Season 7 Episode 1

Mr. Monk Buys A House

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2008 on USA
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Monk finds himself forced to move into what he hopes will be his dream house... which is anything but.

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  • How boring can buying a house be? Watch this episode and you'll know.

    I love Monk and therefor was looking forward to the all-new season of Monk. But when I finished watching the first episode I was truly disappointed. It was the worst episode in the whole Monk history. It wasn't real Monk who appeared here, the character wasn't presented on the high level as known before. Obviously Monk's brain was suffering hard from the lost of Dr. Kroger. The story was too far away from reality for my personal taste. Monk normally can't make any real decision - and here he - within minutes - is sure to buy an expensive house? Noone will really believe this. I hope the next episodes will be on the same high level as before.moreless
  • A fine yet sad episode. I give it a 10 as a farewell.

    A good way to say goodbye to a fine actor and a good friend.

    The episode is not the best this show has to offer, but it is funny and sweet and ends with the outmost respect for Stanley Kamel who died of a heart attach on the 8th of April 2008. He was only 65.

    They could have lightened it up by making a more uplifting story about what happened to Dr. Kroger, but they decided to go with the brutal truth. Life is unfair and full of surprises. A fine yet sad episode. I give it a 10 as a farewell.

    Stanley Kamel

    1 January 1943 - 8 April 2008

  • Changes afoot, and a tasteful send-off to Dr. Kroeger.

    As Tony Shalhoub indicated in interviews to promote Season 7, this episode and the developments it introduces to "Monk" come at a good time in the series. Though Stanley Kamel and Dr. Kroeger will be missed, it will be interesting dramatically to see how a new therapist will help guide Monk through life. Hector Elizondo made the most of his few short scenes as Dr. Bell, and I can't wait to see the relationship develop.

    The mystery front wasn't much of a mystery, but it boasted a strong guest performance from Brad Garrett and some good observational deductions by Monk. All in all, it's great to have the gang back. Stottlemeyer and Disher were funny with the Morse code bit (you knew it was going to save the day when they telegraphed it so much) and Natalie had some nice scenes with Monk in mourning.

    It's not perfect, but since the writers were kind of forced into this position due to Kamel's untimely death, I'll cut them some slack. Plus, we got a very sentimental but not maudlin tribute to a good actor and character.moreless
  • A season premiere that seems out of character.

    Brad Garrett is a great guest star that completely fits the part of a money-seeking handyman. But the show focuses on Monk's OCD, and there is no way he would be able to stay in the house while the destruction was going on in a not orderly fashion. I figured that the money would have been hidden by the light that was off center or under the tub with the feet that Monk always wanted, but instead the money was hidden in a random wall. There were three parts that made me laugh, and I liked the new therapist, but other than that it was a bad choice of plot for a season premiere in my opinion.

    The ending was very sweet with the piano music and it managed to save the episode. Rest in peace, Stanley Kamel.moreless
  • A great season opening!!

    I liked this better than Monk and the genius even thougb that was a pretty good episode. It had great humor, it was adventurous, and Tony Shaloub as Monk is great!! Monk is my favorite character after all!! Natalie is just okay and I again kind of find her annoying, but still okay. I like that they used Brad Garrett as the handyman guy in this one. I like how he talked and acted and stuff. It was weird to see Monk not as compulsive as usual and in previous episodes but he was still funny especailly when he was asking questions about the house. A great season opener!!moreless
Jack Carter

Jack Carter

Joseph Moody

Guest Star

Katherine Kendall

Katherine Kendall

Cassie Drake

Guest Star

Marty Ryan

Marty Ryan

Depository Supervisor

Guest Star

Hector Elizondo (I)

Hector Elizondo (I)

Dr. Neven Bell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • "Honest Jake" kills Cassie Drake and then stages the scene to make it look like she interrupted a burglary, but he doesn't wear gloves or wipe down the awl.

    • When Cassie Drake wheels Joseph Moody up the stairs before shoving him down to his death, the wheelchair leaves scuff marks that are plainly visible to the naked eye. How could the police miss that in the initial investigation?

    • Trivia: When Monk realizes what's going on and gives his summation there is no flashback scene.

    • When the electricians break down the wall at 21:40, the camera moves from the room to the hallway. You can clearly see that it's a stage and you can also see the shadow of the moving camera on the wall.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Natalie: (Jake is jackhammering) So tell me why you moved again. Oh yeah that's right, the last place was noisy.

    • Natalie: Oh, look, his first name is Neven. N-E-V-E-N. That's a palindrome.
      Monk: It's not a perfect palindrome. The first "N" is capitalized.
      Natalie: Dr. Kroeger's first name was "Charles." That wasn't a palindrome.
      Monk: It was to me!

    • Monk: That is a claw foot bathtub, which is something I always wanted.
      Natalie: It is?
      Monk: Yeah. I just didn't know.

    • Natalie: Oh, I love all the woodwork.
      Monk: Hey, don't touch that.
      Natalie: What, wet paint?
      Monk: No, just don't touch it.

    • Jake: (about Monk) I've got a cousin like you. He makes coffee nervous.

    • Monk: It's like a nightmare, except for the part where you wake up and it's all over.

    • Monk: Well, why didn't you tie me down and shoot me in the leg? What's the good of having a gun if you don't shoot your friend in the leg when he's about to buy an old house?
      Stottlemeyer: Next time I will, I promise.

    • Monk: I never should have bought this house. I should have waited for something better to come along. (pause) Like death.

    • Ramone: So, you are a, ah, detective?
      Natalie: No, he's the best detective in the world.
      Monk: Maybe not the world. Well, who's to say?

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: February 9, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: November 4, 2010 on Markiza
      Finland: September 10, 2011 on YLE TV1

    • Joseph's line, "You know, I had a new neighbor once, and his last name was Nabors," is an in-joke reference to Doug Nabors, a new co-producer who joined the show as of this episode.

    • The episode ends with the camera on a photo of Dr. Kroger, and a message, "In loving memory of Stanley Kamel." Dr. Kroger died of a heart attack, the same reason Stanley Kamel died.