Season 6 Episode 8

Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 07, 2007 on USA

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  • Mr. Monk testifies at a parol hearing of a man he helped sentence 14 years ago and sees him released because new DNA evidence. Now he tries to make it right with the Wrong Man.

    I liked where the writers were trying to go with this storyline, but it seemed too out there. I know Monk is not the most confident man but he usually has much more confidence in his ability to see everything. I would like to have seen some flashbacks of Monk investigating, and maybe a scene with Trudy from that time period. This would have helped the viewer see how he messed up by not seeing the second persons involvement. It would also give us a chance to see how he has changed since Trudy's death. These scenes would be so much better than where he constantly helps out someone we know is guilty. (That's the other thing that bothers me, Monk usually shows the viewer what happened so we cannot try to figure out everything with Monk).