Season 3 Episode 2

Mr. Monk and the Panic Room

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2004 on USA

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  • Could have been less obvious.

    Why did no-one consider that a chimp was incapable of firing four shots with any accuracy? Wouldn't even one shot have frightened the chimp into throwing the gun away? Did the gun not recoil every time. The writers were asleep on this one. Even my wife had the murderer pegged within ten minutes.
  • Never act with children and monkeys....

    Famous words from W.C. Field and never more truly spoken. I found it physically painful watching Ted Levine try to incite Darwin into shooting the gun by jumping up and down, slamming a stuffed monkey into a table, and donning a shriner's hat (??).

    Tony Shalhoub does better, and his lack of reaction in the apartment scene is a credit to his stoicism and acting skills. Bitty Schram actually handles the monkey pretty well.

    The story? Well, there isn't much. Anybody remember the series Probe? The episode Metamorphic Anthropoidic Prototype Over You featured a monkey that killed a man, an eccentric genius/detective who doesn't want to get involved, and his female assistant persuading him to take the case. The monkey doesn't get killed in this episode of Monk, though. Darn. :(

    The mystery - it's mildly intriguing and at least we viewers get a chance it's a "whodunnit" and to a lesser degree a "how'd they do it?" Although again, the lack of suspects doesn't make it very mysterious.

    The characters? Sharona is spunky but determined, and doesn't embarass herself overly much. Adrian is for the most part okay, although yet once again they feel obliged to give Shalhoub a "go wild and overact" moment - the scene in the panic room. There's a right way and a wrong way to do an overly long "reaction" scene. The scene in the apartment is great - the one in the panic room, long and painful.

    We also find out Monk has a new quirk - having to look at who he's talking to. Although I'd have to go back and see if he does that in previous episodes.

    Ted Levine has the thankless role of playing opposite a monkey, and it hurts to watch him. And Disher is once again comedy relief. The other characters are mostly forgettable - Kroeger gets a few good moments and seems to have grown more comfortable with Adrian's quirks (and we see him out of the office!). Willie Garson is wasted in a brief post-Sex & The City bit to pay the bills. Carmen Electra also gets one fairly quick scene. The murderer is pretty much personality-free.

    Overall, I'd have to rate this a bit on the low side. Monkey episodes don't hold a great deal of appeal to me (check out the Probe episode if you can - the twist there makes it much more interesting). The main characters are...there, but there's no new insights and there's a few too many buffoon scenes. The mystery is okay but nothing great, and the supporting cast is forgettable.
  • the captain interagates a monkey.

    this is one of my favourite episodes of monk. i laugh so much during one secene. this is not every one favourite but it is mine. and you should give it a go. a monkey is accused of murder. they think he killed his owner. the best secene in this episode is when the captain takes the monkey darwin to the interagation room. the captain doesnt know that he has been given a gun with live bullets in it. while there the captain pulls out of a bag all theses things to make the monkey talk. he pulls the gun on him and the monkey is screaming at him. at the end they find out who killed him and the monkey is set to a zoo.
  • Mr. Monk & The Panic Room A monkey is accused of committing murder.

    Boy they are handing out some bad reviews for this one. I was entertained by the scene where Stottlemeyer takes the chimp into the interrogation. I mean really why do we watch this show. It supposed to be silly. So that’s what I expect it. This episode had me wondering who has committed the crime. When the chimp goes nuts over the bald guys it went right over my head. And to top it off it's got Carmen Electra. I say give this episode a try. It made me laugh out loud. Just from being plain silly. Enjoy!

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