 6.