Season 8 Episode 3

Mr. Monk and the UFO

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2009 on USA



  • Trivia

    • When Monk enters the sheriff's office, he adjusts the blinds until they're even. When the woman leaves, they're uneven. Then they're even again when he closes the door.

  • Quotes

    • Monk: I want people... people... Who said it... I like people. Gimme a chance! Just give me once more chance. I'll be nice. I'll be... I'll be good. I'll be... I'll be empathetic. I'll be the empathetic detective.

    • (Monk is being chased by alien fanatics)
      Alien Fanatic: Don't touch him! Earth germs might kill him.
      Monk: Actually, that one might be true.

    • Monk: Are you mad at me? You're mad at me. I'm a detective. I can tell.

    • Natalie: You just walked around rearranging spoons and plates and sweeping up crumbs. Couldn't you have at least tried?
      Monk: I tried. I smiled. I smiled a lot.
      Natalie: You were wincing!
      Monk: That's my smile. That's how I smile.

    • Stottlemeyer: How's Monk holding up?
      Natalie: Not so good. He thinks he saw a UFO.
      Stottlemeyer: Really? Well, maybe they're there to take him home. Maybe that's his ride.
      Natalie: That's what I said! Captain?
      Stottlemeyer: That would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

    • Sheriff Fletcher: You saw a UFO?
      Monk: No. No, I didn't say that.
      Sheriff Fletcher: Oh. So, uh, was it an object?
      Monk: Yes.
      Sheriff Fletcher: Uh, could you identify it?
      Monk: No, no.
      Sheriff Fletcher: And it was flying.
      Monk: Yes.
      Sheriff Fletcher: You add that all up, Mr. Monk, you've got yourself a UFO.

    • Dickie: Is there a problem with your room? I couldn't help noticing all your cleaning supplies.
      Monk: Oh, no. no. It's fine. The hotel's great. This is just a hobby.
      Natalie: He just bought one bag. That's like giving you a gold star.

    • Sheriff Fletcher: One of us is going to have to go get help. The highway's about 15 miles that way.
      Monk: All right, Natalie and I will go.
      Natalie: Mr. Monk, we can't leave him, he's been shot.
      Monk: All right. Natalie and I will stay here.
      Natalie: Mr. Monk, he can't walk.
      Monk: Well, what do you suggest, Natalie? Do you have any ideas at all?
      Natalie: Yeah, you get help, I stay here and take care of the sheriff.
      Monk: Any ideas at all, because if you do I'd really like to hear them.

    • Natalie: I'm going to ask you if that was a coyote, and you say "no." Was that a coyote?
      Sheriff Fletcher: No.
      Natalie: Really, was that a coyote?
      Sheriff Fletcher: Yeah.

    • Monk: So this is where it ends. This is it. Surrounded by dirt. Covered in dirt. You win, dirt! Congratulations, dirt! Well played.

    • Monk: I'm just cleaning, I haven't dusted up here for two, three...
      Natalie: Hours.

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