Season 5 Episode 15

Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2007 on USA

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  • Really a good show, feds get a taste of their own medicine.

    Think that the feds always act as better than thou. On tv shows, and that they are left, being red-faced. Because both the feds and the cops, want to really try to solve a case. As they have differences. Wished that Monk and the PD would had stand up to the feds. As they don't want to hear anything. And the feds won't win a case for the lack of teamwork. Not just among the local or state law enforcement agencies. But among themselves even. As it is an embarassment to themselves. Monk and the PD gave them a taste of their own medicine.
  • Monk vs da man

    Monk takes on the G-man (or the FBI) or at least both pit their techniques against each other in a battle of the modern vs the past, to track down a vicious serial killer in less than 36hrs. Who will win?

    I wasnt immediately grabbed by the episode's start, even by what is a horrific crime. However, once Monk and the FBI team get on the case, it does develop into a great episode.

    The star of is undoubtably the crime. Not seeing the killer or having suspects shifts the attention on the actual buildup of drama. Its the scenes between the uber-efficient and techno-savvy FBI team and Monk's apparently antiquated method of deduction that fill this episode with simple but enjoyable screenplay. Of particular note are the scenes where all-a-phobe Monk's attempts to inteface with technology using Julie Teeger's laptop; When Monk succeeds in guiding the SWAT team to Julie's friends sleepover - that was hilarious!; Dr. Kroger's session when he bursts into song and Randy's scene as the only musician in town!

    The overall tone of the screenplay sees Monk subservient to alpha's (FBI) domination until he can Natalie provides him with a epiphany that turns this case on its head - and that it does, but not before he is made to feel even worse as he is berated by the FBIs lead agent.

    ***** SPOILERS ******

    I loved the way the writers incorporated a seemingly important piece of the serial killers MO, which proved to be the plot twist enabler at the end. Had me fooled!

    An excellent episode that continues the trend of this superb season.
  • Quite funny and a little sad but the ending of it was nicely redeeming.

    This was rather a good episode. It made me laugh through several parts. I could see Monk being new to the internet, even after maybe having used similar devices when he was on the police force. Years ago, my mom used a computer for data imput at her work, but has yet to get near the internet. Monk's figuring out Julie's laptop was so cute, I laughed hard as he used the open disk drive drawer as a cup holder.

    The feds stepped into the episode's case and the head agent was quite nasty to Monk. I so wished he would have adamantly refused when the guy ordered him to not say anything but turn around and leave the scene when Monk made a mistake and sent the agents to the wrong address. Instead he simply walked away in quiet embarrassment, which was sad, but more like the character. Thankfully though our hero got the last word with putting the agent in his place without any effort as he solved the case in his usual style. Something I wasn't sure in character was Randy's one-man-band. It was funny, but a little on the silly side and had me wondering why wasn't he playing a singular instrument as he'd previously mentioned being in a band (The Randy Disher Project). A guitar or a horn of some kind would have been good.

    Stottlemeyer summed it up really well by throwing that one agent's hand-held computer device at the escaping bad guy, resulting in knocking him down and stating how the feds' high-tech gadgetry did capture the criminal.
  • Low tech Monk must work with high tech feds.

    This to me is the worst episode of Monk so far. It had it's moments, but to me it was way out of character for Monk and I chalk it up to poor writing. It was also a bunch of little things.

    Monk is not oblivious to technology. He is a very smart individual. He's seen Natalie and Sharona use cell phones but when he tries to use one he can't do anything with it? Monk is a master of observation and he can't recall one tiny thing about the operation of a cell phone? Monk not caring to use technology is one thing, being oblivious is another.

    Monk has never used a computer before? He was a police officer. He'd have to use one to submit reports on arrests and such. Not being familiar with the internet I can kind of see as he wouldn't really need it. But never touching a computer before? I find that hard to believe.

    In the tech van the feds treat monk as if he was a complete moron. They act like everyone would know that what Monk was writing on was a plasma screen tv. Well if it was off it looked like a clear blackboard. Then they scream at monk for using the HCL acid on the screen. Why in the world was it just sitting out in the open like that and why wasn't it clearly marked?

    The show did have some funny moments in it don't get me wrong. A great one was Natalie making fun of Randy's line about the co-pilot not having responsibility when it is exactly like him. The funniest part by far was the SWAT team accidentally storming the girls slumber party which oddly enough looked like it was at 3 or 4 in the afternoon... and Randy's one-man-band.

    Overall it was a decent mystery, poor portrayal of Monk, with some funny bits. Just shoddy characterization severely hurt this review.
  • Clever Episode. Funny too.

    Funny Episode. Mr. Monk is being rudely treated by FBI techies. Natalie Teagers daughter teaches Monk about the computer. Aww the mouse pad is amazing! The FBI then kick Monk out of the case when he sends the squat team to one of Natalien Teagers daughter's friend's slumber party. Monk then goes to his counselor who doesn't really help him. Lt. Stottlemeyer then starts sticking up for Monk. The FBI can't figure it out and when Natalie says something to Mr. Monk hee figurres out that a doctorkilled someone and knew thaat an autopsy would point the murder to him so he tried to stall the police for 36 hours which is how long it takes for the food to digest. Monk figured it out and Stottlemeyer took down the criminal with a PDA. Overall a funny episode one of the best this season.
  • Mr.Monk faces off against the FBI

    Tony Shaloub is such a genius! I love whatever he does, but this character is fabulous! This episode was really interesting. I really like it when you son't know who the killer is early on. It's intersting to see how Monk catches them, but I would still rather find out at the end instead of the beginning of the episode.

    The 6 way killer brings in the FBI. That agent was insane. Watching Mr. Monk trying to learn about technology was hilarious!

    I really liked the conversation he had with the Lt. When he was told that maybe the technology would just slow him down. I thought that was really sweet.
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