Season 4 Episode 1

Mr. Monk and the Other Detective

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 08, 2005 on USA
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While Monk is immobilized by the presence of dog poo at a crime scene, slovenly private eye Marty Eels steps in, using the dog poo (and the dog) as clues in the murder of a security guard, the robbery of a jewelry store, and the disappearance of the store owner, Harold Gumbal. With Monk tailing helplessly behind, muttering "He's cheating" and "That's impossible," Eels locates robbers' ski masks, Gumbal's car, and Gumbal's body. Using the dead man's watch as a clue, he determines the identity of one of the killers, who is then arrested and interrogated. Just as Eels is becoming a local celebrity, with Monk as "yesterday's news," Monk figures out Eels' secret and confronts him. Eels challenges him to prove it, but moments later, he runs after Monk begging for his help: the killer who's still at large wants the jewels back and is holding Eels' mother hostage. The shoe is on the other foot, and Monk must figure out where Mrs. Eels is and why she must be rescued before 8:20.moreless

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  • So predictable, too easy to figure out what was going to happen.

    While Jason Alexander did a great acting job with his character’s odd quirks, the story line was not up to par compared to other episodes. As soon as Jason’s character picked up that dog and sniffed it to figure out where the masks were hidden, I figured that he witnessed the crime, or was part of the crime, or knew about it somehow. (I actually thought that he might have been the driver of the robbers.) So, I half-heartedly watched the remaining 50 min of this episode, already knowing the ending.moreless
  • Is there another detective who's better than Monk?

    The answer is, of course, no. Certainly not the most annoying and worst actor in the world! Jason Alexander is the reason why I never watched more than a few minutes of Seinfeld, the man is really really bad! Seemed to me like he was just playing his Seinfeld character on Monk, which didn't work for me at all.

    The storyline itself was okay, with someone actually getting the solutions before Monk did, but that someone should have been anyone other than Mr Alexander. Hopefully this season premier was the only bad one of the bunch, I usually love this show, even got used to Natalie ;o)moreless
  • This 4th Season opener can't even be saved by TV favourite Jason Alexander as it's bogged down with a flimsy plot and pointless padding.

    Harold Gumbal is killed after being forced to rob his own jewelry store. A security guard who witnesses the crime is also murdered by Gumbal's killers. Monk is called in to investigate, but Marty Eels (Jason Alexander), a small - time P.I. shows up on the scene and seems to be even more Monk-ish than Monk himself, finding seemingly impossible clues. Monk thinks he's cheating, but Eels is on such a roll that Monk begins to doubt himself. Stottlemeyer even takes him off the case.

    This episode of Monk is so bad it's downright embarrassing and you feel sorry for the actors who play Monk, Natalie, Disher and Stottlemeyer who've since mastered their roles but are stuck in this rubbish. The clichés continue throughout until the ending which is so contrived it's almost worthy of a laugh track. The only thing however that doesn't make me laugh are the so - called "jokes" which includes a banter on dog poo (a symbol of where this series is going) and other feeble jokes which fall flat. Jason Alexander (George Costanza from Seinfeld and uhhhhhhhh the guy from the old pretzel commercials) plays the whiny Marty Eels but doesn't bother going out of George Costanza - mode even though this episode is only on par with the worst gags on Seinfeld. Shame on Hy Conrad who has penned many classic episodes of Monk but this episode isn't a fraction of the quality.moreless
  • monk gets a run for his money.

    we just got this new season on tv 1 on foxtel. its not that bad i liked it. but from some of the reviews not many people like this one. monk gets a run for his money when a new dectecive comes on to the secene. play by jason alexanra from seifield. they are trying to find who killed a jeweler who jewels are missing and his dog was being held hostage. monk gets up set because he is better than him. they find the body and put the clues together. at the end monk knows thats he has been cheating and that he isn't as smart as monk.moreless
  • Jason Alexander guest stars on an average episode.

    I was very excited about this episode and thought it had the opportunity for greatness. Tony Shalhoub and Jason Alexander would play off of each other in what promised to be a great "Monk" episode. But unfortunately the writers put in too large a role for Marty Eels, and this made Monk seem like a secondary character. That's really the only problem with the episode, but it's a big one. Other than that I liked it a lot. Jason Alexander was hilarious, Natalie's character was very likable and it had some very funny moments. But I had to keep reminding myself that I was watching a show called "Monk," not "Eels."moreless
Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander

Marty Eels

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Dana Ivey

Dana Ivey

Mrs. Eels

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Rossif Sutherland

Rossif Sutherland

Vic Blanchard

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Stanley Kamel

Stanley Kamel

Dr. Kroger

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Emmy Clarke

Emmy Clarke

Julie Teeger

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Trivia: Monk went to Berkeley College.

    • When the police arrest the killer, they only charge him with the murder of the jewelery owner. However, they should have charged him with the murder of both the store owner and the security guard.

    • When Natalie brings in the groceries to Monk's apartment, she starts to put them in the kitchen cupboard. The shots change from a view from back of the cupboard to the kitchen itself. The items in the cupboard vary from shot to shot.

    • When the captain is talking to Marty in his office, Marty's computer monitor appears and reappears between shots.

    • Marty claims that he hears a thud, and a clang as he's talking with his mother's kidnapper, but there's no background noise during the actual conversation.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Monk: Over there.
      Natalie: What?
      Monk: Dog . . . doo. Dog . . . doo.
      Natalie: Did you step in it?
      Monk: If I stepped in it, I'd be in that ambulance right now, wouldn't I, praying for the sweet release that only death can bring.

    • Marty: (looking into the sack of dog poo) You can't throw this away. This--this is evidence.

    • Marty: Monk, Monk, sit. Sit anywhere.
      Monk: That's okay. I'm not fine.
      Marty: (to Natalie) Did he just say he's not fine?
      Natalie: Yes.

    • Disher: What happened?
      Marty: Well, it's kind of embarrassing. I got hit very hard by a client--hit me very hard. Yeah. I--I was supposed to follow his wife and take pictures.
      Stottlemeyer: (looking at a photograph) Whoa! She was cheating on him.
      Marty: No, no. that's him. That's my client.
      Natalie: You burst in and took a picture of a man in bed with his own wife?

    • Stottlemeyer: Monk, sometimes when you're picking up clues, it seems like magic to me. Maybe he's doing something that--that you don't understand.
      Monk: I think he's cheating. He's a cheater.
      Stottlemeyer: This isn't the fourth grade, Monk.
      Monk: He's cheating!
      Stottlemeyer: How?
      Monk: I don't know.

    • Disher: Feels weird, huh? Maybe we should send one of them home.
      Stottlemeyer: Yeah, but which one?

    • Reporter: So your son is helping Adrian Monk?
      Mrs. Eels: Who's helping who? That's the question.

    • Monk: What are you doing?
      Marty: Mud. You can tell where the car has been.
      Monk: From tasting it? He's tasting it!
      Natalie: Will that work?
      Monk: No! It's nuts!

    • Marty: He was trying to tell us the name of the man who killed him. Look. He's pointing to his watch.
      Monk: No. He's not, Captain.
      Marty: Are there any perps who'd do a job like this by the name of--Casio?

    • Stottlemeyer: Monk, why don't you stay here? We're gonna let Marty take this one.
      Natalie: Wait, wait, wait! You're firing him?
      Stottlemeyer: No,no. Um, it's just that Marty seems to be in the zone. He's got a handle on this one. You get the next one, okay? I'll call you. I've gotta go.

    • Monk: Tell me about this [Dr.] Lowenstein.
      Dr. Kroger: Lowenstern. I could introduce you. Office right across the street. He charges four hundred dollars an hour.
      Monk: Where--where were you?

    • Monk: I think I would make a very good teacher.
      Natalie: Mr. Monk, you'd make a terrible teacher! It would take you four weeks to correct one paper.

    • Natalie: (Laughs.) You're going to take a taxi? Do you know what people do in taxis?

    • Natalie: Mr. Monk, Fulton College is one hundred miles away. It is up the interstate. It's over a bridge.
      Monk: No. I have a blindfold for going over bridges.
      Natalie: You'll be driving.
      Monk: Good point. I think I can make it if I just sort of peek underneath.

    • Marty: Thud. Clang. Thud. Clang. Thud. Clang.
      Monk: Marty, I've got "thud, clang."

    • Marty: I heard a clang and a thud.
      Monk: A thud and a clang.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This guest appearance is Jason Alexander's first since his show Listen Up! was cancelled. Alexander is best known for his role as George Costanza in the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

    • This episode is the fourth-season premiere. Jason Alexander is billed as Special Guest Star.


    • Marty Eels: Philip Marlowe meets Sherlock Holmes.
      Raymond Chandler's famous detective Philip Marlowe first appeared in the novel The Big Sleep (1939). The role of Marlowe has been played by various actors, including Dick Powell, Humphrey Bogart, and Robert Mitchum in films and Danny Glover and James Caan on television. Sherlock Holmes is, of course, the hero of a series of novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (and to some degree the inspiration for Adrian Monk). By pointing to Monk as he names Philip Marlowe, Eels implies that a legendary detective (Monk) has the privilege of meeting the greatest detective of all time (himself).