Season 8 Episode 7

Mr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on USA

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  • This was one of the most interesting Monk episodes of late, and I must say I will miss the series, even though it has come full circle.

    This was a first for Monk, and it was interesting to see the conflict between Natalie's belief in the Supernatural and Monk's insistence on true, hard evidence. Meat Loaf (who guest starred in the previous season of House as well, with excellent results) plays a voodoo Reverend who is somewhat of a hoax, suspected for a series of murders by the use of voodoo magic. He has two good scenes in the episode, the one where he tries to exorcise Natalie's curse and the car-chase at the end. Him and Monk are hilarious in the car chase.

    Voodoo dolls are sent to three persons indicating their dying of unusual deaths (struck by lightning, hit by a baseball and so on), and a few days later they actually die of such deaths. During the course of Monk's investigation of the case Natalie is sent such a doll too, and she completely freaks out. The scene where she gets scared by the window and jumps up the couch was very funny. We find out that a voodoo priestess had warned her of her husband's death, and she ignored the warning. Her husband's plane was shot down the next day, and since then Voodoo is something real and scary for her. In the end logic prevails however, as it is bound to be when the good Mr.Monk is involved. It turns out the niece of one of the victims wanted to kill her uncle for his inheritance, and the other victims were just a cover up. She worked as a paramedic, so she planted the dolls at the scene of death after arriving there and picking up the bodies. Having mailed a set of boxes to herself some days ago, the postmarks seemed correct so everyone assumed the packages were sent beforehand.