Season 1 Episode 3

Mr. Monk and the Psychic

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 19, 2002 on USA

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  • end scene

    I liked this episode alot, it had classic monk doing his thing but, I have a question about the end scene. They are walking on a trail next to a park and what seems to be a small channel of water. You can see the golden gate bridge in the background of the very last few seconds, but I have google earthed the area from both ends of the bridge and can't for the life of me find what even remotely resembles that kind of park in that location near the bridge. Any ideas? help? is it a green screen? plus the actual bridge has slight differences than the real bridge on google earth. by the way,, i looked at twin bridges of the same,, and none compare exactly. . the monk in me is going nuts not figuring this out.
  • A clever 'story reinforcement' episode. A fair sequel.

    "Mr. Monk and the Psychic" is best enjoyed if viewed in the context of the 'white moves first' rule on a chessboard. Viewed in light of the overall series, it's quite forgettable, but when viewed for what it is, as the first sequel, it actually has one or two merits: It shows that Monk hasn't lost his touch for solving mysteries, and it introduces Monk's skeptical, but perceptive insight regarding frauds, and as any rational viewer could deduce, Dolly Flint the psychic was obviously a fraud from the beginning. Linda Kash conveys that in her acting quite well.

    Not the best, but not bad.
  • One of the worst Monk episodes. Unbelievable crime solving. Impossible to suspend disbelief.

    One of worst episodes. "Monk" is great for its characters and humor. It is weak in the detective area. I groaned when they staged that silly seance (at the end of the episode, at the "murder scene" of the girlfriend) to get the experienced ex-police commissioner to confess to driving the phony psychic to the car crash site. I can forgive some of the other silly plot ploys -- the ramp so the wife's car would shoot over the cliff, the mudslide that buried the car, the need to chloroform the psychic and drive her to the scene to find the car for insurance purposes, the unique pebble gravel, the convenient returned package in plain sight, etc. But so many of them? The only good things in the episode are the quirky psychic and Sharona's belief in psychics for boyfriend hunting.

    Let me repeat that so many things were unbelievable and silly in this episode that it was impossible to "suspend disbelief," much as I'd like to. The two worst aspects of the episode are (1) the phony seance at the end to unbelievably shock and unravel the murderer; and (2) that the ex-commissioner/murderer, who was to inherit from his wife who was said to be "as rich as all of Canada," would undertake to chloroform and drive the psychic to the crime scene so the body would be discovered so he could put in an early claim for the measly $2,000,000 insurance money. Brother!
  • Monk , a psychic, crooked commish, Man kills wife for some insurance money, you know the bit.

    Well to be fair there were some entertaining moments in this episode, however just too thin a plot to rate it a winner in my book. Tony Shalhoub is really good as Monk as he battles his disbelief that a psychic could actually find the missing women in this case. Monk doesnt fail to keep your attention with all his little quirks and Tony Shalhoub does the best he can to carry the episode along. The police were too inept to be believed here, um, check the cell phone records, everyone does that. Even the solution to the case, um, entrapment, anyone?, wouldnt hold up in court.

    Seemed like a flawed episode with a plot rehashed from any other detective show you would like to name here except it has Tony Shalhoub, and that is enough to keep me from being too hard on the rating here.
  • The episode was ok. But the crime solving wasn't that surprising...

    This episode is a average episode cause the ending wasn't as cool as it was in the first episode or in some other episodes that I have seen in Monk.
    The episode still had the classic Monk stuff like making Sharona go into a huge waste basket just to find a pebble which wasn't really there and when he was shaking the Commissioners hand the way his mouth turned was so funny. So the reason i didn't like this episode as much as the others is that this episode didn't have the main Monk styles in it. What i am saying is, he always will go somewhere and do something stupid or crazy and then suddenly he will found out a clue and there it is. Everything will be there, the people watching will have no clue of what happened. But this episode was not like that. It didn't have a lot of Monk's magic in it.
    So all i can give to this episode is an ok 7.8.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep monk must figure out what happen to a old police chifs wife. and he must figure out if he deposed of her and had the phyce find her or did the phcyh really find her and phyches and can really be led to things from there dreams. monk figures it out at the end like he always does and i think this wasa nother really good ep and it shows more and more info on his life . its also pretty funny and i enjoyed it so that is why i gave it a 8 point 0
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