Season 6 Episode 2

Mr. Monk and the Rapper

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2007 on USA

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  • What?????

    Okay... having a rapper as Monk's client? Granted. Using Daylight Savings Time as a plot device? Granted. The ACTUAL mystery plot is perfectly fine with me, and it's an okay story, but changing the main theme "It's A Jungle Out There" into a cocky rap number?! RRRRRRRRRR......... I remember the first time my Mom saw this on TV. It was before we started buying the DVD seasons, and she told me from another room, "The theme song is changed!", and I was like WHAT?!?! When I actually saw it months later on the DVD, my jaw dropped and I think I froze in time....... It just didn't fit. The rappers should fit into the story, not the story fitting into the rappers (and no, I don't mean one scintilla of prejudice by this).

    By extension, it didn't help to have Monk suddenly frisked a SECOND time, which, in my eyes, was just an annoying callback to the Mafia frisk scene from "Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather" (Season 3, Episode 5), as if that wasn't annoying already. You have to pay exceptionally close attention to Murderous' relayed Monk summation, because he describes the events in jive, using phrases like 'serving murder on the plate', and other odd things that arguably aren't as comprehensive as when Monk himself presents the summation.

    As if to make SURE to draw it out even longer for those of us who were ready for this episode to hurry up and finish, so we can move on to "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man", we have to see Natalie and Adrian walk.... and walk.... and walk.... and walk.... and WALK.... with the same camerashot on them for what feels like an eternity, while we hear ANOTHER reprise of Snoop Dogg's rap version of "It's A Jungle Out There".

    "Mr. Monk and the Rapper" is possibly one of my least favorite episodes in the series (second only to "Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist", in my opinion, which is my least favorite of all). Once you've watched this episode in your 'Monk' DVD marathon, take a deep breath and relax, because the next episode is wonderful, and infinitely better...
  • This episode gets a bad rap.

    I once heard Monk referred to as "your parents' favorite detective show," which I found somewhat insulting at the time, but in hindsight, I can see that whoever came up with that description may have had a point, especially after reading several reviews in which people bemoan the idea of their nice clean family show about murder being sullied by those awful, awful rap people. When I heard the theme tune being rapped by Snoop Dogg instead of sung by Randy Newman, I thought it was kind of a cute touch in an episode that has to do with the rap industry, but I just knew a few viewers must have blown a gasket, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised about the negative reviews. I'm certainly not surprised that none of those same people felt the need to express moral indignation over the episode set around a Playboy-style mansion or the episode with Willie Nelson in which the singer's pot smoking is implied. I must concur with the reviewer who expressed the opinion that the main reason this episode garnered such vitriol is because of a prejudice against rap. I may even go so far as to speculate that there may even be a deeper prejudice at work in some cases. I really don't care for rap myself, but I found this to be a pretty average episode of Monk with very little that could seriously offend- not unless you're so uptight that diamonds could be produced from sticking coal you-know-where.
  • Absolutely Atrocious

    Please, I am begging whoever is in charge, pull the plug asap. It is so sad and such a shame to be watching what used to be one of the greatest shows of all time rotting away like this. During Season 5 I thought it's humanly impossible to get any worse, but they did it. This episode is the epitomy of absolute atrocity, and to frost the cake, they even replaced Randy Newman's song with some rap remix. Monk hasn't just hit rock bottom, he's actually been given a jackhammer to dig even lower. Please, leave us with the sweet memories of the first 3 excellent seasons on DVD and put this show out of its misery. It's heartbreaking.
  • Snoop Dog is a gangsta rapper who is implicated in a murder. Blah, blah, blah...

    Stunt casting more often than not equals a crappy episode. This one was no exception. My guess is that the Studio told the producers they wanted Snoop in a show. I expect the poor writers then went about trying to create the vehicle accordingly--It showed in the quality (or lack thereof) in the work. For a good example of stunt casting see the Sarah Silverman episode. For a bad example see this one. Oh, and please, please, please don't let guest stars near the theme song again! Ugh. That was embarrassing for both Snoop AND the show. Only redeeming quality was Monk's "motive, yo" line. Worth a chuckle--Without it this episode would get a 0.0.
  • Repulsive Monk episode. I couldn't stand to see Monk fawning over these sexist, criminal, rapper-types. Even the detective-mystery aspects wer weak.

    The Rap episode wasn't just bad, it was insulting/repulsive, what with paying homage to this most vile form of rap. If "Monk" is a sweet, decent comedy show (of which there are so few on television), this Rap episode had to be anti-Monk. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

    Dare I say "jump the shark"? (That should get a lot of fun responses.) I'm disgusted that they swoon over rap, which is largely thought to be destructive, mainly to black culture/family life (see Bill Cosby) -- especially the type of rap shown on the show (fun criminal murderous names; clear references to notorious headline murders and violence, woman hanging around like ornaments). All those who complain that "Monk" is in decline, what with all the "fish our of water" episodes, will love this one, could call it "Exhibit A". I couldn't take all of the gushing about black rappers and imitating their lingo horrible and condescending.

    One of Dogg's entourage says "I hate the mother.... 'er ... ... feller." There's a long discussion, involving even Natalie, as to whether a rap song sounds better if a girl's "booty" is either "bangin or poppin." Dogg's home/office is like a brothel; there was even one woman lying around unconscious (from a drug stupor?). Dogg tells Monk he could put a lump of coal up Monk's "butt" and get a diamond out of it. Lovely family show.

    About Natalie and the ep.: (1) I am beginning to wonder if some Monk-Natalie romance is in the works. (2) As to those who complain that they make Monk look too dumb lately, this ep is a good example of sorts -- minor example, but as to Natalie's Secretary Day flowers, anyone in Monk's position would simply defend himself by saying that when he heard it was Secretary's Day, he took advantage of it to show his appreciation of Natalie's performance, that there is no "assistant's day", that obviously she was more than a secretary. Monk floundered about, was tongue-tied, didn't even defend himself, seemed like a bewildered jerk. It went on for too long.

    A few small qualms ***SPOILERS***:
    1. wouldn't the cops have the limo driver guarded in the hospital?
    2. why would the murderer want to kill the limo driver, in the hospital? The murderer thought the limo driver was sleeping in the limo when the bomb was placed. 3. If the white partner was killed, wouldn't his estate then own his share of the partnership, half of the recording deal?
    4. Why would the bomber keep bomb-making tools in his basement? (He's not a professional bomber who would even need those items in the future.)
    5. If the watch-bomb-timer could only go up to 12 hours, why would the bomber lie that someone looking like the Dogg character was seen near the limo at 7 PM (the bomb went off at 8 PM on the watch [9 pm in daylight savings time]. Either way, 7 PM was an impossible time for anyone to plant that bomb.
  • Nothing special but not a bad episode.

    All the other reviews are saying how bad this episode was when really this is just average Monk. People are just turned off by the fact its about rappers. While nothing stands out about the episode other than the fact snoop dogg was a guest star, it was just like any other episode. Nobody really complained about Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert like this episode. Its because with all the garbage about rap these days people are prejudice against rap, now I hate rap but I won't let it stop me from objectively watching a episode of a show I like. Not a bad episode as long as your not prejudice against rap.
  • it wasn't the best case and all, but it was HILARIOUS!!

    it wasn't the best case and all, but it was HILARIOUS!!

    I really loved that this one was funny, lol!

    the case though was regular, I felt it was like a nancy drew story, and i am NOT a fan!

    I liked what's his name, snoop dog... i like it when he acts in shows, always true to himself..
  • Great

    This episode was brilliant. The use of rap was great. Other reviews saying how using rap is ruining the family show aspect i mean its a crime show how can murdering be a family show. Therefore rap + crime + murders = great show.

    To make up for the 100 word limit blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • Monk proves a rapper is innocent of a crime he is being framed for.

    Is it just me or is Monk really going downhill this season? I am a huge fan of the show, but it seems to me that in the past two episodes it has lost a bit of the spark that made it such a fun show to watch. There is no more Monk trying to get back on the force, there is no more Monk trying to solve Trudy's case, and since it seems as though the character has lost his driving forces, the show is losing its driving force as well. While it was amusing to see Snoop on Monk and the case was mildly interesting, I want to get back to the episodes that really showcase Monk and what he is all about instead of focusing so much on guest appearances which take away from the show itself. If you are going to bring a guest on, have them work into the show instead of making it all about them. The show is not called Monk and the Guest Star.
  • Monk is hired by a rapper.

    Dear lord this episode stunk. The mystery was ok, but easy to solve. The second the manager started talking about them eating lunch together I knew the killer and the entire set up.

    But even with a better plot the episode would still stink. I can't stand rap music. Snoop Dogg's rapping of the theme made my ears hurt. It was painful to listen to. The worst part was the horrid rapping by Dogg sumerizing the entire plot and making it a new song. UGH! The episode did have a few moments, like Randy acting like an idiot again, but that couldn't even begin to save it.

    Here is a list of a few of the major problems with this episode:
    1. Horrible into music cover by Snoop
    2. Why wasn't the limo driver under protection at the hospital. Also you think someone at the hospital would see something.
    3. If the big fat rapper was so paranoid about being killed by Murderous wouldn't he have the car inspected first, especially if that is how he dies in the song? I know if someone talked about putting a bomb in my car I'd have my cars checked out before I ride in them.
    4. Ok *Spoilers* If the manager was trying to kill the other manager, why was he using a white gold watch? Makes no sense. Murderous had nothing against the white manager, so why frame him? Or was the black manager so stupid he used a unique style of watch to kill his partner?

    This episode had plot holes you could drive a truck through.