Season 4 Episode 9

Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2005 on USA

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  • Festive Phobias

    In this special Christmas episode; a detective is killed from drinking spiked port that was meant for the Captain. It's up to Monk and Natalie to feel out the Captain's enemies and at the same time, get through the misery of the holidays. The key problem with this episode is that they try and extract too much sympathy from the viewers and it could be interpreted as christmas messages, i see it as blatant emotional blackmail. Admittenly; the clue involving the greeting card was clever but the killer is basically shown in flashing lights leaving any form of mystery absent. We're meant to believe that a character who's in every scene but has never been in any previous episode has nothing to do with the murder. Stottlemeyer and Disher are given enough screentime but are stuck with the acts of contrasting stern with idiotic and it is getting tiresome. The "moments" they do have involving Frank and Terry just went nowhere. Laughs in this episode are few and far between with the scene that has Monk as a department store Santa providing the heartiest chuckles leaving pretty depserate alternatives. The final scene of Monk outside in the snow was genuinely heart - warming and whatever potato flakes or flour or bits of paper were used as the snow managed to pass off as the real thing well. Monk is better off with episodes based during working days as this weepy Christmas episode is not the best bauble on the show's Christmas Tree.
  • Good theme, a little too easy to solve

    It was nice to have a Christmas episode. I thought it showed the characters in a new light - it was nice to see Monk so jolly for a change. However, I thought the mystery was too easy. I solved it very early in the episode. Usually, you can figure out parts of the murder by the time Monk explains it...but you'll figure out everything in the first 20 minutes or so. I considered it my Christmas gift to be as smart as Monk for a change!
  • Nothing like a little OCD for the holidays!

    With this holiday episode I found it a treat to watch. It gathered the spirit of the holiday and also stuck with the foundation of the show! A lot of times holiday episodes will steer away from the overall story line, I thought this episode was well written and stayed on target.

    I am amazed with every episode of the great acting involved. The writing is fresh and original, and never fails to entertain.

    Mr. Monk as Santa was classic, and they threw in the stocking scene but did not dwell on it! Great job all…and Happy Holidays!
  • An early present for the holidays: a Monk Christmas special!

    Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa is the perfect holiday episode. It is not too corny, but also has the right amount of holiday cheer. There was quite a lot of character development here also, particularly with Captain Stottlemeyer. However, the episode isn't too heavy on drama, and I found it to be one of the funniest of the season. I especially enjoyed the hilarious duet with Stottlemeyer and Randy, and the Monk as Santa scene. Those were both gems.

    That being said, the episode was not perfect. The Captain's encounter with the nun seemed a little forced, as if the writers had to put something religious in there. Also, the mystery was pretty weak. But these are just minor flaws in a great episode. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this delightful Christmas special.
  • No two snowflakes are the same... and yet somehow, snow's still beautiful! ~ Oh yeah, the episode- quite good, I would have to say. Very classic "Monk", with some sweet sentimental moments and a holiday twist!

    No two snowflakes are the same... and yet somehow, snow's still beautiful!
    Oh yeah, the episode- quite good, I would have to say. Very classic "Monk", with some sweet sentimental moments and a holiday twist!

    I definitely enjoyed the episode- It had everything anyone could ask for in an episode of "Monk"! It had a little of every character, some of Monk's obsessive-compulsive (and cleanliness) disorder, a brief mention of Trudy, and a nice mystery that was relatively plausible and fun altogether. Who wouldn't like the episode?