Season 8 Episode 7

Mr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on USA

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  • I never wrote a review before so I am just testing this out. One of the best episodes of the season and really is suspensful until the end.

    As a big Monk fan, I have seen every single episode in the series and this season has had its good episodes and rather dissapointing episodes, "Mr. Monk and the UFO" for example. This episode really stood out as being different and Voodo or magic was really never brought into the Monk series other than Mr. Monk and the magician, which made this episode stand out. It starts off with a lady being accidently killed by a home run hit by a little league baseball player and the investigators find out there was a voodo doll at the old ladies house with a baseball similarly attached to its head, and it was mailed 3 days before the event. As the episode progresses, Monk tries figuring out how these dolls are tied to the murderer and if it really is voodo or if there is someone who is secretly setting this situations up. Monk is really funny in this and Natalie really freaks out becuase she had bad history with a voodo doctor in the past. In the end, the murderer wasn't really who we all suspected and it really was suspensful how the dolls were signs of how the people would die. Hopefully the final season of Monk can have more quality and mysterious episodes like this.