Season 2 Episode 11

Mr. Monk and the Three Pies

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2004 on USA

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  • about the episode.

    It had great acting for John Turturro.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show monk there is a forth of july time festival and there are fire works and contest and stuff and there giving away 3 pies each in seprate events and monk keeps getting phone calles from his lost brother and he goes over there and he is just like monk in diffrent ways and they are told of this guy who fought with his wife and his brother says he heard gun shots like 4 of them and they go looking and they look into his story and it seems to be true what he isaying and monk realizes its in the flower that his brother lent the guys wife and the guy goes to kill the brother but monk get there and he is arrested this was good ep
  • Monk's brother Ambrose calls and asks for his help, but Adrian has been nursing a grudge against him for years. Resolving a pair of murders and a sibling relationship in one episode - super sweet.

    Ambrose hasn't left the house in many years because of his agoraphobia. More importantly, he hasn't called Adrian since Trudie was murdered. When Ambrose asks Adrian for help, Adrian doesn't want to and it takes Sharona's encoragement to get him to visit. Ambrose believes his neighbor killed his wife, but Adrian doubts this. Not only do they solve the case together, but Adrian comes to Ambrose's rescue at a dangerous moment. The show ends with the brothers visiting Trudie's grave together. They make up. This is a super touching episode that furthers our understanding of Monk by showing his family life.
  • My favorite Monk

    My all time favorite Monk episode. It is not about the case (even though it is quite funny seeing people being killed because they got pie). It is the performance of John Turturro as Adrian's brother Ambrose.

    The two actor are in such harmony. It is unbelievable.

    The description of Adrian by Ambrose were just hilarious:

    'He was always the restless one: Dating girls by the ages of 24. Driving a car by the age 26.'

    And of course the rivalry of the two brothers about each tiny detail. Just brilliant.

    All in all a really nice and beautiful episode giving the character of Adrian more background.
  • The addition of Monk's brother Ambrose makes this episode one of the best.

    This episode was great. The crime was imaginative and the way Monk solved it was incredible as usual. However, they were not what made the epsiode one of the best.

    Monk's brother Ambrose, played perfectly by John Turturro, makes this episode so much different and wonderful. Tony Shaloub and Turturro play off each other perfectly and are very entertaining. The brotherly interaction and one liners during this episode is awesome.

    I only hope that they bring Turturro back for many more episodes to reprise his role as Ambrose Monk.
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