Season 2 Episode 7

Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2003 on USA

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  • this was a good ep

    mr monk starts to investgate string of bombing and monk and the captain must figure it out and they go and learn that the family has problems over large amounts of money and that one brother attached bombs in the mailboxes and got into a comer when he was hit by a buch of vecicles and turns out he was not planing that but he wanted to kill his family and have the perfect abliby to be locked up at the time of the murders this was a good ep i thought and that is why i gave this ep a 9
  • Monk is called in to solve a murder with mail bombs. He automatically knows the suspect, but the suspect is in a coma. How did he do it? Or did he do it?

    It is fair to say that the best word to describe this episode is hillarious. Of all the Monks I would have to say this is the funniest. Even if you don't laugh hard you're still always laughing. The episode also contains great drama and extreme mystery ( maybe a little too extreme). I especially enjoyed the howdy doody bit, even if it was a little out of character. The rock polishing kit was a great way of asking why they even exist. Overall the episode was hillarious and if you'v e never seen it, it's a must see. If you know someone who usually solves the cases before Monk, see if they can solve this one. I can almost guarantee they won't solve it. Anyway, all the characters had the right amount of screen time, and the script was well written. I sure do hope they start making episodes like these classics this season or next season, it would sure add quite the audience.
  • Monk suspects a man in a coma of a crime.

    Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect is one of my personal favorite episodes. I loved the humor in it with the vacuum when he's in the coma patients room. It was a typically hilarious Monk moment. I also enjoyed the concept of the ketchup bottles. This episodes crime and solution was terrific as was the acting. I have seen every single episode of Monk and I really enjoyed this episode I think they should make more like this in the future. It was great and defiantly worth watching. I really liked this episode and if you haven't watched it yet you should.